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ZoomTrader provides since some months for sensation and sensation. Of the binary options Broker seems to approach with big steps the top 3 of the suppliers for Trading. Reason for it is the innovative option offer and the Trading ext. We have examined whether ZoomTrader is serious and how the offer is to be valued in comparison to other brokers. Here furthermore there is basic information about payment processes.

Income return: up to 83%
Options: Ranks, Touch, One Touch, Turbo
Assets: 35 stocks, currency pairs, commodities, indexes
Regulation: CySec

ZoomTrader review

ZoomTrader offer in the overview

ZoomTrader is valid as the promoted team of 2014. The broker for binary options is still relatively young, could set up at the market, however, already as a firm size. In the economic press often falls the concept of the exotic broker. Responsibly for this appraisal are above all the varied commercial possibilities, the traders unusual many chances offer.

Company: Novox Capital Ltd
Address: 159 Kenmore Avenue, Harrow HA3 8PB, United Kingdom
Registration number: HE292182
Regulation / licence: CySEC, 224/14
Phone: +49-32-222130114
eMail: [email protected]
Live Chat: available
Recall: available

Target group check

The ZoomTrader test shows that the broker is suited particularly for beginner and novices. To you many tips are laid to the action to the hand which should simplify the entrance. The personal account manager who supports new users in all areas individually is very pleasing. Though the manager hands in no investment recommendations, helps in German, however, every enthusiast in the first steps with the ZoomTrader. There comes a special training programme which introduces in the matter, as well as describes enlarged trading strategies and teaches. Inkludiert are Webinare with which you can look to professional dealers over the shoulder and learn many tricks and pinches. Moreover, dealers receive a free Ebook and weekly market reports. Independent informing about the stock exchange is still necessary before trade.

Also professionals and experienced traders come by the high income return chances and unusually big commercial possibilities at her expense. For them the change is worthwhile to the ZoomTrader presumably particularly on account of the high payment bonuses and premiums for the Kontoeröffnung. Ladder-and Pair-Trading are two of the commercial possibilities with which ZoomTrader turns above all to advanced dealers.

Trading platform

zoomtrader Commercial platform

Also ZoomTrader allows access and trade of every computer of the world by a web-based commercial platform. The download of software is cancelled completely. The Trading, moreover, from the operating system is independent. For the application comes the technology of Tradologic which is already known by other famous suppliers.

Beside the web-based commercial platform are also available Apps for iPhone, iPad and Android. About this lets itself simply, comfortably and certainly from action on the way. Apps for Blackberry and Windows Phone should be supplied later.


The different products are extremely varied. Commodities, indexes, stocks and currencies can be traded like from other suppliers usually. However, just in the area of the raw material values ZoomTrader goes very much to the detail. Thus you can put CALL and PUT options on values like silver and sugar. Also very broadly are fanned out the commercial chances in the stock segment. However, this extensive offer should not be relevant for beginner. At first it is advisable to specialise in the action with known and bigger values. The respective market must be confessed before the first opening of a position.

Trade types

Beside classical digital options in the area of PUT and CALL the ZoomTrader allows the putting in rank and air options. These order possibilities are with most brokers meanwhile a standard. So-called 60 second options which are also offered by the ZoomTrader have become by binary options of brokers tried and tested means. It is put here on the exchange rate course within the period of only one minute. Zocker and trader with slope to the risk love this chance to be able to achieve in short time high income returns. However, professional dealers advise rather against it. Within this time exchange rates are unpredictable and can lead to harsh capital losses. Turbo-options should be always avoided above all by beginners.

Background: what are range and touch options?

While is merely fixed with the classical options trading whether the exchange rate of a product at a certain time about or under a value is allowed the action with range options the definition of a hall between two exchange rates. The trader must decide whether this area of the value leaves in the respective time or not.

One Touch options are also very simply knitted. Does the exchange rate in the given period touch a certain point or not? As normally the income return on which is to be calculated with profit of the option is faded in before the active of the respective bet.

As a special bonus traders have the chance to conclude her binary options about an additional function prematurely and to pick up thereby a share profit or to reduce the loss.

ZoomTrader company check

Behind the brand of ZoomTraders the company Hithcliff Ltd with main office stands in London. The broker is active only since 2013 at the market and could set up in the course of 2014 within the industry. Meanwhile ZoomTrader is valid as a serious competition portal for the known and suppliers with partly many years’ experience.

The publication of own ethical code is welcome. ZoomTrader introduces here some business internships which should be though Usus, are noticed by some broker’s suppliers, however, every now and then less. Therefore, a registration is permitted only people more than 18 years. Moreover, there undertakes ZoomTrader to transmit no customer’s dates.

After-sales service and security

There are contact possibilities for professional and friendly employees with ZoomTrader many. By phone, email, live chat and Telefax customers and customers can turn in five working days of the week to the Support. In each case from 10 to 18 o’clock all questions and concerns are answered into several languages, under it also German and English. The ZoomTrader test proved that the staff are absolutely competent and bring along a lot of experience in the area of binary trade.

