Binary options brokers 2017 / Top Brokers 2016: The leading trio for Binary Options

Top Brokers 2016: The leading trio for Binary Options

The winners in 2016 have been announced: The BDSwiss (formerly Banc de Swiss), anyoptionand 24option win in this year’s test for binary options provider. The BDSwiss and 24option are very clear front with a maximum yield of 89 percent, anyoption lands with 81 percent in third place among the top 3. We tested various categories such as security, trade conditions, service and support platform and mobile trading. Individual evaluations have been incorporated into the final grade. We have compiled the results at a glance. A first impression: Both anyoption and especially the BDSwiss offer their customers a high level of security. In trade terms the turn BDSwiss is one step ahead. While 24option and anyoption provide a minimum trading volume 25 Euro which BDSwiss provides the 60-second commercial on already for a minimum bet of just five euros. In the ranking of minimum deposit also leads the company BDSwiss was only founded in 2012. With only 100 € this is an excellent size — just for newcomers. The listed in second place in the overall classification broker 24option slips here with 250 euros to third place, anyoption is 200 Euro first deposit on the second place in the binary options provider.

The best among providers for Binary options are fixed. Our test results 2016: The BDSwiss (formerly Banc de Swiss), anyoption and 24option are compared at the forefront. Various categories such as security, trade conditions, service and support platform and mobile trading were evaluated. Course 1 is the BDSwiss, Place 2 hits 24option and at No. 3 lands anyoption.

1. Safety and Risk: BDSwiss has the edge

Safety and Risk: BDSwiss has the edge

In terms of risk mitigation the BDSwiss compares favorably clearly came out on top: In the BDSwiss experiences positively plays the high loss hedge up to 80 percent pure. This peak, however, the at the expense of yield, otherwise has no competitor in direct comparison provider. So shows the 24option experience in test another way: Instead of limiting losses on a certain percentage of the broker offers the option to repurchase the Trade prematurely. All three providers are governed by the legal regulatory requirements and are tested by the state. For the overall security accordingly in all three cases taken care of. These are reputable broker — customer funds are best protected. The customer deposits are with all providers held in a separate escrow account and used for any other purpose except for the option of purchase by the customer.

Conclusion: The risk limiting the BDSwiss makes compared the race with a loss protection of up to 80 percent. With 24option you can instead buy back the trade prematurely. Deposit insurance and regulation are exemplary in all three cases: State regulation and separated customer accounts are features reputable broker.

2. Trade Types: convince all providers

Trade Types: convince all providers

All providers can tested at trading styles convince. It is astonishing how anyoption experience because the broker has a brand new choice in. The trade mode binary 0 — 100 allows a function of probabilities yields up to 1,000 percent. Broadly differ the provider in relation to the trade arrangements but not essential. The differences and similarities were found in the test:

  • BDSwiss and 24option offer trading in 60-second commercial, anyoption waived.
  • One touch is provided by all three brokers available. Here the BDSwiss leads the trio with 500 percent maximum return again. 24option offers 360 and 380 percent anyoption maximum yield.
  • In selecting the underlying assets there is a very clear gradation. While anyoption 103 Assets compares to choose from, the number shrinks in BDSwiss already on 73, and 24option offers compared just lean 33 tracks for selection.
  • The additional services provides 24option probably the smartest tool. The Early Function Closure allows a premature closing of the function, so as to secure accrued profits prematurely and an eventual turnaround in the performance to counteract.
  • When BDSwiss is in the additional functions of the Option Builder in focus. As is evident from the name, the trader can configure their own options here.
  • anyoption offers additional functions for both the earnings situation with take profit as well as a negative price development. If Take Profit of Trade may be similarly terminated at Early Closure also prematurely with income.Threatens the option to run out of money, the Trade about roll forward can be extended to the next expiration date.
  • The trading platforms also completely different variants are used. While BDSwiss relies on Spot option provides 24option its customers the platform TechFinancial. The broker anyoption engages contrast back to an in-house platform.
  • Common to all three brokers that customers will always have access to the mobile platforms. Either this is done via apps or optimized for mobile devices Website.

Conclusion: Compared to the commercial species, there are no clear result, as all three providers can convince in different segments. The Category One touch leads BdSwiss with 500 percent return to clear, with the additional benefits of 24option broker with the function Early Closure can score. But even with the anyoption Tool Take Profit. The underlying assets are graded anyoption (103 Assets), BDSwiss (73 assets) and 24option (33 assets).

3. Trading Conditions: A clear result

Trading Conditions: A clear result

Compared to the trading conditions of the test comes to a clear result. Again, the BDSwiss achieve the highest score with the lowest minimum bet at 60-second trades of only 5, — Euro enables the BDSwiss beginners an introduction to trade in binary options -. without large financial Risk 24option and anyoption offer trading on the other hand for a minimum trading volume of 25, — Euro. In point minimum deposit also leads the BDSwiss. With only 100, — Euro, the broker gives even beginners the chance to easily open an account.anyoption follows with 200, — Euro, 24 option is 250, — Euro at the top.

Conclusion: Clear victory for BDSwiss: The broker provides the lowest minimum bet with 5, — Euro at 60-second commercial and the lowest minimum deposit for an account with 100, — Euro.This makes the BDSwiss an inexpensive offer — for both beginners and experienced traders.

4. Three Tips for trading binary options

No matter what the seller: Binary options are an alternative to the complex and complicated world of global finance. Trading in binary options is quick and easy — you can still follow a few sensible tips before you start.

Tip 1

Trading in binary options is not complicated. But you should have a good overview. Learn, are how to properly analyze and understand how the market trends the market.Take advantage of the training opportunities the broker.

Tip 2

Develop a clever trade strategy. A rule could be, for example, that you only invest in an option after you have watched them for a certain time.

Tip 3

Set a maximum amount determined that you want to invest in a trading session. You can determine, for example, that you invest no more than two percent of your fixed total amount in a single option. To back up your money and have a guarantee that you will not lose all your capital in a few trades.

All tips apply to the BDSwiss, anyoption and 24option. In the area of service and support the three brokerage cut from convincing. Good training opportunities are secured in all cases.

5. Conclusion: BDSwiss is the winner among the top 3

The result shows that BDSwiss may in some categories the race. In comparison but can also anyoption and 24option points in several categories. The top 3 suppliers for Binary options so all recommended.

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