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The supplier goes, in any case, with big promises to the start. Beside a big choice of basis values in the area of currency pairs and other stock market products above all the offer of personal trainings allows to prick up the ears. And with the commercial technology the investor has the choice between three variations. Besides, the investors can choose between a row of interesting commercial instruments and also a polyglot customer service which is available round-the-clock is offered from Thus the description of a perfect supplier sounds. Indeed, a serious appearance also belongs to it. Hence, we have paid attention in our test beside the called qualities also to whether the supplier also pushes forward scam and Duffing a sure bolt. The trader also recognises this by the fact that is licensed completely in the EU, among the rest, also in Germany by the BaFin.

Advantages and disadvantages Advantages and disadvantages


  • Good training offer
  • Lever up to 1:200 possibly
  • Three platforms for the choice (PC, web and mobile)
  • Grosses choice of commercial tools
  • Free demo account


  • no Webinare on offer review

The entrance with the supplier with headquarter in Cyprus claps, in any case, easily, because is installed in his outside representation broadly and presents itself to his international clientele into different languages. Besides, a German version of the web page is also offered. Here the investor has first the choice whether he liked to start directly in trade with CFDs, or would like to feel way first about a demo account to this innovative commercial form. In addition, one has as a customer of the immediately feeling to be taken seriously as an investor no matter whether one gets as a beginner into trade or already disposes of experiences in trade with levered products. Besides, the trader can choose between three different commercial accounts which differed first after the necessary payment sum. With 250 US dollars the Classic account can be already opened, from 2,500 US dollars there is the standard account and a premium account receives who deposits at least 20,000 US dollars of trading capital. Besides, standard and premium can profit customers from additional analyses and personal customer service offers. However, concerning the commercial offer the account versions did not differ.

The positive impression is valid, for the rest, also for the general appearance: Seriousness is capitalised with The investor can be unconcerned also in this regard: With duffing or scam this supplier has nothing to do definitively.

Trade with CFDs in the area of Currencies, commodities and stocks – to the offer Trade with CFDs in the area of Currencies, commodities and stocks – to the offer

With the supplier it concerns a classical on-line broker for trade with CFDs. Difference contracts will be available to offers for different basis products and products from the areas of Currencies, commodities, indexes and stocks. In all areas the supplier has managed a very wide and well structured choice with which all important values and markets were considered all around the globe. In particular in the area of the commodities the investor finds a wide offer which he might probably find so only with the least brokers CFD. Beside the classics gold, silver as well as oil and natural gas contracts on cotton, sugar or coffee can be possibly also traded.

However, also in the other areas can be chosen from a very wide choice. Besides, the philosophy of firm lever relations pursues for every single value. The maximum lever with which can be traded with is enclosed 1:100. This Levarage is available with many commodities and also some indexes. In the area of the stocks lies to the leverage against it primarily in the area 1:20.

Generally can be traded by a least position size of 0.01 plumb lines and the plumb line dimensions are very different and lie between 100 (gold) and 10,000 (sugar, natural gas, …). With the indexes as well as the stocks the plumb line dimensions lie mainly with 100.

The look at the spreads shows that no uniform solution offers and works with firm as well as variable extra charges. While in raw material trade some values with firm spreads are offered, the customers can count against it with the indexes and stocks on variable market spreads. Own category shows of the Forex market: Here a big choice is also offered in currency pairs and can be traded with variable spreads and a steady lever from 1:200.

Bonus for new customers and inventory customers on offer

New customers as well as inventory customers can count with on premiums. Indeed, the supplier handles not quite offensively with this offer. Only a small tip is found on the homepage that can be calculated on a welcome bonus of 10 percent, without this offer is recorded at another place of the side once again. Only the look in the general terms and conditions brings some clarity. Here it is communicated clearly that the premium politics is a firm component of the offer from It is announced that regularly premium actions are carried out.

Besides, premiums are credited first to the commercial cash discount, however, can not be paid first. For this must like be fulfilled with other suppliers also, certain conditions. In case of from a turnover of at least 10,000 US dollar must be achieved within 60 days for every bonus dollar to be able to let pay earned profits to itself to the bonuses or also with it. Also becomes the claim to the bonus aufgebeben if the commercial credit should be removed within the period of 60 days.

With regard to the bonus action we can stick on account of our experiences that this can be not necessarily counted to the main arguments to decide for

Different methods for payments and payouts available Different methods for payment and payment available

With concerns quite obviously an internationally very broadly installed on-line broker who meets concerning the available payment methods his customers very far in which he offers a wide range in payment methods. For the choice the methods stand basically by credit card as well as on-line transfer. Concerning the credit cards the suppliers of Mastercard, VISAS, maestro and delta are accepted by German customers. Concerning the on-line services suppliers are available like Almost bank transfer, Immediately transfer, giropay or Webmoney. Also the bank transfer is by means of Wirertransfer is possible.

