Best online casino 2017 / Vera & scam or not? Review

Vera & scam or not? Review

A glance at the Vera & John Casino, will soon realize that there is a slightly different wind is blowing than in most other online casinos in the world. Everything looks a bit more cheerful, easier and somehow fluffy than the often appearing a bit stiff, but the longer established competitors. Vera & John Casino is relatively new in the gaming sector, is by its own account but run by operators who have many years of experience.

But the license from Malta gives the impression that the Vera & John Casino is reputable and not Vera & John Casino fraud plans. Nevertheless, our test center wanted to know more and has the fanciful provider taken to the chest. The focus was on answering the question whether the Vera & John Casino or fraud is serious. Finally clever sophisticated scams can not recognize at first glance often. What has come out exactly on our test, can be read in the well-structured report.

However, is yet to be revealed at this point that interested players have nothing to fear. Because even if the Vera & John Casino yet belongs to experience to the dwarfs in the industry, can be assumed that the followers of this casino will soon grow. Finally, more than 400 different games offered, the bonus promotions are attractive and the selection of games focused on six different software vendors.

Vera & John Casino stands by

  • more than 400 different games
  • License from Malta
  • various software manufacturers
  • attractive welcome bonus
  • Negative: often somewhat cumbersome structure

Range of casino games: could not be better

Vera & John Range of casino games: could not be better


Fabled 400 Games presents the Vera & John Casino all those who could bring themselves to account at this relatively young company. This means that in terms of the portfolio simply everything is offered, what a player only can imagine: There are slot machines, classic casino games, above average number of jackpot games as well as instant games that have enjoyed in the fast players an ever growing popularity.

It showcases the games from various developers companies that have made a growing name in recent times. NetEnt, Betsoft, plan gaming, IGT and NetGenGaming are on board and provide customers with a lot of action, fun and excitement at the highest level. Whoever still complained here about too little selection, is probably beyond help by our Vera & John Casino experience.10/10 points.

  • more than 400 different games
  • six development companies are involved

Safety and Licensing explains Detailed

Vera & John Safety and Licensing explains Detailed

Most players know often do not know exactly what is at stake when the subject of data protection and security is raised. The also seem operators by Vera & John Casino to know because they give an honest effort to educate the players about this topic. This means that on the one hand not only explain what a well-functioning data protection and optimal safety system are actually needed, but that they also explain the other like what the Vera & John Casino goes for the data security of the customer.

the whole thing is supported by the gaming license from the regulatory authority of Malta. These are in terms of dealing with the customer data for the casino already once a few basic guiding values to which a licensed casino as the Vera & John Casino has also to keep in any case. Our experience with Vera & John Casino can accordingly only positive at this point. 10/10 points.

  • good educational work
  • Maltese gaming license

Bonus and conditions: € 100 for new casino customers

Vera & John Bonus and conditions: € 100 for new casino customers

An important portion of our test is always the assessment of the current bonus program, which has a casino for its new customers in the luggage. As expected, this does not fall at the Vera & John Casino of particularly high and is limited to a maximum bonus amount of € 100.00 per player. This can certainly annoy some customers, can be explained but in view of the fairly recent term of the Casinos: At the very beginning, many companies have not so much scope for investment, as they could just as hewers of bonus offers around the ears to its customers. Therefore, it is also recommended even to be content with smaller deals from time to time. Especially when this offer turns out to be so lucrative.

The 100.00 Euro Bonus are fully payable in Vera & John Casino. Previously, he must, however, be implemented in the casino 40 times what initially but much sounds quite feasible. Thirty days remain for the players time and basically all the games are allowed during the bonus period. The expected regular casino goers from other farms be quite different from usual, so we do not want to pull an excessive number of points in this Vera & John Casino Bonus. 7/10 points.

  • Bonus is fully cashable
  • up to 100 € real money

Who is of the opinion that a casino bonus for is not there to support the casino a bit, but whom it ultimately comes to fill their own pockets, which should possibly look at another casino. We recommend the Casino Club , which offers up to 1.000,00 Euro real money or the 888 casino , in which there are paid 88.00 euros.

Deposits and withdrawals: thoroughly explained

From modern casinos the inclined player is accustomed to both inputs as well as Payments run free and uncomplicated. Nevertheless, there are always some experts and the casino operators who are trying at this point some profit to knock out for yourself. After Vera & John Casino experience, operators do not want to try on this rail ride there. Therefore, they give all customers a detailed statement, in which they explain how to exactly one money and paid or prevail which conditions apply.

The choice of different payment service providers which are supported sadly is not very big, but for all methods are in principle represented in any way. Fees are generally not levied by Vera & John Casino. Only in transactions per card, it may be a burden. Payouts below an amount of EUR 50.00 will also be charged a fee of 5,00 Euro. This is based on the increased expenses for the casino team. 8/10.

