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Income returns up to 85 percent, an extensive offer of 180 tradable basis values, a well functioning commercial platform or also the possibilities for the Live-Support by an expert – already at first sight becomes clear that TopOption has to offer a lot. Besides, the enumerated features are only some of many. In every regard it concerns at the company registered in Cyprus which has won club arsenal London in fame at last also by his engagement with the premier League, around a supplier who tries in the area of the binary option to offer something for every trader and every claim. We wanted to know of course what is behind this supplier and his offers and have tested TopOption. Besides, we wanted to clear of course also the question how it is ordered around the subject Security and Protection of investors. Must the customers about problems come along like Duffing and Scam thoughts? One finds the answer in our review.

Advantages and disadvantages of TopOption


  • Five commercial modes in the area of the binary option
  • Very extensive educational offer and offer of information
  • Live Support as a commercial support
  • Attractive payment bonuses


  • No demo account

Our review

topoption Our experiences in the overview

With big expectations we have ventured on the test of the on-line broker TopOption and to anticipate it: The expectations were not disappointed. Our experiences with this supplier have shown clearly that an amount is offered to the investor here really. No matter, from which level from the trader begins trade with binary options, so whether it concerns an absolute novice or an old hare – by TopOption everybody might probably cover expenses fast. While the beginner can learn trade with binary options with the help of well built up entrance facilities step by step, a big choice comes up to advanced investors in instruments for the application of special strategies. The claim to offer erfahreneren customer also to beginners something also appears with the educational offer in which one can learn trade with binary options „from the pike on“. The only deficiency which we must take up in this connection critically is the being absent demo account which shows from our point of view a good opportunity for beginners as well as for advancers. But what is not, can still become.

What we could bring in our test, in addition, in experience, we would like to explain regularly after the following categories now in detail. We become enterprises with the offer of TopOption.

Big offer – 180 assets for the choice

Of course the pure offer of tradable basis values is not everything – but without well structured and carefully put together offer everything is nothing as one says so nicely. On this connection our general experiences can be brought in the area of the suppliers for binary options and with look at the offer of TopOption the thumb goes, in any case, upwards.

topoption Big offer – a total of 180 values for the choice

The most important criterion by the assessment of the commercial offer of an on-line broker for binary options is not certainly the pure mass in tradable values, so that the number only of 180 layout products first of all a little states. Important is above all the quality of the choice of the single values which can be measured after our experience above all at the fact that on the one hand chronologically unlimited trade is possible, so at every time of day and nighttime layout products for trade are available. However, besides it also depends on the fact that concerning the tradable values also a certain structure is to be recognised concerning the industries. Since if one specialises once in a certain economic segment, it requires for a suitable strategy mostly also of several values of an industry.

Concerning the tradable basis values in the area of the stocks such a structure is absolutely to be recognised. The main focus of the titles which can be traded by TopOption as a binary option is to be put out to a share in the area of the Internet stocks. Beside American heavyweight like Yahoo, Google or Facebook the Chinese stock market novice Alibaba is also found in the choice. Bank titles and financial titles show the second main focus with what values from the USA (bank of America), the Eurozone (Deutsche Bank), Asia (bank of India), however, also East Europe (Sberbank) are to be found. Besides several autostocks scattered all around the globe can be also traded under other VW, BMW as well as Tata Motors, however, also Tesla.

The enumeration can be still complemented around something, we want to leave it, however, with the statement that TopOption has put together a very round offer of basis values from the area of the stocks and opens with it for the investor a lot of commercial possibilities and strategies.

While the main focus of the offer is to be found unambiguously in the area of the stocks, some values from the categories Indexes and Commodities as well as different Currencies are tradable of course also as a binary option. Besides, also very extensively the choice is in indexes. Here can be put beside the worldwide known leading indexes also on less known titles. In addition, the trader can also place on the development of government bondses possibly from Germany. Furthermore the investor has the choice between twelve commodities or precious metals. The offer is rounded by about 30 currency pairs. Here the offer exceeds the known major and it combinations with the South African edge, the Turkish lira or possibly Singapore dollar can be also chosen. The potential for the individual strategies which also lie sometimes beyond the mainstream is given by TopOption, in any case.

topoption Big offer – a total of 180 values for the choice

This also applies to the offer variety of applicable option variations. Besides, a total of four variations are available. Beside the classical binary option by which only the direction of the development of a certain value must be forecast the investor can choose air“ by TopOption between the other variations „One of air“, „per option“, „speed of master“ and „air – No.

Interesting is present not only that with these variations substantially higher income returns are possible, but also that so other special strategies can be applied. With „One of air“ it is a matter of predicting not only the direction, but also a certain exchange rate level. If one properly lies, are possible up to 500 percent of income return on the used capital. While are possible by the classical options Terms from up to four hours, short-current variations stand under „speed of master“ also really with periods of 60, 90 or also 120 seconds for the choice. With the last variation „Air No air“ can be speculated on whether a layout reaches a certain aim exchange rate or not.

With „per option“ the investor has at hand, in addition, an instrument with which he can adjust his individual commercial risk. If he feels very sure with a position, besides, he can raise with «stand-in Up» his application and with it the possible income return during the current position. With «Roll Over» the term can be stretched and with Buyout the investor has the possibility to get out prematurely of a position to limit the losses. These instruments can be combined with the before called option possibilities partly arbitrarily.

