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Stockpair, this stands above all for professional and innovative Pair Trading. Only the least binary options broker offer topically these new commercial tools. One of the forerunners in this area is the broker Stockpair. A reason for us to take the supplier once certainly under the magnifying glass and to look at reliability as well as at the whole offer to us.

Income return: up to 85%
Options: Binary, pairs
Assets: more than 70 stocks, currencies, commodities
Regulation: CySec

Review: is Stockpair serious?

Does it concern with Stockpair scam? How trustworthy is the top broker? These questions you should position yourselves first of all if you liked to announce yourselves with a new broker. Doubts must have trader with Stockpair, however, none. The broker was founded in 2010 and belongs to the bigger team of Nextrade Worldwide Ltd. which already present in other areas of trade with financial products interesting solutions and are found out accordingly. Stockpair should help to continue the brand image. It is to be assumed only if only for that from the fact that Stockpair is serious and customers and customers are not cheated there.

Background: so seriously is Stockpair

Company: Nextrade Worldwide Ltd
Address: 3, Pythagora Street, Pythagoras Court, Limassol, CYPRUS
Registration: 291905
Regulatory: CySEC, 229/14
Phone: +49 4087408121
eMail: [email protected] .com
Live Chat: available
Contact form: available

Of course is also defeated Stockpair of an EU-wide regulation which is carried out by the Cypriot CySEC. Nearly all binary options Broker are checked by this financial supervisory authority by which the experts might dispose on site of huge experience. The CySEC is subordinate directly to the regulations from Brussels of sides of the EU. Stockpair is thereby just adjusted, as for example the brokers who are checked by the German BaFin. You must give yourselves no troubles about unfair business internships what partially is very well the case with competition suppliers. Customer’s money is stored apart by the company property, so that in the insolvency case all amounts can be paid out directly in you.

Clients say this

Up to now concerning the seriousness and reliability the traders who work with Stockpair have also expressed no doubts. Payment is carried out reliably, contact with the after-sales service is no problem and the offer is completely Germanized. In general the industry of the traders brings a lot of trust to the supplier what is also kept as a countermove. Reliability is at a premium with Stockpair. The first sight on the homepage of the binary options of broker already conveys this impression.

The Support in the test

The web page of the supplier is clear and built up user-friendly. All information as well as tips to the regulation and the background of Stockpair is to be found quick. Contact with the open and skilled employees very friendly in our test exists about a contact form, by email, to the live chat and own phone numbers for different countries. Own number is also dedicated to the German-speaking space. You can turn about that any time to the employees of the company and will consult competently. In the Support there is with Stockpair expressly nothing to pause.

Our Stockpair experiences

It concerns a broker who could completely persuade us concerning seriousness and reliability. Stable regulation, superior after-sales service and a clear web page which supplies fast and simply with all necessary information. Our experiences are thereby exceedingly positive. The Marke Nextrade Worldwide Ltd we also bring a lot of trust. We can recommend Stockpair to everybody most warmly.

The offer of Stockpair

How does comparison fight Stockpair in the binary option Broker? We have checked this here extensively and to every unterpoint have written an appraisal as the supplier is to be valued in general. But attention: The offer of a broker should be taken only under the magnifying glass, after the seriousness has been checked. Since what do bring high profits if the money is not paid out at the end?

Stockpair The offer of Stockpair

Pair Trading in the focus

On offer from Stockpair is of course the classical call and Put trade. Besides, you can decide whether the exchange rate of a basis value lies at the stated time about or under the current value. This commercial kind offers Stockpair as well as many competition suppliers with high terms just, as for short periods like 60 seconds, 90 seconds and 120 seconds. Is advisable just for beginners to avoid the short Short-term commercial kinds. Besides, it is mostly more about luck than chance than around real trade with binary options.

However, business basis of Stockpair is the so-called Pair Traiding. Only few suppliers have this special form of trade in the programme. You have in addition an overview about different financial products (for example, stocks) of a certain industry and industry. Now the dealer must estimate which of the companies owns the highest performances at the end time of the option contract. It is about it, stock companies, indexes, commodities and currencies mutually aufzuwägen. The more incredibly that a company can decide this kind of «competition» for itself the higher is the offered income return. Pair Traiding is on an ambitious branch and definitively a commercial model of the future. It requires a lot of talent and an excellent overview above the respective market. Indeed, Pair Traiding also gives clearly more pleasure than other commercial kinds.

