Best forex brokers 2017 / Smart scam or not? Review

Smart scam or not? Review

Since the year 2010 provides the online broker Smart Markets his services from Dusseldorf location. The defining characteristic of the provider are predictable fixed spreads, a wide range of technical solutions for the retail, high safety levels and excellent support for every trader. And also the commercial supply itself can be quite impressive, with a focus in the area of foreign exchange.

Moreover, one should expect at a particularly good standard for safety with a provider based in Germany. Again, we have precisely to figure out if it is indeed a reputable vendor, fraud or rip off consistently advancing a latch. All results of our tests in the ensuing report.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the broker Smart Markets

Smart_Merkets Advantages and Disadvantages of the provider Smart Markets


  • German provider based in Dusseldorf
  • Comprehensive and well-structured training program
  • Wide selection at the available commercial equipment
  • Free Demo Account available


  • No significant disadvantages

Our experience with Smart Markets

The provider Smart Markets was founded in 2010 and offers its services from its headquarters in Dusseldorf on. In the five years since its inception, the provider has this already developed a very good reputation as a reliable provider for trading CFDs and currencies while already received one or other award.

In our test, this provider has made a convincing impression through and through. Ranging from the commercial equipment on the support provided by the support and the offers in the field of training are more than the usual in the industry. So we met with Smart Markets a provider of both in the field of daily commerce, and overlooking the strategic support of Traders has a convincing and extensive range of services in the program.

Women who work for the first time with this provider, also is testing against the possibility of supply and quality of this vendor. But of course it is also possible to enter immediately in the real trading. The registration process was designed in any case very effective and takes very little time. Commercially itself after several alternatives to choose from in various ways. First, the provider provides various sources trading platforms. Also with respect to the underlying assets themselves can be chosen from an extremely wide range.

Smart_Merkets Our experience with Smart Markets

Even if it is a purely formal is a German supplier, so Smart Markets is part of an internationally exhibited broker network. The Partner Broker is the firm City Index, which in turn is a subsidiary of GAIN Capital Holding is that already exists since 1983 and thus has an extensive expertise in the field of exchange trading. The integration into an effective network of marketing centers, the trader can rely on a fast order execution at the best market conditions. Basically worked exclusively with regulated partners. In terms of spreads, the trader can rely on guaranteed low spreads.

The broker guarantees its traders, moreover, that only a positive slippage is possible, therefore price adjustments are made only for the benefit of customers.

Also in view of the seriousness of Smart Markets we have gained a consistently positive impression in our test. Finally, the regulation by the German BaFin ensures that fraud or rip with this provider have no chance.

Very broad range of tradable values

We einsteigt as a trader at Smart Markets, accessible primarily to a very wide range of tradable values. A total of about 12,000 different products on program of Smart Markets. In addition to a huge selection of foreign exchange and CFD products on underlying assets from the stock market, ie stocks and indices can be traded. And of course also includes the popular commodities to trade range of Smart Markets.

As mentioned earlier, the online broker offers its customers commercially only fixed spreads. This can vary somewhat depending on the still trading time. So the fixed spreads are among the major currencies in the main trading session 9:00 to 19:30 between a Pip (euros / dollars) and 1.5 pips (Euro / Yen). Even outside of these hours can be traded at Smart Markets. Here spreads with values of 3 to 4 pips Pips are however significantly higher. the conditions in the field of stocks and indices can be viewed also very low. Within the normal trading hours 8:00 to 22:00 30 CFD to be expected with a fixed spread of only 0.8 points as the DAX. the US SP 500 is available at a spread of 0.4 points even more favorable. The lever for the trade is in principle arbitrary. In this case, the lever ratios of up to 1 are 400 possible.

Everything can be taken all at very good conditions to complete at Smart Markets a very wide trading range.

No bonus offer for customers of Smart Markets

Smart_Merkets No bonus offer for customers of Smart Markets

Again and again the subject of debate among traders is the bonus. Even if a bonus practice is an integral program with many providers, whose benefits should be considered from the perspective of Traders differentiated. Basically, everyone should make it clear that no line has to give away money brokers and behind the bonuses is a clearly a calculated interest. On average, we may presume that brokers earn on a bonus, although there certainly are many cases in which the bonus is paid and financially from the perspective of traders.

Background of this finding is that the vast majority of bonuses as high as they may be, are subject to conditions, needs to reach any particular sales for the fulfillment of the traders in the market. These are so high in the rule that the trade already has been very successful, so the trader then still stands with a plus. Especially critical is to judge in this case if blank trader carried away by inconsiderate and very high stakes.

The advantage of a bonus must be assessed very carefully against that background. And if a provider waived this lure, this should not be taken as a lump sum damage but possibly also as part of a fair business strategy. In any case, we would assess this overlooking Smart Markets that. For a bonus has this offerer does not in the program. Thus, the open view of the actual supply and this is impressive indeed.

