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For several years Social Trading is among investors on everyone’s lips. Meanwhile, several vendors have been established that focus on the Social Trading segment. There are several types of vendors: The seller of the first group are themselves act as broker and offer their customers in addition to the wide range of signal generators also a depot and its leadership. Other businesses, concentrate solely on providing investors who are looking for new ideas for their strategy and attractive auto switches. A provider of the latest group ZuluTrade , active since 2007 company with headquarters in the US and in Hong Kong which focuses on Social Trading in Forex trading.We have taken the test, whether an account at ZuluTrade worthwhile or not.

Trading Options: depending on the associated Broker
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Regulation: HCMC Greece

With offices in nearly 200 scattered over the globe countries ZuluTrade thus leads together traders and Sounders from around the world. As unique feature the company takes it into the field that it is due to the high level of international networking particularly close to the markets and customers can benefit from similar developments and trends so more effectively and quickly. For several years, ZuluTrade is also present in Germany, the regional affiliation is not so critical. Because when customers can on the cumulative experience of the incredible number of 100,000 stood traders from around the world rely. Unlike traditional financial advice, in the knowledge of the financial markets only indirectly reaches the investor, you can benefit directly as followers of a successful signal generator or Top Traders without having to be active itself on the market must. scam or not? Review

The business model of ZuluTrade provides according to the principles of social trading, that the administration of the depot is directly coupled to one or more signal generators. To investors who are convinced of the principle of social trading, this occurs especially the challenge to pick out the right or the signal transmitter. After all, people trust these actors to a portion of its assets. A primary task of a company like ZuluTrade it is to support as effectively as possible, above all, the investors in this search. We ZuluTrade subjected to a test and show the results in the following Review before. review

On paper, ZuluTrade provides some of what the investor can imagine in the area of Social Trading. The question that will make many investors in this context, however, is how the deals look like in practice. First, it must precede one that ZuluTrade focused with the Forex trading on a highly speculative segment of the Social Trading. While other vendors also conservatively oriented strategies with stocks and index funds can be tracked, the focus of the gathering at ZuluTrade signal transmitter in the highly speculative trade in the range of Forex trading and related Binary Options. The basic principle of this type of trade is that mainly independent of long-term trends is speculated particularly on small price movements and using levers; is called in the jargon also leverage, attempts to maximize the return. The use of leverage in this context means nothing more than that borrowed capital is used commercially. ZuluTrade offers thereby partially lever ratios of 1: 1.000 to. Den thereby be opened enormous odds are against significant risks. The traders in this segment make their investment decisions, especially due to technical chart analysis. Fundamental market data contrast hardly involved. In which the dealer binds to a specific signal generator, he thereby incurs an a sometimes difficult to be estimated risk for which he pays in case of emergency alone. In addition, when choosing a possible siren especially its income earned in the past is brought to the front. The first looks very tempting. But the experience in the stock market show a significantly: from the past can be only very limited to future development. This applies in particular in such a speculative segment. Basically relying solely on the talent of one or even more than one sensor. For investors who are mainly looking for a strategic and long-term models for their investment, ZuluTrade therefore hardly seems appropriate in our view.

ZuluTrade Our experience in tourism

Company: AAA Experts SA
Address: 14 Akti Kondyli, Piraeus, 18545, Greece
Tax number: 998281207
Regulatory / license: HCMC Greece, # 2/540 / 02.17.2010
Phone: + 49-69-2551-14435
eMail: [email protected]
Live Chat: 24/7, German

The situation is different for investors who are fundamentally willing to take a higher risk in the trade. But here you should not blindly trust the first best top traders, just because it has achieved in the last few weeks a high return. To assess the quality of at least a period of six months should be considered. It is conceivable also that capital which is to be used for trading with ZuluTrade to scatter to several signal transmitters. Each investor is moreover advised to always enter only with a small proportion of the available capital in this trading segment. It is important that can be dispensed with this capital in an emergency. Also it should be clarified to what extent can threaten funding obligations with respect to its own depot or an auto switch. Basically, this can happen in highly speculative trading activities. It should be determined in advance whether one is ready as an investor and in what amount an appropriate threshold of pain. Although ZuluTrade promises on his website that you as an investor through a collaboration with Zulutrade henceforth need to worry about anything more, an in-depth study of the financial products mainly used is strongly recommended. Only as a realistic assessment of the level of risk is possible. Basically, experience shows that it is ZuluTrade is a reputable supplier of fraud or rip-off does not tolerate among its traders and intervene in the event of cases quickly. but must be distinguished from the risk of a trading strategy that carries the trader alone respectively. Here investors should also understand that their signal transmitter earn on each transaction, which in principle can also lead to perverse incentives, within the meaning of many transactions. However, the investor has the option to limit the number of parallel trades, which is also highly recommended in order to limit the risk.

