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The betting is the very recent bookmakers on the internet. The betting platform is only a few months on air. The question of fraud or serious therefore appears anything but unfounded. We went in search of clues in the subsequent detailed review. Who is behind the betting line? Which offers are offered? There’s a bonus for new customers and this is this is fair? What odds are estimated? At what level of customer support works? All these questions and more are answered in detail in the review.

Sports betting Angbeot: 12,000 bets from 20 sports
Live Betting: 7 sports until 25 Specials
Bonus: 100% Bonus up to 50 € (code: WM2222)
Regulation: MGA

Our review — is betting Wettmeister fraud?

Wettmeister Our experience in tourism - is betting Wettmeister fraud?

The name Bet Master cherishes natural some association to the «world Wettmeister». To anticipate directly. On weltmeisterlichem level, the bookmaker is far from being moved. Nevertheless, we can rule out the test scam or rip-off. Behind the Bet Master is a serious company, which is an integral part of the betting scene since 2,001th As an Authorised operators Primebet International Limited, which has been focused in recent years primarily on the equestrian, more or less successful acts.

Company: Primebet International Limited
Address: No 4, Valley Towers, Valley Road B’kArar BKR 9022 , Malta
Registration number: C27556
Regulatory / license: MGA / CL2 / 137/2000
Telefon: 0800 / 373 77 33
eMail: [email protected]
Live Chat: No

Tenders from Bet Master

The most important point for the sloping sports betting clientele the program. We have the offers of the new bookies following critically.

Bet offer

The betting line is very, very clearly determined by the King Football. The Bet Master has its focus at Bets clear on the round leather. It is positive that the online bookmakers is not concentrated at this point only the top divisions. are quoted encounters from around the world. goes for the German football fans’s down to the amateur league. While other competitors at this point have only a few scales on the screen, there’s the betting Wettmeister all encounters. Even the U19 Juniors Bundesliga is provided with odds.

Behind the Topsportart are the usual suspects with tennis, basketball and hockey. In real exotics in betting program is deliberately omitted. Overall, it manages the Bookie on 15 disciplines and average 8-10,000 individual offers for bets per day.

In the depths of betting options, the sports betting provider assigns a focus on central European average. In the major football leagues, customers have about 50 special bets available per game.

Live Laws

Wettmeister Live Laws

Live can be typed in the new Bookie course also. Currently, the betting Master focuses at this point but only to the absolute mainstream. Football, Tennis and Hockey give clearly set the tone. All other sports are negligible.Total has bookmakers live still vast potential for improvement.

Something bad that the betting Wettmeister dispense with a separate Live Center. The encounters in real time are shown on the «normal» website in a separate box. Even this technical variant shows that it is not yet the quantity afar.

Odds, and control limits

The odds are still somewhat double-edged seen in the assessment. In major soccer matches the bookmaker is undoubtedly competitive. In the framework of the disciplines pendulum swings but in some cases very significantly downward. Average wins the betting Wettmeister on a ratio of key good 92 percent, which finds its place in the middle of the bookies.

Clear guidelines’s terms of stakes and winnings limits. Minimum must be invested 50 per cent tip. Maximum allowed per day enter a profit of 100,000 euros each customer.

The Bet Master behaves lawfully in the calculation of the German sports betting tax, but is in our view a step too far. The special levy is calculated at each Bet Tips by a five percent fee deduction. While other bookmaker insert the betting tax included in the game total, occurs when betting Wettmeister of complete withdrawal. the result is a deviation of 24 cents, which also ends up in the coffers of the bookmaker on a bet of 100 €. it appears at first glance minimal, but here applies the old saying «sheep also makes crap». The word «rip-off» might be a bit exaggerated at this point, but fair is different.

Sidebereich Casino und Poker

When betting Wettmeister the name says it, say it’s all about the betting. An additional online casino or poker arenain Side area will not be offered.

Dusting money — Bonus for new customers

Wettmeister Dusting money - Bonus for new customers

The bonus is fair, but not a real highlight. New customers are welcomed with a 100% match bonus of up to € 50.Valid is already a very low minimum deposit of only five euros. In this case, the Betting begins with a bankroll of ten euros. User which ideally transfer 50 € start by 100 €. All transfer methods are the same as bonus relevant.The activation of the welcome gift occurs when registering. Even before the own data is sent, the bonus code «WM2222» is entered.

Deposit bonus: 100% Bonus bis 50€ (Code: WM2222)
Bonus Rules: 3x bonus + deposit with odds 2.0
Validity: no time restrictions
Other bonuses: no

It should be noted that the new customer bonus will not be credited immediately. The Bookie here gives himself a one-time window of 48 hours. Is the Upgradeable not done by then, should be requested from the customer.