Maximum income returns in the upper centerfield

Up to 82% of profit promises Stockpair the customers and customers who invest her money successfully in classical call and Put options. Competition suppliers allow partly up to 92% of income return. Still there are also the companies which clearly lie less than 82%. In the whole market overview customers and customers are well served with Stockpair.

With the riskier layout possibilities (with Stockpair are meant with it above all the call and Put options with short terms) the broker allows up to 350% of income return, however, ranks also with it rather in the centrefield.

Overview of the trading platform

The commercial platform of Stockpair is structured very much and offers a high degree of order. However, this is owed probably rather to few commercial possibilities, the Stockpair on the platform makes available. Technical commercial tools as for example a chart are installed to the technical analysis. Exchange rate values are delivered according to Stockpair by the news agency Reuters. Thereby is made sure that the exchange rate dates are transmitted on a real-time basis.

Differently than many competition suppliers renounced Stockpair topically still on a mobile ext. for Tablet and Smartphone. Neither in the iOS ext. net curtain, nor in the Google Play net curtain interested users and female users make a find. However, the commercial platform is so constructed for it that it can be also used by mobile terminals easily. We would like to advise beginners against the mobile action in general. On Tablet and Smartphone the overview of current exchange rates is not enough to be able to make handy predictions about the exchange rates.

Payments and payouts

Within less than two minutes you have erected with Stockpair an account. With one of many different payment possibilities the first money on the on-line account can be transferred directly and smoothly., Among the rest, at the possession payments stand by transfer, credit card, giropay, immediate transfer and Skrill.

Stockpair Payment

Payment options: Visa, Mastercard, Visa Electron, Maestro, Skrill, mmediate transfer, Giropay, Neteller, iDeal, Qiwi, AstroPay
Minimal payment: 250€
Trade from: 20€
Account processing possibly in: Euro, US dollar, British pound
Payment options: Visa, Mastercard, Visa Electron, Maestro, Skrill, Neteller

Before a payment must can be instructed to themselves the customer verify. After our experience is to be calculated within less working days on the transfer of the money to own account. Also other customers have gained with Stockpair to payment professional experience. Serious and reliable the amounts are transferred to trader. As a minimum payment the very user-friendly value of 20 euros is called.

Bonuses and special actions

Differently than with many other brokers there is no bonus. At least Stockpair offers no permanent Promoaktion from which new customers can profit. Instead, the new special conditions which refer above all to an increase of the first payment of a customer are published over and over again. To new traders would be recommended to have regularly a look at the web presence of Stockpair and to find out there about the current offers and every new bonus.

Minimal payment and minimal trade

Many novices are deterred from Stockpair absolutely first of all. The minimal payment sum amounts to 250 euros what seems a little high in comparison to competition suppliers. Still we can say after the test that of the binary options Broker this high insert is really worth. Beginners should possibly take in hand some more money to find accomodation with one of the best suppliers of the industry.

Per Trade at least 20 euros must be invested by the investor. Also this sum lies only slightly about that what is known by competition suppliers.

More than 100 stocks

The focus in basis values is laid with Stockpair on stocks and their exchange rate values. More than 100 different bonds are provided to trade. For it there are comparatively few indexes to trade commodities and currencies. Though the total number is pleasing, however, there is not enough balance. Here Stockpair should make up the fire to be able to open to the competition.

Educational offer

In connection with the comparatively higher entrance hurdles which were installed with Stockpair on account of the least payment of 250 euros there is for novices an other damper: the educational offer precipitates rather thin. Written readings exist in small number, a market overview is for it the more extensively decorates. Interested should educate further themselves with other suppliers or with the help of many on-line information, before is traded with Stockpair. Unfortunately, there is not a demo account with Stockpair.

Stockpair is OK

Our experiences with Stockpair are excellent: the supplier offers a comprehensive commercial programme which is cut particularly on the call and Put trade as well as on the Pair Trading. The income return chances are not mediocre, the educational offer as well as the entrance hurdles for novices attractively. However, Stockpair can score with the specialisation on the Pair Trading what only few brokers offer. In addition, the exceedingly high seriousness and reliability of the supplier are other reasons, why the opening of an account is urgently advisable. Therefore, in total our experiences are very good. We can recommend the broker without hesitation and will also keep personally there an account to be consulted with traden in the Pair Trading area any time in the best way possible.
Stockpair, this stands above all for professional and innovative Pair Trading. Only the least binary options broker offer topically these new commercial tools. One of the forerunners in this area is the broker Stockpair. A reason for us to take the supplier once certainly under the magnifying glass and to…



Not a scam

Stockpair is a serious binary options broker which are convincing above all with his infos to exchange rate analyses.

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