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The broker XTB in 2002. Founded He has, among other things Binary options. Here he holds a total of three deals Trader prepared which can be used on all platforms offered to the broker. In addition, he has many other benefits that we get from have explained in our review. We have among others also tested how serious the online broker is actually and what are the terms of the deals.

5 good arguments for XTB Binary Options:

  • Security by BaFin regulation
  • Funds up to 3,000 euros completely secured
  • No minimum deposit available
  • Approximately 760 underlyings available
  • Personal Advisor to every customer

1. Regulation: XTB Binary Options review — BaFin regulation

Seat and regulation: XTB Binary Options experiences show BaFin regulation1

The headquarters of the Brokers XTB is the Polish capital Warsaw.Therefore XTB is also protected by the Polish Commission for security and trade. However, since the broker according to our XTB Binary Options experiences also has offices in many European countries has, it is additionally regulated by the respective national supervisory authority. The branches are located here in France, Spain, Italy, Romania, etc. Among others XTB also has a branch in Germany, in Frankfurt am Main. For this reason, the broker is the regarded as trustworthy Federal Institute for Financial Services Supervision (BaFin).

The broker is Regulated by the Polish Commission for security and trade. Likewise, however, XTB is BaFin-regulated. This is because he has one of his many offices in Germany. Thus, we can say that XTB Binary Options acting seriously.

2. Trade Offer: What does the broker offer?

The second point in our test is the XTB trading range. Here the broker offers firstly equities, commodities, currencies and approximately 19 indices as assets. Secondly, it provides three Binary options can be traded through. This includes the popular Up / Down method.Furthermore there is the a range and the short-term option. The short-term binary option may stand out for terms of five, 30 and 65 minutes.

Through our experience with XTB Binary options we found out also that the broker is active in many countries. Overall, there are even 15. In addition to Germany, Spain, Poland, Romania, France and Italy this also includes the Czech Republic, Sweden, Portugal, Austria, Great Britain, Hungary, Turkey, Belgium and Slovakia.

Therefore, we can hold in our XTB Binary Options field report that the broker offers three binary options and many assets has ready. On top of that he holds in many countries its offers so many clients can trade through XTB.

3. Trading Conditions & Minimum deposit: What our XTB Binary Options Test?

Trading Conditions & Minimum deposit: What our XTB Binary Options Test?

Though our question is whether XTB Binary options or fraud is serious, we have also looked at the trade terms, as these are also very important. Found out we have here is that the account completely free, and that there is no minimum deposit is. This is very advantageous. Finally, as can any trader to open an account. In addition, approximately 760 underlyings available. In addition, is stopploss offered. This, too, we can evaluate our test positive.

We were able to detect but also that there is a premium account with more advantages are. Because here you will not only better conditions, but is also treated as a priority, especially when it comes to access to new technologies. In addition, you get invitations to various events of the premium clubs and a credit interest rate of two percent.

Thus, we can at this point in our XTB Binary Options Review say that the trade conditions look pretty good. Finally, you can trade up to 760 base values and do not even have to obtain a minimum deposit. In addition, there is a premium account with additional benefits such as a monthly interest rate, scores.

4. Trading Platform and Mobile Trading: 3 platforms and an app

XTB Trading Platform and Mobile Trading: 3 platforms and an app

XTB holds not only a trading platform for its customers ready but offers three different on:

  • Xstation: This platform is web-based, but can also as an app or desktop application to be used. Besides, many features and tools offered here. So you can from here economic calendar, a chart heading and a Trader Talk benefit. The Trader Talk transmits this radio broadcasts of the largest exchanges in the world.Moreover, the latest market commentary and analysis are revealed on this trading platform. On top of that you place orders with just one click can and run.
  • MT4 Web Access: The MT4 is contrary to Xstation completely web-based, but has also a number of functions, such as the drag and drop function. But an economic calendar is available. Likewise, you can, thanks to the Click & Trade function act with just one click. In addition, this platform allows to trade directly from the chart.
  • MetaTrader: but one is for the last platform download required. The application runs on any Windows PC and is equipped analysis charts, real-time quotes, more than 20 indicators and advanced text and drawing tools. There are also a live chat as well as the automated trading.

In addition to the platforms, however XTB also offers a free app. This is according to our experiences Options XTB Binary for Android and iOS adapted and equipped with all order types, all financial market-night Align and analyzes and 30 indicators.

Since XTB offers three platforms, plus a free app, it has a lot to offer in this area. So traders can decide whether they want to use a web-based platform, the desktop application or the application itself. In addition, each platform has its own design and its own features and tools.

5. Account Opening and bonus Individual bonus offer

XTB Account Opening and bonus Individual bonus offer

The account opening eventually expire just as in almost all other brokers also. Then consider the first step to register online on the home page of the broker. Then you can optionally download the platform and directly do the first deposit. Then you can also get started and begin to trade.

