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We provide the FXCM Trading Station

The commercial application of a broker is the tool that the traders is day by day and serves as a link between the trader and the stock exchanges. The quality and features of a trading application can be responsible among other things for the success and failure of an investor and so the selection should be done carefully. However, it is not easy to decide at the variety of commercial applications offered for.We want a little light into the darkness and bring present the FXCM Trading Station.

The key facts on FXCM Trading Station at a glance:

  • FXCM is a Forex and currency broker, the resident, including Germany
  • At FXCM five different commercial applications can be found
  • In the Trading Station is the in-house platform of the broker
  • The Trading Station allows among others the use of automated trading strategies

1.) The broker FXCM in Portrait

FXCM 1.) The broker FXCM in Portrait

Who covers for the first time with a broker, can not see at first glance, if he has a serious offer in front of him. So we want to also deal with the question of whether FXCM fraud or serious is. A good conclusion gives the user control of the broker. Behind the broker FXCM Forex Capital Markets Limited, the company is headquartered in London. Through this office of the broker is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) approved in the United Kingdom and regulated. The is a clear indication of the seriousness of FXCM. As for tradable instruments, are to be found 40 currency pairs as well as indices and commodities.

FXCM strives to provide their own customers a versatile education and knowledge deal available.So there are, for example, regular seminars, which take place on-site or online and are free.Under the DailyFX offer FXCM clients receive daily analysis of financial experts and in-house forum, investors can discuss and exchange ideas about their own experiences.

Conclusion: The Forex and CFD broker FXCM has its own headquarters in London and is therefore subject inter alia regulated by the FCA. The BaFin is responsible by the company headquarters in Germany. When broker a comprehensive training and education program is to be found.

2.) What makes a good commercial application?

Every trader is different and everyone has personal preferences
. For this reason there is not a trading platform will be completely satisfied with every individual. But how is it possible to find a good commercial application?

Even if the trader requests are different, there are some features that are universal for a good trade Patt form:

  1. Function Palette: A good trading application allows a professional market analysis and this provides a versatile set of tools and technical indicators available.
  2. Handling: In spite of the professional functions and tools has a good application at the same time user-friendly handling and allows even inexperienced traders to find their way quickly and easily.
  3. Charts: A good trading platform has professional charts with which the price analysis can be performed very efficiently. These include various chart representations, many time periods for price observation and drawing tools with which the user can manually draw trading signals and trendlines.
  4. Personalization: To allow users to custom operation, the application should also provide many opportunities to make individual settings and adjust the work surface according to your requirements.

Conclusion: Each trading application is different and so it is not easy to opt for one of them.However, there are some features that distinguish a good trading platform. These include advanced analysis tools and technical indicators, easy handling, professional charts and extensive possibilities for personalization.

3.) The commercial applications: The has to offer FXCM Trading Station

3.) The commercial applications: The has to offer FXCM Trading Station

The Trading Station FXCM offers its customers an in-house software to. The there both as a PC version to download as well as a web-based platform. In addition to FXCM clients trade with the MetaTrader. Who is using an operating system other than Windows, anyway has no choice.Because the PC version is only available for the operating system from Microsoft. Largely independent of the operating system can be, however, the Trading Station Web use. It is used via the browser.

Especially Beginners often prefer the web-based platform
. Not only because for them, no download is required, but also because this is much clearer. As an alternative to in-house development FXCM Trading Station, the broker also offers the MetaTrader 4 available for download. The optimized specifically for FXCM why the broker all new customers to download the program recommends, even if they have the MetaTrader 4 already installed. The MetaTrader 4 is among investors around the world popular and among other things, by the ability to create automated trading strategies. But that’s not all. In addition, FXCM are the commercial applications NinjaTrader, Mirror Trader and United signal available. Such selection can be found in very few brokers, offering customers a wide range and high flexibility. For mobile trading FXCM has developed the Trading Station Mobile. The FXCM app for iPhone and Android is available for free. The iOS version, there are, as usual with Apple, exclusively on iTunes. The Android app can be downloaded in all major stores such as Google Play or AndroidPIT. Also for the FXCM MetaTrader (MT4) mobile applications are available. All apps are free and downloaded in a few seconds on your own mobile device.

Conclusion: In FXCM there is a variety of trading platforms, and above all give it the FXCM Trading Station. It is the in-house platform, which has a wide range of professional analysis tools and is available as a web, download and mobile version. Furthermore MT4 Trading is offered as well as the trading platforms Mirror Trader, NinjaTrader and United signal.

4.) Is there a Demo account for Trading Station?

FXCM Is there a Demo account for Trading Station?

For each trading platform, which can be found at FXCM, there is a corresponding demo account and thus also for the Trading Station. AnFXCM demo account is opened in a few minutes and for the account opening, the name, phone number and email address to be queried.Each trial brings a starting balance with itself and provides access to the full range of services of the respective trading application. Also, real-time quotes are available and the user can get to know everything and try in peace and under realistic trading conditions. The demo accounts are available to users for an unlimited time.

Conclusion: FXCM offers for each application a corresponding trading demo version and for an unlimited period. Opening an account is realized quickly and the respective trading platform is fully including real-time quotes available.

5.) The bottom line: The FXCM Trading Station as a powerful platform

Anyone who registers on the Forex and CFD broker, can choose between five different trading platforms. Specially designed for trading at FXCM is the in-house trading application called Trading Station. The platform is available as a download version, as web-based version and also in the form of apps for smartphones and tablets. The FXCM Trading Station offers a rich feature set and allows professional work. Even beginners will quickly find themselves, because the navigation is intuitive and the application has a clear, transparent structure.

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