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The market for trading in CFDs is constantly growing and this brings with it, that a growing number of Offer in this area for the favor of customers struggling. Of course each provider strives to stand out with particularly interesting performances from the crowd of vendors. Vendor Xtrade attempts against this background, to score points with its innovative trading platform. In addition to the technical possibilities we have of course checked all the other aspects that are part of a good CFD broker. This naturally includes the question of reliability and security. Finally, there is one for the Investor prerequisite that he can be sure of scams or rip-off. All results of the test in our subsequent enriches. scam or not? Review

Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Brokers Xtrade


  • Free Practice Account
  • Find 24-hour Support
  • Innovative Trading Tools
  • Very wide range of underlyings
  • Extensive bonus offer


  • Dim offer in education and training
  • Very long delays in payments by credit card (up to 10 days)

These experiences we have had with Xtrade

The evaluation of an online broker as always counts the overall picture, and yet we have all gained a good impression in particular. The broker is one of the companies XFR Financial Ltd. and has, like so many online broker focusing on the CFD Trading, based in Cyprus. From there, an international customer structure is addressed, among others, the company has also been present on the market in Germany.

XTrade These experiences we have had with Xtrade

Overall Xtrade has a very wide range of tradable values, for the trading itself a technically advanced product is made available. Both the registration and the start of trading be straightforward and also against the background of comfortable support range, the customer must feel very well cared for. This is also true in the field of security.The broker makes the daily business a very serious impression and formally all the necessary conditions are in this respect satisfied. Fraud or rip-off must therefore with this provider not be feared and the trader can devote himself entirely to the trading CFDs.

Very broad range of tradable values

Anyone who has already looked around a bit within the scene for the domain experts in CFD trading, will know that there are sometimes overlooking the trade offer big differences between the different suppliers. While some questions just about 100 underlyings for CFD trading available, in others the selection includes several thousand values. Although a huge selection of most traders do not have to be the all-important size, as can be seen in a good range and the advantage that the traders in trading can always develop and reorient.

This possibility is given in the case of Xtrade in each case. Basically underlyings in the fields of stocks, indices, commodities and currency pairs to trade leveraged be provided. The offer in the field of stocks is structured according to different countries. In addition to the European economy will also American and Asian values via CFD can be traded. The same applies to the availability of indices. And also in the fields of raw materials and currencies awaiting an exceptionally wide range of traders, which is by far not only the known values and majors includes, but goes far beyond that.

Depending on the underlying differently strong financial levers can be used. These are determined for each value and can not be varied. When shares may be traded with a leverage of up to 1:20. In forex trading even leverage of up to 1 are: 400 offered. The indices are the levers offered between 1:50 and 1 in 200.

Overlooking the fees Xtrade works with fixed spreads, but without commissions. The customer has access to the company close to the market-oriented spreads charged. Spreads differ depending on the value and available market liquidity.

Several Bonus offers not only for new customers

XTrade Several Bonus offers not only for new customers

In the area of bonus both new customers and existing customers can expect a fairly wide range in Xtrade. For new customers Xtrade has thereby put together a full welcome pack. next to a verification Bonus This also includes a bonus on the first deposit and the offering, placing the first trade completely risk-free.

So the trader can set its first Trade and in the case of a positive outcome collect the entire profit. If it is, however, deviated in this first trade, he does not need a loss to fear, because it is worn for up to a level of 120 US dollars by Xtrade.

Moreover, the traders as a new customer at Xtrade reckon so, after verification immediately get a bonus. The new customer must ensure no more to do than to sign his account with an SMS code for the telephone verification procedures. And also for the verification of the account a one-time bonus of 25 US dollars is promised.

In addition, a classical deposit bonus is offered. This can be up to 60 percent of the deposit depending on the amount of deposit. But even with smaller deposits can expect bonuses of traders.

For deposits amounting 100-249 US dollars, the bonus is a maximum of 20 percent or more than 50 US dollars.Up to a deposit amounting to 9,999 US dollars, the percentage bonus on up to 60 percent, corresponding to a bonus of 6,000 euros increases. And even with payments of $ 10,000 and beyond Xtrade offers a bonus to, but for which no fixed sizes are predefined and can be arranged individually.