It should have become clear that it concerns by TopOption a supplier with a huge variation variety and the offer was put together, however, anything but arbitrarily. Clear advantage for the trader is the freedom of the choice.

Briefly we would still like to come on the account types standing for the choice. For the starter, as well as for advancers (Per) a special offer stands for the choice. For professionals there is the so-called VIP account. Which account is opened, depends only before the least payment. The starter pays at least 100 euros, with the account «Per» these are 1,000 euros and who deposits 5,000 euros, a VIP receives account. While the commercial offer is identical with all three types, there are differences with look at education, support and also bonus. We would like to devote ourselves to these subjects in the following.

Amount of the bonus for new customers as a function of the account type

topoption Height of the bonus for new customers as a function of the account type

Not that just account types described it of the only differences him is, but for many it will probably be the determining aspect: The welcome bonus. Up to 2,500 euros TopOption tips out in additional commercial credit in the greeting to his new customers.

Besides, in total the height of the bonus lies between 50 and 100 percent. Who deposits 200 euros, has the chance of other 100 euros of credit. If one resolves to deposit 500 euros, one has even the chance of other 500 euros. Up to a payment amount of 2,500 euros one receives 100 percent of bonus. At last an absolutely very good offer – should be, nevertheless, also own commercial budget decisively for the height of the payment.

Besides wave to the owner of a top or VIP accounts also some other Vergünstigungen and additional offers which fall, however, under the column education and information, which is why we would like to come under Support once again more exactly on it.

Payments: Credit card and bank transfer possibly

topoption Payments: Credit card and bank transfer possibly

Basis currency by TopOption is the dollar. Concerning the modalities for payments and payment three variations are put by TopOption, in principle, for the choice between which one must already decide while opening the account. Besides, to most uncomplicated ones the variation might be by credit card. Besides, the maps VISAS, Mastercard and delta are accepted by TopOption. Another supplier with whom TopOption co-operates is the service FastBankTransfer. Here can be paid without problems in the respective local currency, without high conversion expenses are required. The third possibility is offered with WebMoney. With this Internet-based system transfers can be carried out on a real-time basis. Besides, the least payment amounts to 100 US dollar for opening. Besides, payments by third are not possible. Besides, least amounts for the payment as well as fees are not calculated by TopOption.

Security and regulation: EU license in the Cyprus

We have already mentioned that the on-line broker has TopOption or his mother’s company SafeCap Investments Ltd his head office on the island state Cyprus and is licensed therefore also by the local authorities and is supervised. At several places the company stresses to provide the security of the customers in foreground of his business policy, what concerns the inserts as well as the dates. While one finds about the concrete height of the insert protection nothing, is to be found out that the data security is guaranteed by the use as a surely valid Internet protocol HTTPS. However, the inserts are protected also by the fact that customer’s inserts and company property are strictly kept of each other apart. Basically the customers can assume from TopOption of the fact that the money on her commercial cash discount is in sure hands and passes no danger of duffing and scam.

Support and customer service: Offer depending on the account type

Not only the payment bonus depends on account type, but also the performances which can be expected concerning the content Support. Concerning the accessibility with technical questions the possibilities are same with all account types. These possibilities pass of the telephonic contact, a live chat offer as well as the email contact. While also a phone number in the head office is stated, TopOption for different countries has switched toll-free hotlines. Because Germany does not belong to these countries, the customers must call to the regular rate. Besides, the service is available in working days round-the-clock. Besides, mails can be sent directly to the suitable place, because in each case addresses are called for trade, after-sales service or finances.

In addition, some Supportangebote are available also for the basis version of the account. Thus a personal introduction training can be taken up. Besides, with the higher account types can be taken up three-hour-long (account version Per) or a boundless personal training (account version VIP). Also Trading reports and personal support beyond the commercial times are available exclusively for the higher account version VIP.

Fast and efficient trading platform

topoption Good web page and efficient commercial platform

Our experiences with the web page as well as in the use of the commercial platform can be also called very satisfactory. The side itself is very logical and built up well structured. It poses generally no problem to reach fast to information in request. Trade itself is dealt with by TopOption about a web-based commercial platform which has also made a very mature impression on us. Commercial values were quickly discoverable and the functionality of the instruments disclosed nearly intuitively. The same one can be valid for mobile trade: An easy and intuitive construction of the software makes actual trade also on the way a child’s play.

Result – Everybody finds with TopOption what he searches

The on-line broker TopOption has managed with his offer for trade with binary options in the direct comparison a product very good in total with which probably most customers will be contented. To a wide offer of commercial possibilities extensive educational offers and Supportmöglichkeiten are provided. Because already from a least trade amount of five dollars in trade can become got, the absence of own demo account lets itself get over at least something. Thus at least an entrance poor in risk is possible in trade. Just, however, with look at the additional commercial instruments with her own risk, a demo account would certainly be a sensible enlargement.
Income returns up to 85 percent, an extensive offer of 180 tradable basis values, a well functioning commercial platform or also the possibilities for the Live-Support by an expert – already at first sight becomes clear that TopOption has to offer a lot. Besides, the enumerated features are only some…



Not a scam

However, unambiguously positively the conditions which TopOption offers in the area of the security are to be seen against it. Here Duffing and Scam are categorically excluded.

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