  • all major payment methods are supported
  • no charge for withdrawals from 50 €

Customer: Only partly in England

Vera & John Customer: Only partly in England

Experience with Vera & John Casino are in terms of customer service often two different opinions. While some praise the customer service in the face of the young career of the casino, while others see skeptical that a telephone support can take place in English only. If, however, noted that other casinos ever make no number available, this may not necessarily be seen as a sharp criticism.

In the previous sections also the detailed supplementary material of information has already been mentioned that the customer is provided. Although the translation of the individual sections of text sometimes sounds a bit bumpy, but these details are adapted to the player from the outset to explain all the important details for gameplay in Vera & John Casino. And if that is not enough, the test of Vera & John Casino has shown that the Live Chat is recommended highly.8/10.

  • with live chat
  • telephone support in English

Design and Performance: Unusual but getting used to

Interiors at Vera & John Casino must simply as getting used to but are described original. Anything else would be a significant understatement. The color of the page is somewhat reminiscent of chewing gum or a child’s birthday, solves most customers but automatically a positive mood. Despite this attractive effect the design lacks a little the necessary seriousness that is nowadays expected from casinos.

Likewise also leaves the structure of the casino a little to be desired. Some areas are a bit confused and arbitrarily put together, so that a fast getting along is mostly suppressed. In terms of performance, however, no compromise has been made — the site construction as well as the load times are absolutely in the frame and the claims appropriately. 7/10 points.

  • highly individual design
  • Page layout runs smoothly

Live Casino: A total of five games

Vera & John Live Casino: A total of five games

Normally established casinos offer their customers a Live Casino and usually include these live casinos even when the sizes of the industry only three, maximum four games. In Vera & John Casino there is a live casino, which bears the name Casino Paris and five different games including Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette, Live Hol’em and 3 Card Poker, provides. Especially the latter is found only very rarely in the live version in German online casinos. The separated area for players who like to gamble live and responsive dealers and croupiers leave this casino in the rating up fast. Only one bonus would have been nice, but why should the prints not yet become too large. 8/10.

  • five games in the casino
  • separate area

Limits and Payout: Very strong

Have we praised in other sections of our test nor the high degree of additional information, which the Vera & John Casino offers its customers, so we have this statement below, at least with respect to the revised payment rate. Such is not made public by the operators. At least not in the form of a clear table. Instead, there are single notes in every single match. This means in plain language that the player has to add up a total payout ratio itself and can quickly check how much this is specifically for the played of him games. While such techniques are transparent but also more than awkward. A summary report would have been catchy and time-saving at this point.

The table limits are also in the Vera & John Casino usual variable and show depending on the selected game. Some games have much higher ceilings and start well with daring missions, what in particular the risk-taking players should be happy. 8/10.

  • cumbersome information policy
  • Auszahlungsgquoten are transparent

Loyalty program and VIP Club: Also individually

Vera & John Loyalty program and VIP Club: Also individually

The length of employment with the Vera & John Casino takes place, the clearer is that the operators are trying to drive a custom strategy possible. This is also the bonus actions ascended to inspire customers. So there are, for example, a loyalty program, in which dust can be called coins. Each of these coins represents a value, which then can be redeemed in the shop of Vera & John Casino. Various bonuses are waiting for certain Münzbeträge.

A VIP section does not exist, which means that players basically have not any possibilities to achieve a special status, which is connected to them with additional amenities. They’ll be able to buy more loyalty coins and earn better rewards for enhanced game however. A look at the added bonus actions indicates that these are previously sown a little sparse, but available. 8/10.

  • individual loyalty program
  • different bonus promotions and jackpots

Mobile App: Without Download playable

Vera & John Mobile App: Without Download playable

The mobile version of the Vera & John Casino is not available via download and does not represent a specifically programmed app. Instead, takes place for all customers who want to set up access to the casino via the mobile device, automatically redirect when the web page is called. There all features are available, which are also valid in regular casino. This means that the same bonus applies and also the registration data to log into the account are the same.

In terms of game selection, the offer is still limited somewhat because many of the games are not necessarily suitable for use on the smartphone or tablet. Nevertheless, we reward such commitment with 8/10.

  • Automatic forwarding
  • All features are included

Our Vera & John Casino reviewed Vera & John with trends upward

We have to admit it: From Vera & John Casino you really had us a bit less than expected, we ultimately get. This is primarily due to the many get used to peculiarities of the casinos that simply do not know and experienced players from other establishments. Much of what the Vera & John Casino presents, initially affects not inspire much confidence and can lead to different customers may abandon before registration. However, our test showed that this would be the wrong way in any case. Finally, the Vera & John Casino has some great features just because of its individuality, which does not exist as in other gambling establishments. Check it out and we awarded 8.2 out of 10 points.
A glance at the Vera & John Casino, will soon realize that there is a slightly different wind is blowing than in most other online casinos in the world. Everything looks a bit more cheerful, easier and somehow fluffy than the often appearing a bit stiff, but the longer established…



Not a scam

Vera & John is especially interesting for Slots fans who are looking for top payouts.

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