Payments at Smart Markets are possible not only via bank transfer

Smart_Merkets Payments at Smart Markets are possible not only via bank transfer

Those who want to deposit money with the provider Smart Markets, basically has several options. Selections can be made, first, whether the money should be paid into a euro account or a Swiss franc account. For this purpose, there are different banking institutions available. For each way of doing a special bank account is given, can be easily transferred via bank wire money to. For this purpose, only the correct bank account and in the use of the name and trading account number must be entered correctly. Thus, the money will be immediately credited to the appropriate account.

In addition to the bank transfer is also possible to choose to deposit money via credit card. We accept this MasterCard and VISA. A qualifying deposit must be broken on the trading account of the merchant. Under «Deposit» Up to three different credit cards are recognized.

The disbursement of befindlichem on the trade account balance can be handled quickly and easily. If the seller Smart Markets thereby applies the rule that payments only on the way are possible on the amounts were also paid. Proceeds from third parties as well as payments not authorized to third parties. The minimum amount for deposits and withdrawals is 50 Euro. On the part of the broker Smart Markets both deposits and withdrawals are free.

Regulation by British and German authorities

The issue of safety and deposit protection will be given a very high priority offered by Smart Markets. while the financial partners based in the United Kingdom is responsible for the security of deposits, which is why the local FDIC attacks. In the UK, are the deposits protected under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), which can be compared to his role with the German Deposit Protection Fund. This customer deposits are protected up to a maximum of 50,000 pounds, of course, if they are held in other currencies. According to the rules of the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority), the separate management of corporate funds and customer deposits also prescribed.

As mentioned above operates the online broker Smart Markets its business from Dusseldorf, so that even a German authority responsible for the execution of the services. In this case, BaFin supervises them the seller with respect to the finances everything happens rake things. Thus fraud and rip-off have no chance.

And also in terms of customer information, the trader can at Smart Markets highest standards expected since reliable systems for data encryption are used.

Even with support and customer service, a high level is offered

If you want to get in touch with the customer service of Smart Markets, has several options. First, he can simply contact by phone to the staff of the office in Dusseldorf. In addition, of course, each has the possibility to turn on the specified e-mail to the colleagues of Smart Markets. In addition, a call back service is offered. Stating one’s own phone number of customers or the interested party may portray his desire or his request and will as soon as possible or recalled for desired time. Moreover, the company also has a presence on the social network Facebook and operates its own Youtube channel.

Smart_Merkets Even with support and customer service, a high level is offered

That brings us already when offering Smart Markets in education and training. Besides the aforementioned demo account, which is suitable for the testing of the first steps in the trade in speculative products such as CFDs, also regularly webinars offered. Of these, some sent as introductory offers directly to beginners. In addition, however training will be held in which experts explain their strategies in the Live Trading.

These offers are also available as video. Here the transaction and strategies can be followed by trade experts in peace for individual trading days.

Selection at the offered trading technology

While some online brokers only one possibility is offered, such as the trader can participate in the trade, customers of Smart Markets may be the same can choose between several variants. In addition to the MetaTrader as a classic and a web-based trading platform and a solution for mobile commerce are available. In the form of the AT Pro offer for advanced traders other interesting possibilities. With the MetaTrader, which is offered in version 4 to download and must be installed before the trade on the computer, the traders have the ability to individually adjust the trading environment and use.

Moreover, the MetaTrader represents the basis for enhancements such as the AT Pro, with the automated trading can be operated and its own trade routines can be programmed. But even those who prefer trading through a browser based platform takes place at Smart Markets with the Advantage Web tool an excellent trading environment. Even so can directly from the chart by «One click trading» be traded. It is also possible to create custom watchlists.

And of course includes corresponding apps for mobile commerce for the provision of Smart Markets. Thus, the trader is on the move always in the picture and can intervene directly in the trade if necessary.

Conclusion: Recommended broker

The provider Smart Markets has indeed a lot. From both beginners and advanced at Smart Markets are very well cared for by the trading technology on the extremely wide range of underlyings. This ruling also applies to the provision of education, which also training videos mainly consists of webinars. Further remains positive highlight that also in terms of safety a very good level can be assumed. Responsible are the British FCA and the German BaFin. Thus, investors can focus on the supply and trade and need no fraud or rip to fear.
Since the year 2010 provides the online broker Smart Markets his services from Dusseldorf location. The defining characteristic of the provider are predictable fixed spreads, a wide range of technical solutions for the retail, high safety levels and excellent support for every trader. And also the commercial supply itself can…



Not a scam

Smart Markets has completely persuaded me in the test. I recommend this broker to everyone!

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