Best bookmakers 2017 / YouWin app — Start using it on mobile now!

YouWin app — Start using it on mobile now!

Betting vendors who want to not just once, but permanently floating on the wave of success should not just rely on the provision of attractive sports betting and exciting bonus offers, but have to offer in terms of technical innovation is always something new. Most recently, the issue of mobile sports betting offer adult favorite is discussed particularly hot, for example.
So-called Apps are already offered by many bookies, but unfortunately they do not always keep what they promise in the first moment. Even the bookmakers YouWinhas an app available that is supposed to open new worlds to interested sports bettors. Hardly any difference is to be felt between the classic desktop version and playing on YouWin app.Whether this can be really signed by experts, which features the YouWin app actually has and what customers need to pay anyway, explains the current guide.

YouWin App Overview

  • Access to all bets and bet types
  • Livewettenbereich
  • Bonus Promotions activated
  • Complete access to the user account
  • usable without downloading and installing

What is YouWin app?

How does the app YouWin?

Many players often worry about the fact that the installation and the download of the sports betting app consumes not only time and space, but is also possibly still attached to various costs. These fears turn out in YouWin app as completely unfounded. When YouWin app it finally is not a traditional app in the traditional sense, but a mobile version of the bookmaker’s website.

Players who want to access from an iPhone or a tablet to their user account with YouWin and place a bet, therefore only need to visit the web site of the bookmaker. This is followed by automatic forwarding, in which the classic website into a mobile website. This has been optimized for display on the smartphone or tablet. The developers at YouWin have accordingly placed over backward. Maybe they were, but also from other large bookmakers as Tipico orbwin inspired, also offer their customers a mobile website.

What can YouWin app?

By providing a mobile friendly version than YouWin app for customers with smartphones and tablets operators YouWin have done before a corresponding step in the right direction. But this alone is not enough, because a YouWin app must also be constructed content optimally. So it is for most players nowadays a matter of course that they can be accessed through an app on their own account the relevant bookmaker. This in turn means that the following functions in addition to a YouWin disbursement are possible:

  • deposit
  • Kontoeröffnung
  • Positioning of bets
  • Bonusaktivierung
  • Bonusfreispielung

Accordingly, mobile player in sports betting operators YouWin will not miss anything. You will absolutely cared for with the same service, to all the other players can enjoy. In addition a number of different bets from all conceivable areas. Total offers YouWin customers 5,000 bets a day, which can of course also be completed mobile.

Is there any Bonus on mobile app?

Is there a mobile YouWin Bonus?

Until recently YouWin had a separate bonus for all customers in store, who for the first time made a bet on their mobile access. This offer is however now withdrawn from circulation. The reason for this may be seen in the fact that YouWin would make no distinction between classic customers and mobile customers. Because a separate bonus award to the classic desktop customers could feel disadvantaged.

Nevertheless, the mobile customers go with a YouWin registration not empty. There is currently aYouWin deposit bonus , which can also be activated from the mobile phone. Here waving up to 20,00 Euro bonus money, the player himself has to pay only 10.00 Euro. The initial budget is increased in this case by 200%, which is in fact already a substantial bonus payments. The remaining bonus conditions can be associated with this action can be summarized as follows:

  • Bonus can be paid
  • Bonus conditions must first be met
  • the required turnover: 15x Bonus
  • required ratio 1.50
  • Bonus period: not specified

Once players have fulfilled these conditions, the Betsson deposit bonus is also on the YouWin App payable or may for other games, by the way used in the casino of sportingbet.

Conclusion: An attractive app with basic offer

In order to assess the YouWin app appropriately, must first again be pointed out that the basic functions as well as the mobile page View also convince. The access to your own account ensures the connection and stability is ensured by the usual YouWin reliability. On the other hand, however, shows the YouWin app that base rates on the market are currently still very lush yet. After all, can not or will the sports betting provider not pampered with added extras its mobile customers. Separate bonus promotions for mobile clients or even live streams or news ticker does not exist in the YouWin app. Perhaps such developments are but the future still on the schedule. Until then, may be quietly used by anyone this solid offer.

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