A bonus is also offered
. However, this is determined individually. The amount is therefore always on the amount that one deposits.

Online, the account can be easily opened. Therefore, we can in our XTB Binary options hold test that the opening can easily and quickly run. There is also an individual bonus on first deposit.

6. Demo Account: Available for free

XTB Demo Account: Available for free

While our experience with XTB Binary options we naturally looked around after a demo account and even found one. This can free be used. However, this must match the account type standard are used.Thus a premium demo account is excluded. The trading platform is set by the broker, and indeed this is the platform Xstation. Since these can be used as a web-based platform as a desktop application and as an app, however, this should not be a problem. Important to know is that one caseover 540 tradable instruments has available.

Thus we can in our test whether XTB Binary options or fraud is serious, state that the broker offers a demo account that each customer is free to the trading platform Xstation available.

7. Service & Education: Individual customer service possible

XTB Service & Education: Individual customer service possible

In addition, we have examined options Test in our XTB Binary which service and education programs can benefit the customers of the broker. The customer can by mail, email, telephone and via live chat can be achieved. Since one of the branches is also available in Germany, also goes without saying German support available. All customers receive a personal adviser and thus simultaneously an individual care.

In education, however, are video tutorials about Binary Options, Web seminars on various topics and information material about market and product knowledge available. For this, a Glossary is available. The platforms are explained. Who wants to trade on the trading platform Xstation, therefore should attend the webinar. For the other two platforms, in turn, are video tutorials available.

Thanks to the personal adviser XTB enables customized service that only brings advantages. There are few training opportunities, some of which are very extensive.

8. Deposits and withdrawals: 3 options for transaction?


Through our XTB Binary Options experiences we could also take a closer look with the deposits and withdrawals. Found out we have here is that there are three options for payment:

1.Either one will do the transaction via bank transfer. This is Produced weekdays 11:30 to 12:00, 15:30 to 16:00 and 18:00 to 18:30.

2.Or you pay the money via credit card a. Here are Visa and Mastercard accepted. To succeed, you advance a copy, a photo or a scan of the credit card must also send to the broker. In addition, this fee of 1.50 percent is collected as soon as the deposit is less than 2,000 euros. From 2,000 euros but the transaction is free. The credit will be finally within 30 minutes. For deposits made at 22:00, this can however take several hours to complete.

3.The third option is during which the deposit through PayPal. Here manages the credit within a few minutes. In contrast, if a payment is made, this can only be a reference account, ie by bank transfer, to be done. The order to you can fax, give by phone or through the customer portal.

XTB provides three options transaction. However, this only applies for deposits. With payouts only the possibility of the bank transfer. For this, however, you have to pay any fees. Also on deposits only fees for credit card payments less than 2,000 euros will be charged. Thus, here there is usually no danger for a XTB binary options scam.

9. Seriousness: Is XTB binary options scam or legitimate?

The most important point in our XTB binary options review is whether XTB Binary Options is trustworthy or not. Against a fraud talks in any case, BaFin regulation. Finally, the Federal Institute for Financial Services as reputable.

In addition, the broker member of the Polish deposit insurance fund is. Thus, the deposits of every customer are protected up to 22 million PLN up to 90 percent per customer. Up to 3,000 euros, they are even backed up completely.

Furthermore, we found in our XTB Binary Options experience that the website almost completely available in German is. The Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy have been written in German, so that they can be understood without problems. Another point against a XTB Binary Options Fraud is the years of experience. Because XTB has existed since 2002 and has thus can collect not only experience, but also headlines. Over the years, however, the broker is not misbehaving.

Therefore we can say at this point that XTB is a reputable broker with a reputable listing.This lies on the German website, years of experience, the BaFin regulation and deposit insurance.

10. Our conclusion: Senior Broker with small drawbacks

All in all, we have registered options review that XTB is a top broker with small flaws in our XTB Binary. So the payoff is for example possible only via bank transfer and individual training are not available. Still stinging advantage is clear. In particular, the 760 available underlyings and the minimum deposit of zero euros we see as positive. But the individual customer service is a plus. Also advantageous are BaFin regulation and deposit insurance. But the three trading platforms and additional app can flow positive in the evaluation. The pluses of XTB Binary options in the overview:

1.Respectability thanks BaFin regulation

2.England Support with individual customer support

3.not necessary minimum deposit

4.three trading platform selection

5.of mobile trading app with free, possible

6.760 underlyings available

The broker XTB in 2002. Founded He has, among other things Binary options. Here he holds a total of three deals Trader prepared which can be used on all platforms offered to the broker. In addition, he has many other benefits that we get from have explained in our…



Not a scam

XTD is a serious broker and disposes worldwide of all licences around the biggest commercial offer to be able to offer on-line.

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