Binary options brokers 2017 / Is TradeRush scam or legitimate? Very solid in the test

Is TradeRush scam or legitimate? Very solid in the test

The now very popular broker TradeRush can offer its customers a stable trading platform and also offer a wide selection of, inter alia, in trade types.Already more than two years TradeRush is active with its listing on the market, where we exclude scams TradeRush.

In broker could test the web-based trading platform Spot Option convince both simple to use and is clearly designed us. Four commercial types, customers can use on the platform, including the option builder. With a maximum yield of 500 percent of the brokers in the field of trading conditions occupies one of the top spots. Could convince the selection at the maturities ranging from 60 seconds to the end of the month.

5 arguments for TradeRush:

  • 1. many maturities selectable from 60 seconds to end of month
  • possible 2 to 10 percent loss protection
  • 3. act already from 10 Euro
  • 4. High yield maximum (500 percent)
  • 5. Four popular trading styles on offer (up to 70 characters)

Our review of the Broker Trade Rush

Our review of the Broker Trade Rush

The Broker Trade Rush is headquartered in Cyprus and was founded in 2011th As with most other binary options brokers also the case, is also Trade Rush have not regulated, said TradeRush is still serious. To our knowledge, and no regulation has been applied to date. The trading platform Spot option is currently available in seven languages, including German and Chinese. This shows, among other things, that the broker is very internationally oriented. Even many traders were impressed by the broad range of services of the broker. There is some trade terms, where TradeRush compared can occupy a very good place with other brokers.

Trading platform, trading style and underlying at TradeRush

Trading platform, trading style and underlying at TradeRush

With TradeRush Traders can use the well-known trading platform Spot option that requires a web-based trading platform not download a software. Among the strengths of the platform according to our experience TradeRush heard their stability and the good overview, which finds the traders regarding the different functions. In addition, the trading platform is available in multiple languages. Because the platform is web-based, the traders of all sorts of devices from accessing the system can take, since no software installation is necessary. Access to the platform is thus also independent of the operating system, which can be an advantage entirely. With current prices, charts or financial trader can get plenty of information about the trading platform Spot Option. Among the strengths of the trading platform certainly also means that traders can use four different trade types or order types. This includes the trade with the simple call and put options, it may be one-touch trading are attended with high potential returns and the 60-second commercial as Turbo trading is also not missing. In addition, the trader can even design its own options, which is possible with the so-called Option Builder. Around 60 underlyings are currently traded.

Account opening bonus and extras at TradeRush

Account opening bonus and extras at TradeRush

The registration and account opening is the broker TradeRush free. The account can be opened in different trading currencies, including in euros or US dollars. From a deposit of at least 200 euros, the trade account can be used. The deposit may also be performed as part of the account opening and later in various ways, for example by credit card or by bank transfer.On the first deposit, the trader receives a bonus credited to the account of depends on the amount of your first deposit and can be up to 25 percent. Up to a deposit of 1,000 euros a bonus of 10 percent is granted and the maximum bonus of 25 per cent, there is for deposits of more than 5,000 euros.Extras, the trader can use the broker TradeRush include, among others, a free e-book and the latest financial news, which can be viewed, the trader charged. These voluntary contributions show us that scams TradeRush is highly unlikely.

No scams TradeRush

Again and again there are also towards TradeRush allegations that the broker would not work seriously or even assume a TradeRush scam. Such accusations, however, are almost always very general and there are no known verifiable facts which could actually prove a possible TradeRush scam. Often former customers of the broker are simply disappointed about losses incurred and submit this to the broker before without these would be responsible. On the contrary TradeRush does even stuff to educate the customer as to the risks involved in trading binary options. The bonus conditions on which is based the potential payout of the bonus received, are displayed transparently. Thus, such accusations are groundless, which sometimes include that the bonus would not be paid. Overall, we can in good conscience to face the fact that we keep TradeRush for reputable and allegations of fraud in our opinion, are groundless. This is the account opening at TradeRush our view nothing to prevent.

Conclusion Broker TradeRush

The broker TradeRush was founded in 2011 has been established for some time among the leading binary options brokers. Our TradeRush experiences were positive, so we can draw a positive conclusion as to the broker. Particularly stable trading platform with its various functions and the various commercial species is a good basis for being able to successfully trade binary options at TradeRush can.

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  1. Trade Rush is not in business. International securities commission seized 67 million dollars and closed them down. I received my $105,000 from the securities police. Contact me for info on how to get refund from any broker.

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