The least amount amounts for opening the easiest account version (Classic) to 250 US dollars and beside the American currency also payments are accepted in euro or British pound. A payment fee is not raised from However, basically specific waiting periods must be included in the plan, until the money on the commercial cash discount is available. With the transfer form with credit card must be calculated according to experience on maximum 24 hours. With other services it can also last up to two days, until the money can be used in trade.

Also payment is possible any time. Here no fees are besides also raised on the part of Indeed, only the electronic circulation of money is available and the investor must count for the treatment of the inquiry on about three days. Until the money on the bank account of the investor arrives, can pass up to seven working days. Moreover, it is pointed out to the fact that on payment the proof of the identity can be required.

European standard with security and regulation

With the supplier it concerns a broadly installed on-line broker who carries on his business from Cyprus. Besides, the brand hears Lead Capital Markets Ltd to the company., also with seat on the island in the Mittelmehr. As everybody knows, Cyprus of the EU belongs what means for the investor that he can count on a respectable standard with regard to insert security. Is licensed and is adjusted the company by the authority of CySec (licence number 227/14), the commission responsible in Cyprus for the regulation of the securities trading. In addition, falls also in the purview of the respective supervisory authorities of the states in which it offers his shops. Besides, in Germany watches the BaFin over the observance of the European Regularien. These enclose beside an insert protection also the protection of the customer’s dates. Within the scope of an insurance customer money is protected up to 20,000 euros against a financial loss. In addition, is carried out by the also strict separation of customer’s money and company money. Amounted and Duffing effective stops are pushed put with it.

Support and customer service in different languages

The on-line broker offers a broadly installed Support to his international clientele. Besides, for a total of 25 countries the phone numbers about which a Supportmitarbeiter can be reached in national language are offered. Besides, own phone number is available of course also for customer from Germany. And also by email as well as by Telefax the after-sales service can be asked for support. After our experiences is provided with it to be able to find fast a solution for every problem. Support and customer service into different languages

The offer in the area of the commercial support by technology, education and information is extensive, in addition, also. Besides, videoexchange rates and E-Books stand for the choice with whose help at least the basic functionality of trade CFD can be learnt. Besides, the offer exceeds absolutely also the small multiplication table of this commercial form. Beside exchange rates about the technical market analysis the customer from also finds backs up processed information on the subjects Commercial psychology or Order kinds.

Also with regard to the offered commercial platforms the extensive material with which the trader receives an access to the commercial technology fast and uncomplicated was made available. In addition, the supplier delivers to his customers also a huge number of information in the form of commercial signals and an economic calendar. However, we have missed an offer of Webinaren. Many suppliers use this format to hold her customers also about current developments up-to-date and to give them the possibility for personal demands. Here exists with still potential absolutely.

Trading technology — the trader has the choice

Concerning trade itself the trader with between several possibilities can choose. For the choice stands beside the MetaTrader which is offered from in the fourth version free of charge, with the web trader SIRIX also a free web-based commercial platform. And also the possibility for mobile trade is not absent with While with the MetaTrader virtually the standard software is offered with which a very wide spectrum of instruments and analysis tools can be used, a very interesting and contemporary offer is available to the trader also with the web trader. With it he can also log in regardless of his computer according to trade and access also a very comfortable choice of technology and instruments.

The offer is completed by the mobile ext. which is offered for the systems Android and iOS to the download. Even if here can be accessed only a small choice of the possibilities for trade which the trader of the platforms knows, a reaction on the unexpected market movements with which the trader sits just not before the computer is possible so at least if necessary.

A closing word to the web page: presents itself in the German version of his web site in total very clear and good structured. Quick the search succeeds according to different information, even if the contents were translated at one or other place probably a little bit in a hurry and come along into a little bit rough German.

Result: In total good offer

In our present test we have looked the supplier Besides, it concerns still a very young supplier who is with his offer only since 2014 in the market. In many respects the on-line broker joins in for it quite rather far on top in the league, in particular what concerns commercial offer, conditions and technology. We see some need to catch up against it still in the areas of Education where we have missed the Webinare. However, in addition, very attractive and persuasive contents are also offered in this area. Everything in order is from our point of view also in the area a security and seriousness. The supplier belongs to a Cypriot company which disposes of all necessary registrations and licences. In Germany the control of the BaFin provides for the fact that scam or Duffing must not be feared.
The supplier goes, in any case, with big promises to the start. Beside a big choice of basis values in the area of currency pairs and other stock market products above all the offer of personal trainings allows to prick up the ears. And with the commercial technology the…



Not a scam has completely persuaded me in the test. I recommend this broker to everyone!

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