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The company Wikifolio stands for some years for Social Trading and brings together since the top trader and Follower on his platform. For the investor this has the advantage that he can choose his favorites from a gigantic choice of strategies. Beside the possibility to understand one to one the decision of a trader has still gone one step further Wikifolio. Follower can follow top traders with a certain commercial volume also by certificate which is brought out by a partner’s company directly about the stock exchange. With it the «results» of a top trader are not only very easy. Another advantage is the possibility to be able to sell the certificate any time on the stock exchange, so that one can fall back very fast on the engaged money.

Commercial options: Stocks, Forex, ETF, ETC., ETN, wikifolios
Basis values: more than 40,000 structured products
Commercial platforms: Webtrading, phone trade
Regulation: Magistratisches Bezirksamt des I. Bezirkes Österreich

And still an important component of trade on Wikifolio should be mentioned here: According to the web 2.0 thoughts the exchange should show no one-way street. Social exchange media can be discussed any time lively about topically situation and layout decisions. With it it is also possible in principle to determine a layout strategy together.


Wikifolio Our experiences in the overview

The company Wikifolio has felt his name of the famous on-line encyclopaedia and agitates to the principle of the social intelligence, also dream intelligence called after. Besides, since the year 2011 operating companies nothing is, in principle, differently than an Internet platform on which different dealers are brought together. Besides, on the one hand stand the so-called top traders who publish her self-managed depots and are in search of imitators, so-called Followern. The «normal» investors who look for a layout strategy ideal for them are on the other side. Successful and in the long term active top traders can allow to bundle up her portfolio, besides, as a certificate, so that the investor about the purchase of such a certificate can participate directly in the strategy of the top trader. Besides, certificates are published traditionally first for an expenditure price of 100 euros, so that the growth can be also read immediately in the value of the certificate. You receive with it by analogy with a ground an interest light which allows to participate him directly in the growth of the depot of the respective top trader. However, even if a suitable strategy is very cost-efficient compared with the purchase of fund, there is not a Wikifolio certificate, admittedly, free of charge. Beside the annual fee of 0.95 euros the investor pays, in addition, a profit-related fee which can amount up to 30 percent of the achieved income return. Here you should inform sichin to every case before exactly to be surprised not nastily if he is pleased about a well-arranged performance. The regular order and depot handling charges of own bank or the broker must not least be also included in the plan. Wikifolio pursues no own depots, so that the investing one must open at own bank. Besides, interesting is also the possibility to get in Wikifolios which have liked in the exchange rate. Here the performance fee is lost first, as long as the exchange rate moves below the initial price. However, also here you should exactly look and deal with the reasons for the present exchange rate expiration.

Company: Wikifolio Financial Technologies AG
Address: Mountain lane 31, in 1090 Vienna, Austria
Registration number: FB court of Vienna, 311504w
Regulation / licence: Magistratisches district velvet of the I district Austria
Phone DE: +49 (0) 211 247 907 70
Phone AT: +43 (0) 720 303 812 70
Phone CH: +41 (0) 435 080 689
eMail: [email protected]
Basically is to be estimated Wikifolio after our experience as a very serious company. Beside the lived transparency about the respective strategies and decisions also strict graduations are put to possible top traders. Thus scam is excluded from the start. Nevertheless, this is not called that investors take a risk unintentional every now and then if they decide on the product of a certain top trader.


So variously the offer of different products is on the stock exchange, so variously is appropriate also the offer in different Wikifolios. Importantly for the investor is to be known with the fact first that there is a row of different risk classes with which every now and then also extremely high risks are taken. Beside classical stocks and ETFs the speculative strategies are also possible as a basis for a certificate with which with massive levers is worked. Besides, Wikifolio has come along as a platform to the assignment to help you with an optimum choice instrument in the decision. Besides, the most different criteria can be pulled up for the search. Beside an easy performance reference numbers this reaches about the primarily traded values. Here you can put possibly main focuses in different regions, as for example the USA or Europe. In addition, can be also searched for products with an explicit dividend strategy. Also the trading strategy of the top trader can be used as a choice criterion.

Besides, can be differentiated between „actively diversified“, «Heavy trader» or „medium to in the long term“. In addition, the criteria which can be pulled up for the choice also contain personal qualities of the top trader as for example communication behaviour. Thus it is possible to filter out that about the polished searching function from Wikifolio from a huge number of strategies which fits best of all to own situation.

Wikifolio Offer

An other specific feature is present that also publicly known actors and institutions own Wikifolios give change and offer. Thus the investor can acquire the certificates of many economic newspapers as for example to the trade paper and profit from their professional expert’s assessment. If the healthy human mind of the investor asked is present, however, always. Since every follower of the Social Tradings should make clear one to itself over and over again: At last one acts on own risk and sticks also for possible wrong decisions of the top trader. Special with highly speculative strategies with strong levers Social-Trading is a luck play and remains from the point of view of the Followers rather.