The rollover provisions require a three times playthrough of initial capital to reach the payout stage. the first withdrawal must take place in the maximum case, therefore for a turnover of 300 €. During free spins, the minimum ratio of 2.0 is observed, which applies to our experience and for combination bets. Restrictions on the betting markets and options are not known. Positive should be emphasized that the betting Wettmeister pretends not limiting time window. The Bonus can be pushed easily when needed.

Deposits and withdrawals — how it works

Every sports bettor will find his matching Einzahlungsweg when betting Wettmeister. This is completely out of the question. Nevertheless, this payment portfolio appears not yet fully tested. Bad it looks for users who want to make their deposits in the bank chain. An acceleration of the transfer with a direct booking system is not possible.

Payment methods available in Bet Master
Payment options: Visa, Mastercard, debit, bank transfer
Minimum deposit: 5€
Fees: no
Accounting possible in: Euro
Withdrawal Options: Visa, Bank Transfer

Recognized are the Visa and MasterCard, including the associated debit versions. Furthermore, deposits with the e-wallets Neteller and Skrill by Moneybookers and prepaid codes Paysafecard are supported.

Payments will be made smoothly. The internal processing time when betting Meister takes a maximum of 48 hours to complete. is serious, that the bookmakers all deposits and withdrawals handles free of charge.

Safety and regulation — a German license

The label Bet Master was founded to receive an official German sports betting license. The bookmaker is run through the entire approval process of the local authorities successfully. But this fact shows that everything above, far from fraud or rip-off, approaching. The Bet Master is reputable. Since the sports betting license allocation but was stopped current court, the Bookie can not decorate with a German label on the website.

The sports betting are therefore sold with an EU license from Malta Gaming Authority. The Primebet International Limited for many years holds an appropriate license and has its own security emphatically demonstrated.

It should be mentioned that the betting Meister future «squints» not only in the online business. Are planned further opening of stationary betting shops as well as the formation of self-service terminals. The sports betting should be comprehensively distributed in all ways.

Support and Customer Service — Motivated Service Team at work

Customer support from betting Wettmeister earned a total of a good score. The staff do a very motivated impression and also work professionally at a high level. It is clear that the Bookie strives to achieve even some future. The customer focus here is already positive.

Wettmeister Support and Customer Service - Motivated Service Team at work

Nevertheless, the service is not without «blemish». The support team is approachable daily between 10 am and 20 o’clock. Especially in the evening hours extend the opening time would be useful. The contact is possible for free on a 0800 telephone hotline and e-mail. In a live chat is still dispensed at Bookie.

Website usability — Different but still good

Experienced sports weather be a little rub your eyes at first. The structure of the website differs quite drastically from the usual layout of the competition. The disciplines are visible in the Web page header. Individual countries, leagues and competitions can be opened in the submenus. Compared to the market leaders here one or two additional click is necessary. After a certain adjustment period but all users are likely to do very well.

Very positive representation of the selections in the middle of the page is to be assessed. For each league or for each event opens a separate window. The overview is to our experience never lost. With each new selection the window back on. Top is also the design of the betting slip, especially due to the font size.

On a mobile sports betting app is currently still dispensed. Who selects the bookmaker with his smartphone or tablet, lands currently under «Nirvana». There is neither an optimized homepage still a classic app. The tap of the road is still not entirely impossible. By means of the Adobe Flash player can access the desktop version.Recommended this is not, however.

Conclusion: Bet Master — a start has been made, but more is not

The betting Wettmeister has made a solid start in the virtual sports betting world — but nothing more. The road to the top suppliers is still far. High marks earned the betting line in the main Sporten including betting option depth. The bonus is fair, but not a «hit». Positive is in our view also the design of the website highlight, although some getting used to is necessary. The customer proves that the Bet Master a long-term path to success is planned. Still far back is the Bookie in the live betting sector also lacks a mobile sports betting app. Security can also be confirmed 100 per cent in the first test. The betting Wettmeister is legitimate, if only because in the prospects of German betting license. Fraud and rip-off is not it despite the somewhat reprehensible betting tax calculation.
The betting is the very recent bookmakers on the internet. The betting platform is only a few months on air. The question of fraud or serious therefore appears anything but unfounded. We went in search of clues in the subsequent detailed review. Who is behind the betting line? Which offers…



Not a scam

Wettmeister is a trademark of International Primebet who own a sports betting license.

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