The commercial platform Is SSL-coded. For payments and payment it is fallen back on Norton. With the transaction of money the most full security is thereby offered.

The juridical: Registration and regulation

As one of few binary options of brokers ZoomTrader leads his head office not on Cyprus, but on the British Anguilla. A bigger office is led in London. After at first some translation problems led to the fact that German traders to the offer faced rather doubtfully these barriers could be repaired meanwhile extensively. ZoomTrader delivers a completely Germanized commercial system. Knowledge of English is an advantage still. Beside German and English the ZoomTrader is available into other languages and offers also there an after-sales service.

There are not tips to the regulation topically yet. Such a process can take up longer time. According to the valid EU right a broker may put the offer still on-line and allow the Traden to customers and customers. About the plans of ZoomTrader very different information is to be found.

Apparently the company for tax reasons aims at a licence on Cyprus and then would be adjusted by the CySEC. The Cypriot financial supervisory authority keeps strictly to default and regulations of the European Union and checks the business processes very exactly. When is to be calculated on the granting of the licence, is not certain yet. However, by the company headquarters in London it is sure that within the EU is adjusted.

Payments and payouts

Customer's money and ZoomTraders payment

Payment possibilities: Visa, Mastercard, bank transfer
Minimal payment: 250€
Trade from: 5€
Account processing possibly in: Euro, US dollar, Brazilian Real, British pound, Chinese yuan
Payment options: Visa, Mastercard, bank transfer

Action about the ZoomTrader is possible with payments of at least 200 euros. Positions can be opened in the turbo-segment from a value of 5 euros. Classical options require a least application of 25 euros. To deposit money with the broker many transaction systems are offered unexpectedly. Should capital be transferred by transfer to the on-line account this process takes up as a rule about five working days. In addition, payments are to be carried out by Sofortü, credit card, Instant bank, Skrill, AMEX and many other programmes. An extensive choice which is absolutely convincing. However, some established payment methods like giropay and PayPal should be added.

For payments from 250 euros traders receive a video-seminar. There are the popular riskless Trades as well as professional charts, a free demo account and an everyday stock exchange report only for dealers with inserts of at least 500 euros. From 1,000 euros the number on two stock exchange reports increases. If a trader had to do even 5,000 euros will deposit to him a personal customer consultant provided.

To make itself close with the commercial platform the opening of a demo account is advisable. This is also possible before the first payment, however, needs a concrete inquiry with the Kundensupport. Then the account is filled in instead of with real money with play money.

Tips to the ZoomTrader payment

Tips to the ZoomTrader payment

Brokers must make sure, that her customers not in connection with money-laundering with the supplier traden. Therefore, a legitimization process and the examination of the personal dates is initiated before the first ZoomTraders payment. Afterwards all amounts can be removed comfortably and simply by bank transfer or credit on the credit card. The ZoomTraders experience is very positive here: Money is paid out fast and certainly.

Bonuses and premiums with ZoomTrader

Payment bonus: between 20% and 100% according to singular amount
Bonus conditions: Turnover demand 20x bonus + payment
Validity: no restriction
Other bonuses: none

The broker’s promises concerning the bonus for new customers are exceedingly likeable. You can receive directly up to 5000 euros of bonus on her first payment. Nevertheless, the bonus amount is dependent on the payment of the dealer. There is no firm percentage, the application finds. The bonus conditions show further details., Among the rest, these say that the bonus amount must be moved at least 20 times, before a payment can be carried out. The value is relatively high, other brokers have here better offers.

As an other bonus offer the ZoomTrader to beginners Risk-Free-Trades makes available. Up to a certain limit is possible with especially awkward Trades free and with it riskless using of capital. The complete loss of a position is refunded by Risk-Free-Trades.

Is ZoomTrader a scam?

To judge on the paper and the ZoomTrader by experiences it concerns a serious and professional broker. The worries after which ZoomTrader Duffing is are groundless so far. The fact that the ambitious broker still can show no official regulation no negative effects for the current services and services of the supplier. The procedure should be still kept an eye to be able to play it safe.

ZoomTrader opinions in the World Wide web

Many ZoomTraders experiences from the German-speaking space do not exist. On the Internet small complaints are found that the ZoomTraders payment takes up partly several weeks. This deals presumably with the legitimacy audit. There is small criticism concerning this also towards other brokers. The problems about the contact with the broker can be mostly cleared fast. Also it is expelled to supposed manipulations in the entrance exchange rates. These ZoomTraders experiences are only single opinions again. Possibly it was not informed itself here about the respective commercial kind.

Our result

In total the ZoomTrader shows test clearly: of the binary options Broker is serious. In addition, the business activities of the supplier are phenomenal and are equally attractive for beginners as well as experienced professionals. A registration can be only recommended. We can expect from the promoted team of 2014 in future still a lot.
ZoomTrader provides since some months for sensation and sensation. Of the binary options Broker seems to approach with big steps the top 3 of the suppliers for Trading. Reason for it is the innovative option offer and the Trading ext. We have examined whether ZoomTrader is serious and how the…



Not a scam

ZoomTrader is a sure and reliable binary option broker with a very extensive training centre.

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