Best bookmakers 2017 / Tipico Support — Use contact options now!

Tipico Support — Use contact options now!

If one bookmaker endeavored to large and stable customer base, then these are not only the bets offered crucial. For a player who wants to register with an online bookmaker, it is also important to know that the sports betting company assures him some support. Just when Sportfreunde opt for the first time for an online bookmaker, they often face many different issues faced, the white then to solve only a competent and friendly support.

Behind the ever-popular bookmaker Tipico which, although not one of the oldest, within Germany, but the largest sportsbooks, an experienced team that has considered not only an appealing strategy for its own program, it’s something that certainly also to care for the various customer needs know. The Tipico Support consists of highly trained employees, which can be reached on different channels. Accompanied How exactly the Tipico support all players in this bookmaker, reveals the present guide.

The Tipico Support Overview

  • generous help area
  • quick contact via Live Chat
  • Contact for email inquiries
  • All employees are highly trained

The basic conditions for the Tipico Support

The basic conditions for the Tipico Support

The Tipico Support is a service that is available not only to all registered customers at bookmaker Tipico free, but the principle can also use all those sports lovers who previously were not able to opt for an account at Tipico. The idea is that all future sports bettor who perhaps even before a first filing have a question that can be cared for all round professional.

Players there are various ways to contact the Tipico Support. Whoever therefore wants to know how the Tipico bonus conditions look, even before the corresponding bonus was activated at all, should contact either via email or live chat to the staff. Surprisingly, it must be noted at this point that Tipico its customers is no hotline. A telephone contact is therefore currently not possible.

Tipico Support via Live Chat

A live chat is not only a time-saving, but also a solution-oriented option to help customers various problems that may arise in connection with a notification or the game at an online bookmaker such Tipico. Other modern providers keep their customers a chat ready the mybet Live Chat can only be considered as one example among many.

The Live Chat with Tipico works for free, but the players need to disclose some information about themselves, so a direct connection to matching employees can be ensured. The following information is requested before the Live Chat starts:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • e-mail address
  • Categorization of the problem
  • RFQ
  • concrete description of the question
Once the player has disclosed it, he will be sent to the shortest time with an employee from Tipico Support who can provide information extensively in the relevant respects. Player, for example, a question for Tipico app have, this can indicate already at the registration form for Live Chat and are then confronted quickly with a helpful solution.

Tip: New customers will receive up to 100 € Tipico Bonus for initial registration.

Contact via contact form

Tipico Contact via contact form

Basically Tipico is a bookmaker who comes to meet very strongly to its players. Amazingly, has Tipico but do not have a current phone number that could be used as a traditional way for the customer. Also in the imprint of the bookmaker only a contact address and a fax number will be announced. A phone number for your inquiries looking player at Tipico so far in vain.

For this, however, the contact at Tipico has proved an effective means to reach the customer outside the business hours of the live chat staff can. Generally, the total annual hours that the email needed support, via the time it takes for a live chat staff to answer customer questions, but for not very urgent concerns the email request satisfies all. However, players should be aware that even with Tipico prevails even sleep. Then the hard-working employees are hard to reach via the contact form, which should definitely be considered.

Those who thus do not want to be satisfied or still has a very important question in mind, which should perhaps first look in the help section of Tipico. There, the most important proposals for solutions and information are provided to all current and classical questions already. Who therefore something to Tipico charges asks, can open up first information already generally help section.

Conclusion: The Tipico support works well, but not perfect

Even in the digital age, it may be helpful for some players, to converse with various problems on the phone with a real person. Many sports bettors can share their difficulties with a bookmaker often not put into written words and therefore require in some cases the direct exchange with a customer employees. The Tipico Live Chat provides such support in a way safe but provides no means the full-service package. Several other sports betting provider turn out in this regard as customer-friendly and provide in addition to a round-the-clock live chat and a telephone consultation free of charge. Especially when it comes to online gambling, many problems and issues rarely usually keep to specified opening times. Future Tipico could therefore try to work a little on certain subtleties. A rock-solid support provides the bookmakers now.

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