As with other providers but also apply to the payment of the bonus sums and thus of profits made relatively strict rules. In Xtrade is the chance to cash out the bonus sometime, linked to the acquisition of so-called X-points that can earn the trader with a certain volume of trade. With each transaction points can be pooled to provide a point roughly corresponds to the trade volume of US $ 1,000. 10 times the amount of X points are required both for the payment. Specifically, this means that for the payment of a dollar bonus, sales of 10,000 US dollars in trade must be achieved. In addition to clearing the bonus is merely a period of 30 days. So lucrative bonus sounds so rigorously are the conditions to which a payment is made.

Many deposit and withdrawal options

XTrade Many deposit and withdrawal options

Looking at the available payment methods will be clear how internationally Xtrade is ever established. More than 50 different regional payment methods are currently available. Here we naturally exclusively concerned with the species that Xtrade offers its customers in Germany. German customers also have a wide selection. Of course, there is the option available to deposit money via credit card. We accept the cards VISA and MasterCard. In addition, various online payment services can be availed, including but not Fast Bank Transfer, CashU, giropay or Skrill and Neteller.

Vendor Xtrade points in this connection to the fact that for deposits and withdrawals the same providers must be used. For all payment options offered this specific limits on the volume of transaction apply. can be transferred by credit card, a maximum of 15,000 US dollars. Only the Fast Bank Transfer the total amount is not limited.

Unusually long are the time limits which have to be scheduled in payouts. Even if it can go faster in the individual case, Xtrade indicates that it may take up to 10 days until the money is received on the private account of the trader. Since other providers are significantly faster in every case. Neither deposits nor withdrawals fees are charged.

Regulation by the authorities in Cyprus

To one of the most important features of each provider is in the question of safety and its regulation. Many companies that offer trading CFDs have selected their headquarters in Cyprus, as well Xtrade. As everyone knows, Cyprus belongs to the scope of the EU directives, meaning an acceptable standard in terms of the security of its deposits for customers. Responsible is in Cyprus, the CySEC, in Xtrade a license number has (108/10). About issues of deposit insurance and the shape of the management of client funds, however, there are no specific information. Who wants to know it in greater detail here, should consult on this matter to the customer. Apart from regulating the headquarters but also takes place a check in the states where the provider operates its own subsidiaries. Germany currently is not one of these countries.

Support and Customer Service Overview

Anyone who has a question to trading tenders for the technical processing of trade or questions about the security of deposits with Xtrade, which are several possibilities for you to apply directly to the support of Online Brokers.

XTrade Support and Customer Service Overview

Except Sundays of customer service every day around the clock is by telephone. Also German customers a personal telephone number is thereby available, where they can reach a German partner. but with Fax and Mail In addition, there are other options available, easy to contact. And also a live chat can be used for the communication with the team of Xtrade to complete.

Somewhat weak offering in the field of education must be viewed in particular from German customers view it.Here only a guide for trade is offered, which is moreover entirely in English. Other formats will the customer beyond the range of Xtrade not.

High standard at the offered trading technology

The principal asset of Xtrade can be seen in his pioneering trading technology. Here the customer a highly innovative, yet easy-to-use product is actually offered. Users will have the ability to trade on a trading platform on the Web. An own software like MetaTrader is not offered it. Alternatively or as a complement also the mobile trading via your smartphone with an app is possible. Corresponding apps offered on the website for the systems iOS, Android but Windows Phone. With the trading platform of Xtrade the trader is a very wide range of instruments available, their use can also develop very intuitive. Our range includes professional diagrams, alarm functions and various analysis tools.

Also on the website itself, customers will find their way very quickly. This is clearly configured and navigating to all available information possible without problems.

Conclusion — In Xtrade the traders have many opportunities

With Xtrade we tested an online broker that has around the Trading CFDs lot to offer. These are primarily the very wide range of tradable underlying assets and the available commercial equipment. The service, which can be reached on six days a week around the clock, deserved recognition. Moreover, especially waiting for new customers an extensive bonus program. The payments of premiums but, as usual, subject to conditions in the industry, which require especially a very intense trade. Offs must be made against it in the field of training, which can not yet compete with the top providers in the industry.
The market for trading in CFDs is constantly growing and this brings with it, that a growing number of Offer in this area for the favor of customers struggling. Of course each provider strives to stand out with particularly interesting performances from the crowd of vendors. Vendor Xtrade attempts against…



Not a scam

The broker XTrade has a very good offer, unfortunately, prevents the offshore regulation a clear recommendation.

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