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What is the Digibet League of Legends?

Sport is sport. Computers are computers. And what about computer sports? For example, the League of Legends. The computer game from Riot Games has a following of over 70 million registered users.The game will now run on sporting base. It found almost daily competitions and tournaments. This market niche has discovered and established our own League of Legends (lol) team digibet.

In specially created e-sports field users can place your bets on appropriate Lol events. The bets may not operate otherwise like normal sports events. For your team digibet as advertising Carlos Rodriguez Santiago obliged in interactive players world better known as «ocelote».

Digibet is with their own participation in the League of Legends and the associated betting services ensure a huge marketing success succeeded. How else to reach 70 million registered users, who identify with their own product? Digibet is a «German» sports betting operators who sails now under the flag of Gibraltar. The company, which was originally established in Berlin, to his reputation drew particular by the platform. Advertising the bookmaker include former national soccer player Mario Basler and RTL legend Uli Potofski.

What deals does Digibet also have on offer?

What deals has digibet also on offer?

Offering a wide range in terms of League of Legends, the bookmaker digibet has mapped your heart out and thrilled numerous fans of e-Sports. In this way digibet was able to secure an additional impetus to registered customers. However, in order to lay a precision landing all customers, it is important to present a possible broad-based offer for a sports betting provider as digibet. Although digibet one of the smaller betting operators, but in some areas it would definitely compete apparently with the big.

Who, for example, once the football look, will notice that digibet available offers, which exceeds that of the other party by far. So may place their bets down to the U19 Bundesliga sports bettor and the Schleswig-Holstein-Liga or the Oberliga Baden-Württemberg can be found in betting portfolio digibet. Although it looks in other sports a little less good and generally digibet is rather one of the vendors that are not as well positioned in width, but for fans of League of Legends and football fans the portfolio is hard to beat.

Are there a bonus for new customers?

As a small sportsbook digibet needs a lot of energy and effort invested to compete with the industry giants can. A bet365 bonus code nowadays there are finally some extent already hinterhergeschmissen and players must for 100,00 Euro bonus money that brings this action, hardly do anything. The digibet bonus drops as yet a clear piece more modest. He is withoutdigibet bonus code activates what many players very accommodating comes, this also brings new customers a maximum of 20.00 euros on players account. The special hook: if you want to cash out his bonus digibet, will quickly reach the limits of possibility, because the bonus money is Promo Cash. How and whether there but perhaps still can give a moment of happiness for players at this action, reveal the following sections, in which the bonus is digibet scrutinized.

Activation: To land the digibet bonus on your account

The previous section has already been mentioned that in some sports betting providers an extra bonus code must be used today to enable a bonus offer. In digibet these procedures are no longer supported. The player has to complete only the steps to get the digibet bonus to own account:

1.completely fill the registration form

2.serve first deposit

3.enter a code

4.Bonus credit is automatically activated.

Digibet has this bonus specifically advertised for all customers from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein, which is why sports bettors from other countries can not benefit from this action. Since this is not a digibet no deposit bonus at this welcome offer, at least 5,00 Euro is required when the first transfer from the player. The payment method itself is the player free to choose.

The revenue requirement: So the digibet bonus can be activated

Anyone who has ever wondered whether digibet trustworthy is a fraud or plans which can quickly get a small look at the bonus conditions an answer: digibet working seriously and players can rely on the bookmaker. Otherwise, the seller would not even enter into the bonus conditions, that it is a bonus with Promo Cash, a digibet payout makes of bonus money impossible. However, profits are the players, as long as the stick to all the rules, fully paid. The rules that apply to the digibet bonus for deposit and prior registration, are defined by the following data:

  • by deposit play again
  • by playing bonus three times
  • Minimum ratio of 2.10
  • only sports betting and horse betting allowed

Some players have certainly had a great desire to digibet in the field of e-Sports to implement, for example, betting on the League of Legends. This is in accordance with the Bonus Rules but not readily possible. Instead, the players should focus on completing Betting primarily. They should also not be too much time, because the bonus period is limited in digibet to 60 days.


Digibet is a bookmaker, some players forgive the several errors. After all, it is an established provider in Germany, which puts a lot of commitment to the game to inspire its customers and fans. Unfortunately only fails digibet too often to their own resources: To bring about the digibet bonus just measly 20.00 euros and for new players and this can not even pay off. In addition, bets can not conclude under Bonus Rules on League of Legends. In other areas, such as in the preparation of the own offer and the design of the website has digibet still some weaknesses that should definitely be repaired in the future. Although the recent Fans Dealers digibet are likely to use in the future their loyalty, but to attract new customers on land is likely to be difficult with the current tactics.

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