Bonus for new customers

With ZuluTrade is purely a platform which is specialized to bind the most successful experts exchange trading and to allow private traders profit from their strategies in which to join these individual signal generators. Not for the business model also against it, to manage the money of the customers directly. Rather, with the current broker a connection is made, through which the AV signals are received. For followers there are corresponding bonuses therefore only at the opening of a separate depot, but this should not be an issue here.

Bonuses in the broader sense however, there is the top trader. Finding a successful auto switch a certain number of followers, this affects on its revenue, since it benefits directly from the number of it triggers trades. He is rewarded for each trade, which in the case of active traders with many followers can add up to a handsome additional revenue. The road to this type of bonus is very lengthy.

Deposit and withdrawal

The issue deposits and withdrawals plays regarding ZuluTrade does not matter since it is merely a platform is to be coupled to the depot. Accordingly, the specific regulations of the respective depot operator apply.

ZuluTrade Deposit and withdrawal

Payment options: depending on the affiliated broker
Minimum deposit: depending on the affiliated broker
Fees: depending on the affiliated broker
Accounting possible in: depending on the affiliated broker
Withdrawal Options: depending on the affiliated broker

Safety and regulation

Again, first apply the specific features of a platform with respect to pass on the risk to a default on the respective operator. Basically ZuluTrade subject as an internationally operating Social Trading platform no specific regulation, as is the case with funds. The company builds primarily on its own regulations to rip off and fraud should be avoided. A feature that is offered by ZuluTrade is ZuluGuard, so a software feature that enables the account can be monitored continuously. Initially important parameters must be set accordingly. The main functions include capital in the form of an individual to be determined capital limit. In addition, the investor may determine to be as in the case of reaching a certain loss limit automatically proceed. Especially for beginners is strongly advised to use these mechanisms to protect themselves against losses.

In this sense, should also be made extensively by the free demo account offered use, in which the potential investor can first test how a real investment affects the long term on the account balance.

Support and Customer Service

Regarding support, and services offering ZuluTrade is very extensive. This can be seen first in a hotline available around the clock. Also via live chat at any time German-speaking employees of ZuluTrade be reached. In addition, all further communications, such as e-mail are available. Additional sources of information, the Forum can be viewed, which also asked and answered questions. Moreover, ZuluTrade provides its customers with more market information. These include, among a calendar in which important and relevant for the financial market events are noted. These include publications of interest rate decisions or the promulgation of sales of certain industries. A specific further training in the form of webinars or comparable offers however, there is not at ZuluTrade.

Website usability

Overall, the investor expects a professionally designed website, in which all information is quite clearly available at ZuluTrade. However, the visitor observes the one point or another, that the German version is quite young still and has been partially translated as hastily. In addition, the search function in view of the huge number of top traders leaves something to be desired and should be strongly tailored to our experience on the issue of return.Generally it must be said that failure in view of the complex structures and relationships in this market segment, the information bit sparse. At least they should not be such as to illustrate a complete novice the underlying trade principle and the associated risk. This knowledge is, however, essential to ensure a follower on ZuluTrade.

ZuluTrade Website usability

Other features of ZuluTrade naturally includes the ability to track mobile app via trade and to take appropriate decisions and implement. The app is offered for free and for all major operating systems. In principle can be used a variety of functions. A desktop widget offers ZuluTrade. This can also be very convenient to be followed live the development of positions and the status of available capital and unrealized profits.

Conclusion — enter with ZuluTrade in the highly speculative Forex trading

Anyone who registers on ZuluTrade, should know that it goes into an extremely speculative area of trading that does not have much to do with long-term investment. Nevertheless, massive profits are possible in this segment and by the principle of social Tadings can the simple investors with relatively small amounts benefit. This is all the more important as an activity as an active investor is connected in this area with a very high cost, which is to bring a regular professional activity hardly consistent. The offer of ZuluTrade thus fills an important gap in the market. the investor should make clear to again and again the risk, which is received over here, which is why it should also be entered only with a clearly defined budget in this segment.
For several years Social Trading is among investors on everyone's lips. Meanwhile, several vendors have been established that focus on the Social Trading segment. There are several types of vendors: The seller of the first group are themselves act as broker and offer their customers in addition to the wide…



Not a scam

The only artie Social Trading concept allows to follow you, other traders at different brokers.

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