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What are IG Markets minimum deposit and fees?

One of the key questions at the opening of a trading account is the amount of IG minimum deposit and IG charges.

For any novice trader and each also experienced trader the conditions are prior to the opening of a trading account is an important criterion in the choice of the broker. In broker market, there are very different minimum deposits and also the conditions for trading Forex and CFD trading are highly different. Especially important for beginners is a clear structure in the fee schedule, so every trader knows at all times, by whatcharges he must expect to trade.

Facts about IG Markets fees and minimum deposit:

  • No IG Markets minimum deposit
  • The IG Markets fees are clearly structured
  • Transparent costs
  • Daily spreads and commissions
  • Daily information on the cost of financing

1. Open IG account with minimum deposit

Open 1. IG account with no minimum deposit

The most important information is equal to the beginning. There is no minimum deposit IG. The broker IG requires its new customers no minimum deposit. Every new customer can determine the amount of their first deposit free for customization.

This freedom is especially for young trader with a low trading capital and novice trader is good news, because who looks for a new broker would not always immediately larger amounts on the make trading account than now. The IG payments are by bank transfer or by credit card accepted. For deposits made by credit card may incur costs by the financial services provider. They are forwarded to the customer.

Conclusion: IG offers its customers to open an account without a minimum deposit will have to make. This also allows small investors to try their money to multiply on the merchant market.Credit card deposits may result in costs by the financial institution.

2. IG comissions

2. What earned the broker IG his money?

Each broker-customer should be informed about how the broker makes his money. Broker companies have to generate income. First, as usual, have the costs are covered and of course, companies also want to earn money.

The broker IG describes very clearly how he earned spreads, the Commission and the financing costs money. See «Our Service» is a list of fee structure to find.

A fundamental distinction IG in three different rate ranges:

  1. Daily spreads and commissions
  2. Financing costs and interest
  3. additional services

Daily spreads and commissions

Here different IG in non-equity markets and equity markets. For non-equity markets, the broker has listed the best available spreads in share index, forex pair and raw materials clearly. In addition, calculation examples are provided to illustrate the the trader’s cost structure.

Financing costs and interest

There can be distinguished two areas — financing costs overnight and the forwards. The financing costs overnight are due to the fact that the stock market trading by 23 CET comes to a standstill and open positions «overnight» must be kept open. In the so-called Forwards will turn distinction in stock index and commodity.

The Forward spreads are displayed in pips. Forwards are not exchange-traded, unconditional forward transactions and thus the counterpart to options that are defined as conditional financial instruments additional services. At this point, little active traders are punished. Traders who were two years inactive and still keep balance in their account, have to reckon with a monthly fee of 14 €. Furthermore, monthly fees for live prices are due to be traded on a monthly basis less than once. The real-time charts can be chargeable, should take place in the month less than 4 transactions.

In the case of currency conversion and use Guaranteed Stops are in any event in fees. This applies for Guaranteed Stops only at the opening trade, the currency conversion is done for each CFD Trade in other currencies. The fee is 0.3%.

To use the DMA technology (Direct Market Access) for stocks CFDs is an exchange fee is charged, which can be re-paid. Due to the numerous examples and explanations can speak at IG of a transparent and comprehensible fee structure, the amount of which in a normal market scale emotional. Of course, the fees for trading with many brokers are very different and it also depends on whether there is a market maker or ECN broker. Important in any case are a clear statement and a clear fee structure that understands the Trader at any time.

Conclusion: IG waits for a clear, transparent fee structure that answers the customers all questions regarding the calculation. All important background questions can be answered thanks to the information policy of IG.

3. What are Spreads?

As spread is the difference between simultaneous purchase and sale price designated. In this way, achieve so-called market makers their sales. Many brokers advertise with low spreads, but what exactly does that mean for the trading of derivatives?

When concluding contracts one has the possibility to sell or to purchase click.

Prices have in the above example to a difference of 2.00 pips. If it is a fixed spread, the spread of 2.00 pips is always maintained. With a variable spread, the number of pips may vary depending on market developments.

Some brokers offer different platforms. Especially for beginners, the trading with fixed spreads is easier, whereas the trading with variable spreads can be lucrative. It should be noted that the height of the spread at each broker is different. Therefore, they are not integrated into the real-time charts and must be added mentally.

Conclusion: Spread is the price the trader must pay for the trading of contracts. Spreads are measured in pips, and can be divided into variable and fixed spreads.

4. A clear fee structure at IG

4. A clear fee structure at IG

The broker IG Market published for all assets a clear fee structure. By changing market conditions the spreads, commissions and the cost of financing the trades of customers are checked daily and adjusted as necessary.

This disclosure of all fees and the daily account information about the start of financing costs, the trader has every chance anytime the fees payable for a to identify trade and can orient his action thereon.Traders who  IG experiences  have to know the clear fee structure of the Forex Brokers and CFD broker IG appreciate.

Conclusion: IG offers its customers the opportunity at any time to determine the fees. The fees are adjusted daily according to current market conditions.

5. No surprises in fees and dedicated customer support

IG requires its customersno minimum deposit when opening an account. Only inactive traders are punished by the fee structure. Otherwise IG of clarity with regard to the fee structure is hard to beat. With much dedication to IG is dealing with the issues of traders and provides numerous explanations and sample calculations to the costs incurred.

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