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Varengold is known in the world of the Forex Trading enough as a premium partner. What is in this rumour in it we wanted to check once ourselves and have proceeded in the circles in which we test absolutely not too often broker. Varengold is present not only broker, but also offers regular bank accounts. We have nevertheless also carried out to this famous supplier a background check.

Trade: Forex, stocks, loans, commodities, CFD
Basis values: 100 currency pairs and 400 other values
Software: MetaTrader 4
Regulation: BaFin

Varengold review

Varengold Background: so seriously is Varengold

Varengold is a classical German broker for trade by currencies and foreign currency. The company has announced his headquarters in Hamburg. There the main offices and offices are also to be found. Basis of the Forex business as a Forex broker Varengold is the company behind which makes talking now since him of 1990th of itself. The bank for securities trading offers with it already for some decades financial products and has effected with the broker now a real luck clutch. Varengold is known basically for quality and security. Many investors trust worldwide the financial experts from Germany.

Company: Varengold bank AG
Address: grosses Elbstrasse 27, 22767 Hamburg, Germany
Registration number: AG Hamburg, HRB 73684
Regulation / licence: BaFin (109 520)
Phone: +49 40 66 86 49 – 96
eMail: Contact form
Live chat: available
Recall service: available

Varengold on account of the company headquarters in Hamburg is adjusted by the German financial supervisory authority of BaFin. As well as other supervisory authorities like the FCA and the CySEC receives the BaFin direct payments from Brussels. Beside laws and regulations it is said specifically how the employees of the German BaFin should go forward and how brokers are to be checked like Varengold. These controls are very strict thanks to the German bureaucracy and the general sense of duty., Among the rest, Softwares are checked whether programs manipulating there consider. Black sheep in the industry of trade with Forex, for example, infiltrate small viruses into her own programmes. Then these provide for the fact that the indicated exchange rate soaks off slightly from the real exchange rate and a row of traders her inserts lose. Then the broker keeps this money. Thanks to the regulation by the BaFin this is not possible with Varengold.

Customers say this

There are objective and useful tips of customers on the Internet rather less. If, however, however, somebody expresses itself, then mostly exceedingly positively. It is held what promises Varengold in the approach. The premium service is very recommendable. Crustily one appears concerning some spreads which are judged as too high. But in such cases Varengold with itself allows to talk. Customer’s opinions are still taken seriously there. All in all, appears that customers are persuaded of the system of Varengold.

The Support in the test

Varengold The Support in the test

About the free phone hotline employees are accessible nearly 24 hours if is called at a relevant commercial time. The friendly office workers consult, give tips and tips and perform competent assistance. Also by live chat and email employees are always available. In absolute emergencies there is a German Emergency Desk the phone number which can be chosen of you. An employee with whom can be spoken of the problems and difficulties is available there any time. All in all, the Support and contact possibilities of Varengold are incredibly many-sided. Now any more traders cannot really wish.

Our experiences

We have been surprised at the perfection which is displayed of Varengold and his many German employees. You stand with words and deeds aside. In the seriousness and reliability of this supplier we have definitively no doubt.

The offer of Varengold

After we have pointed, why customers can count any time completely on Varengold we in our test also a look at the most important characteristics and figures thrown. We have taken apart the whole offer of Varengold and have divided into segments which we have analysed briefly and exactly.

Forex, CFDs, stocks – everything what desires the trader heart

Varengold Forex, CFDs, stocks – everything what desires the trader heart

In total more than 500 different Assets and basis values Varengold has on offer. Only 400 of it refer according to own specifications to CFDs. Since trade with CFDs is one of the main business portfolio for Varengold and might still stand before the Forex Trading. In addition, you are able also with indexes, stocks, commodities, futures and ETFs traden.

Low lever, average spreads

For real Zocker and private investors who look at action with foreign currency rather as a game of chance the offered lever can be not at all high enough. To the explanation: the lever states by which value the application is raised in a position in the real market. If a trader goes, for example, with 30€ to a position and uses a lever of 300:1, he acts basically with 9,000€. Only changes in one of the very back post comma places of the exchange rate on the account of the user thereby make themselves visible.

Now the lever with Varengold is enclosed 200:1. Many beginners and beginners are possibly deterred from it, because the profits are relatively small. However, they must make themselves deliberate that then also the losses become smaller. With a higher application profits can be still generated. By the high least payment again Varengold forces his customers virtually to higher applications. All in all, no real difference arises between a lever of 200:1 with Varengold and one of 300:1 with a smaller broker.

The spreads lie in the area of the major with values from 1.5 Pips upward. Also here in memory: Pips call the difference between In and selling rate as he is given by the broker. With Varengold the spread lies in the centrefield of the Forex broker. With it can be absolutely worked. However, these values refer to the premium account with which the spreads do not rise basically more than 2.27 Pips. The Classic account against it disposes of spreads which start with about 3 Pips. We find this again in our test too much. A premium depot can only reach who is ready to perform a higher least payment.