Should not least be pointed out to a general risk which exists with trade with certificates: That of the issuer’s risk. If goes the banking house which publishes the certificates, besides, in case of from Wikofolio it concerns Long and black, in insolvency, this is for the current owner of the certificate synonymous with the complete loss. Also before this background you should question yourselves with which amounts he gets into the Social Trading. The alternative would be the direct Copy-Trading or also Mirror-Trading with which the portfolio is copied automatically or also händisch by the investor. A disadvantage here are the relatively high transaction fees which result with the huge number of Trades.

Bonuses for new customers

There is not own programme to the advertising of new customers or also bonuses for inventory customers with Wikifolio currently. Indeed, additional income lures if one climbs up to the top trader. Then this can fill with every sold certificate a sort of bonus.

Payments and payouts

Payment possibilities: depending on the elective depot
Least payment: depending on the elective depot
Fees: depending on the elective depot
Account processing possibly in: depending on the elective depot
Payment options: depending on the elective depot

Because it does not concern with Wikifolio a classical broker, one can deposit directly here no money or can be paid. The whole liquidation of trade takes place about a regular banking undertaking or an on-line broker with whom the customer must announce himself if he should still have no depot. If this is the case he can purchase, in principle, also in addition to his existing values in the depot certificates and lay in his depot. A little bit differently the case lies in the automatic Copy-Trading or Mirrortrading. Here the depot is coupled to the signal giver. On this occasion, an additional arrangement is necessary between bank, dealer and Wikifolio.

Security and regulation

Wikifolio Security and regulation

First the certificates which are published in cooperation with Wikifolio belong to no official supervision. This shows compared with customary products like stocks or funds basically a raised risk, because the respective top trader is checked by nobody. To avoid, nevertheless, more incalculable risks or even Duffing or scam, has installed Wikifolio, nevertheless, some security authorities. First every top trader must prove the identity, before he can advertise around Follower. In addition, reserves itself Wikifolio, possible failure, about one offence against the self-given commercial principles, to sanction and to take the top trader in the worst case from trade. This can be possibly the case if he, against his profile consciously takes a higher risk.

The second security authority the customers from Wikifolio are same. As with other web to 2.0 based projects is called on the Community also here for announcing possible failure. Wikifolio hopes in such a way that failure is fast discovered and can be avenged. However, for this there are not firm rules. Nevertheless, our experiences show here that it is in most cases clear and seriously.

Support and customer service

Of course holds ready Wikifolio also a customer service. Besides, as the most important contact medium the email about which the customer should bring forward his problems is offered. This is very laborious in view of the complexity of financial products every now and then. Also for the telephonic consultation two numbers are stated, indeed, the council-looking investor must raise, on this occasion, every now and then some patience. As a rule a personal contact is also not at all necessary, because a large part of the information about FAQs, a Blog as well as a regular newsletter are spread. Here you find out a lot worth knowing about the current trends in the Social-Trading. In addition, there is always the possibility to pursue the information policy of the top traders and to get in touch if necessary with these.

User friendliness of the web page

Wikifolio User friendliness of the web page

In total the sides from Wikifolio are very intuitive and understandably decorates and built up. In principle, one always reaches with few clicks to of the information one needs. Extremely user-friendly decorates, besides, is the searching function with which you can orientate yourselves very easily in the jungle of many offers.

Besides, the offer from Wikifolio is to be used for some time also about a mobile ext. Then over here the stand and the development single Wikifolios can be also pursued with a mobile application. Moreover, the ext. offers access to the Community, so that one can also discuss mobile with other investors. In addition, the Trades themselves must be dealt with as already mentioned about the depot operating authority, so that for these purposes the ext. from Wikifolio cannot be used.


The platform Wikifolio shows the professional conversion of an innovative idea which orientates itself by the principle of the funds, besides, places, however, above all on the intelligence of the mass as well as the highest transparency. Chances can arise for the investor absolutely from it. However, condition also is here that he deals thoroughly with the philosophy of the top trader. Particularly with in the long term straightened strategies of experienced dealers a good chance of a continuously high income return exists thus with relatively moderate expenses. The more speculatively a certificate is aimed, nevertheless, the more the strategy resembles a highly speculative luck play. Here the investor should well trust rather in own happy little hand. Since he bears the risk always alone.
The company Wikifolio stands for some years for Social Trading and brings together since the top trader and Follower on his platform. For the investor this has the advantage that he can choose his favorites from a gigantic choice of strategies. Beside the possibility to understand one to one the…



Not a scam

Wikifolio offers a unique layout concept with which private investors can invest directly in professional dealers.

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