Best forex brokers 2017 / We’ll show you how the forex trading works

We’ll show you how the forex trading works

The world of currency markets exerts a long time from a fascination for investors. No other market is larger and there is nowhere greater liquidity as trading currency pairs. Since not huge bets required in forex trading, even small investors can easily go into the trading. But what about the currency trading is about and how it works Forex Trading in practice? The following article explains.

1) How the forex trading works

How does the world of Forex trading?

In forex trading one currency is traded against another. In Forex Trading on OTC broker several transactions are to run parallel in a split second: There will be a credit in a currency and invested in another and temporally hedged the risk of loss with a bailout. The appreciation of a currency corresponds to the devaluation of the other.If a market participant in debt in a currency revalue it suffers drawbacks, it has on the other hand the bank in the currency revalue it realizes profits. In a currency devalue the signs are reversed: win and lose debtor owner of the bank. For a comprehensive forex trading definition a look at a currency market transaction in slow motion is helpful. A very important point in the forex trading statement is still missing: the best traders at the opening of the position to be filed initial margin the broker is used to hedge the risk of loss. The margin corresponds to the (equity) use and moved the lever effect: As for a position worth 100,000 euros usually only 1,000 euros margin may be needed Trader move 100 times their deployment in the foreign exchange market.

Conclusion: In Forex trading it is basically about one currency for another to act. If a currency of a pair upgraded, the other is devalued. The Forex trading takes place over the counter and is continuously available from Friday evening to Sunday evening. When trading does not have the total position value are applied, the underlying, the trader lodged a Margin, which serves the broker as a kind of security.

2.) Currency trading explained in Slow Motion

What is Forex actually works and how the trade? A numerical example: A trader opened a long position in the EUR / USD at a price of 1.35.The position size (forex positions as contracts referred to) is 1 Lot, which (who left traded currency in this case euros) corresponds to 100,000 units of the base currency. In practice, this can open up with one mouse click position. But behind the position, several transactions. In the first step, the trader borrows USD 100,000 worth of euros — ie $ 135,000. This liquidity is invested in EUR. Immediately after the opening of the position is this so of two balanced on balance accounts. A loan account with a negative balance of $ 135,000 and an investment account with a credit balance of EUR 100,000

As the trader has opened a long position, it is provided with an appreciation of the EUR against the USD. If this expectation, and the EUR / USD rises to 1.00 percent, the trader can close the position at a profit. Due to the changed exchange rate, the EUR deposits is worth more than the USD liabilities. To completely replace the latter and compensate the USD loan account are in a price increase of 1.00 percent, only 99 010 euros (to the nearest euro rounded) required. The remaining on the EUR-credit account 990 Euro correspond to the profit of the trader. For purposes of simplicity definition has been assumed for this currency trading, no deposit and lending rates and any transaction costs incurred.

3.) Tips for Beginners: How to start trading successfully

3.) Tips for Beginners: How to successfully start trading

Those who want to successfully trade currencies, first of all requires a sound basic knowledge and understanding of the laws of the market. Who else can boast no experience, has the option to open with a broker a demo account and place with virtual capital the first trades. The trading platform of the broker can be tried in peace and the user can, for example, on the technical market analysis to attempt. An entry worth Which Broker our shows  forex broker comparison . When you enter the Forex trading caution. While on the one hand waving theoretically unlimited gains, high losses can occur on the other side within the shortest time. So should act at the beginning not to high positions and increase the stakes only gradually inexperienced traders, at least. It is also advisable to hedge their positions with order additives and to maintain in this way the losses in check.

Conclusion: Who has committed itself to enter the Forex trading, is should first create an extensive knowledge base and practice trading using a demo account detail. Also, it is advisable to first enter the trade with low stakes and hedge their positions with Order additives.

4.) Conclusion on Currency Trading: Largest and most liquid market in the world

Forex trading involves for traders numerous advantages but also risks. T n theory waving unlimited earnings, but the losses are unlimited in theory. The Forex market is the largest in the world and has a liquidity that is not found in other markets. Since the forex trading takes place off-exchange, currencies can be traded continuously going from Friday evening to Sunday evening.

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