MetaTrader 4-use possibly

Professional trader and everybody which have dealt longer with the topic of trade with foreign currency know that a Trading software protrudes in comparison to all others. The MetaTrader 4 is the probably most popular and most popular program if it is about the buying and selling of currencies. users and female users have about that the possibility to erect own tools and tools, to download or to activate simply. The user interface is individually adaptable completely and adjustable. Thereby it is possible to indicate the exchange rates, for personal trade decisively and to get at the same time current news and news faded in. MetaTrader 4 also disposes of an ext. which is available for iOS and Android-Smartphones and Tablet PCs.

Varengold does a big favour with the fact to his customers that trade is also made for the MetaTrader 4 possible. The integration is not given with every Forex to broker. Partially the Traden is possible only about the in-house Tradingsoftware. However, Varengold bends to the wishes of the customers and shows how customer satisfaction can be generated. Bravo!!

Varengold MetaTrader 4-use possibly

However, the disadvantage is that MetaTrader 4 must be downloaded. If a customer (for which reasons also always) can begin no download or not instal the program, there is no alternative. An other commercial platform does not offer Varengold.

Payments and payouts

Payments can be carried out with Varengold quite simply above many different ways. Specifically are available beside bank transfer and the payment by credit card also Online-Bezahldienste which allow a clean monetary transfer within less seconds. Are to be called here, among the rest, Skrill and PayPal which are topically probably the most popular meanses of payment on the Internet.

For the traders who have a little bit more capital would be said that about Skrill per meet only 5,000€ can be deposited. Otherwise fees of 2.10% result. The fees with PayPal under the same conditions lie with 3.20%.

Payment possibilities: Visa, Mastercard, bank transfer, Skrill, PayPal
Least payment: In 2500€
Fees: 2.1%; PayPal 3.2%
Account processing possibly in: Euro, US dollar
Payment options: Visa, Mastercard, bank transfer, Skrill, PayPal

Concerning the payment we would like to place special emphasis on the seriousness and on reliability of the German company. All payment is worked on within less working days, then the money is transferred directly. Other suppliers refuse partly without publishing certain documents money. This is with Varengold absolutely not the case. Payment can be dealt with about the bank account, the credit card or just one of the known Online bezahldienste.

Bonuses and special actions

How we have understood it there is with Varengold no possibility to make use of a payment bonus. There are not also special actions. Payment bonuses are used by some Forex to brokers to attract new customers. Then can be traded, for example, not only with the deposited 200€, but thanks to 30% of bonus with full 260€. Unfortunately, Varengold renounces this chance. We do not think that the opinion of the company changes moreover once again.

Get only from 2,500 euros

There is a big deficit point for Varengold concerning the least payment. This lies with stately 2,500€. A sum which novices, beginners and usual private investors can not always raise or want. A wall is pulled by the least payment around Varengold. Now the broker is only to one well-chosen audience accessibly which is ready to invest some more money.

We would also like to point out here once again to the fact that it makes no sense to get with money not enough into trade by currencies. Specifically we speak here of values all around about 100€. At least 500€ should be taken in hand to start with successful trade. In a position become in the optimum case about 5% of the whole budget the whole layout on this one position does not invest with it is based. In our case would be this 25€. A sum with which with the suitable lever already small profits can be achieved.

All these specifications refer to the Classic account with which you completely do not enjoy so good commercial conditions. For lower spreads and more possibilities the premium account should be chosen. However, this is available only if a payment at the rate of at least 25,000€ is performed. A value which lies for most beginners and private investors probably clearly too high.

More than 100 currency pairs on offer

The number in different Assets and tradable values is very high with Varengold. In total there are more than 500 tradable financial products. Indeed, all these products are not also really relevant for Forextrader. These must be content with about 100 currency pairs. However, this number is clearly higher than it is often the case with competition suppliers. Who searches an extensive basis for trade by currencies, that is with Varengold definitively in the right address.

Educational academy and demo account

Varengold Educational academy and demo account

Particularly we were done with our test by the educational academy. There interested traders can extend her knowledge to the subjects Forex and CFDs sensibly and deepen. Therefore, to offers become not only training videos and Webinare, but also articles and FAQs. An other function of the academy is the „Searching for of talent“ feature. With it traders can find the other announced traders who have developed effective strategies to the action. Whether Varengold liked to instal here something, this on Social Trading is based we do not know and we can introduce ourselves only hard.
Beside the high-class educational machinery a demo account is also made available to all customers by Varengold. This demo account can be used 14 days completely free of charge and helps you to get to know the system Forex-and CFD trade with the help of a demo better and to understand.

Varengold is OK

Concerning the conditions and offers which bring the German company to his customers and customers appears that the addressee’s circle is limited, nevertheless, very much. The high least payments for different accounts and relatively high spreads in the smaller account make clear that Varengold would like to record as far as possible only experienced traders with a certain capital. The other conditions are to be settled for it mostly in the premium segment. If a trader plans to perform a higher payment he is with Varengold definitively in the right address.
Varengold is known in the world of the Forex Trading enough as a premium partner. What is in this rumour in it we wanted to check once ourselves and have proceeded in the circles in which we test absolutely not too often broker. Varengold is present not only broker, but…



Not a scam

Varengoldbank is not only an excellent German broker, but also a real bank registered with the BaFin.

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