Best bookmakers 2017 / Titan Bet withdrawals — Start earning now!

Titan Bet withdrawals — Start earning now!

Although the name Betfair promises Large, heard the bookmakers so far one of the smaller numbers in the industry. Although there is already a relatively healthy number of customers around the world and also the offer is impressive already in many areas, however, experts tests still being minor deficiencies with respect to the one or the other service.

This is normally true rather only to unfavorable odds and ends that were also in no way directed by Betfair to harm the customer, but can the player now and then a few rules at Sportingbet wait seem to be a bit annoying. How it looks in the Titan Bet payout, reveals the following guide.Whether Betfair in this respect will follow international standards or rather tries to cook their own thing, is examined in more detail. After all, all online sports bettors invest their money only with bookmakers who know how to deal responsibly with this and go through withdrawals quickly, safely and above all honest.

The Titan Bet withdrawals Overview

  • various payment methods offered
  • basically toll-free withdrawals possible
  • maximum payout per month is limited
  • all transfer methods are safe
  • Identity checks are performed

What payment methods offers Titan Bet?

What payment methods offers Titan Bet?

Betfair is one of the bookmakers, the principle could probably make no more choices of payment methods available. With the exception of PayPal to each currently popular payment method in the portfolio of Intertops will appear again, which is also important for flexible customer of great importance. In this respect, Betsson can accordingly all points.

The choice of payment methods, however, is expected to be smaller. This is mainly because that nowadays many deposit methods are developed exclusively enable the payments. Payouts are about this practice has not yet permitted, so the range of payment services at Betfair starts to shrink automatically at this point. Nevertheless, the choice is still appropriate in size and modern players find their way quickly. In particular, the option of a credit payout is rather unusual and is otherwise only a few providers like digibet supported. Other payment methods are:

  • Bank Transfer
  • Credit card
  • Neteller
  • Skrill

Betfair is not necessarily what would denote player as a pioneer in modernity. Accordingly, both the payment methods offered and the approach to Titan Bet payout on the classic standard models in the industry are based. Players who wish to withdraw a certain amount must be logged regularly in their account, click the button in the checkout area payment, select the appropriate method, and the amount to be paid.
Apart from this there are, however, two factors that should be considered when a payout in this bookmaker:

  • there are identifications carried out
  • the maximum payout is limited
Like many other sports betting provider also, Betfair is bound to the modern system of identification check. This means that the bookmaker’s player checks before cashing out, by notifying them to identify themselves. For example, ensuring that underage players are not illegally sneak into the customer file or fraudsters can develop their machinations free. With whom an identification is required, which must bow to this, if he does not want to give up his profits. Moreover, at Titan Bet the maximum payout is limited. No more than 9,990.00 euros or dollars may be paid per month. Such limits rarely found in other vendors, usually is at bet365 or bwinthe number of allowed or free withdrawals per month rather limited.

Titan Bet payout. How long does it last?

A Betfair payout can land within a few hours or even minutes on their own account in principle.Decisive point here is the payment method for a player chooses. Bank transfers and check withdrawals are the most protracted withdrawal options at Titan Bet and usually require several days for the money to appear on the account. The electronic Internet payments of e-wallets such as Neteller and Skrill are in this respect much more quickly, because the money can be credited within a few hours. The payment by credit card usually forms a sort of cross between the two variants.

Regarding the cost, unfortunately it must be noted that Titan Bet is expressed only extremely vague. The bookmaker specifies generally not to require payment fee, however several legal reserves: This includes for example the right, but the requirement for some fees or to transfer certain costs that are charged by the payment service providers for the player. Also conversion costs for other currencies can be optionally passed on to the players. Clearer information would have been highly desirable at this point.


In principle, and the Titan Bet payout must be referred to as a solid system that can use all the players without major concerns. On the other hand however, there are some small flaws that will probably easily overlooked by most players, which should, however, come back to the language in the present test. Firstly, in this case, the maximum payout limit would raise that presents itself rather unusual. This is particularly true because Betfair to pronounce the right in their own terms and conditions, to be able to move the specified limit in this respect as they see fit. The intransparent Withdrawal fees are associated with a slightly bitter aftertaste, although in principle requires no general charges for withdrawals. As with the Titan Bet Bonus Code which is afflicted with a profit limit, players should carefully pay attention to what they do accordingly at Titan Bet payout.

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