Best dating websites 2016 / scam or not? Review scam or not? Review offers more than just a normal dating. For the casual dating portal while also advertises with the search for a soul mate, but the members are here in addition also «find a sophisticated partner for a discreet erotic adventure» can. Registration is initially free, so that anyone can test the Portal. But what really lies behind Is this a reputable vendor or a rip-off? This is what we want to discover at this point, while also mention the issue of the different features of the page jump platform in detail. In our test could anyway points as trustworthy.

Mediation: Casual Dating
MEMBERS: more than 450,000 members
Special features: strong focus on women

Is scam? Our review

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Especially with a platform on casual dating anxiety is deception naturally high and also partly justified. But how it looks at Do the members here also fear a rip off? Luckily has proven to be absolutely trustworthy, because the authenticity of the register of members shall provide the seller a lot of value. Each user can log straightforward a fake profile and may hope for a quick response from customer service. These profiles will be blocked immediately and the members who have already made contact with the user with the Fake profile are compensated. The credits, issued for this contact will be the users thus refunded straightforward. Also underpinning the seriousness of clearly.

Incidentally comes in to the portal an innovative software to detect fakes used to prevent just such a fraud. To prevent registrations of fake members, all professional photos that upload the user in the platform manually checked by the editorial staff of While this means that the user must first wait for the activation after the upload, but also serves the security of all members. Although never be fake profiles completely avoid, the proportion of such members is negligible.

All dealer overview

People who like to have an erotic adventure or looking for a new partner, are the declared target of are mainly users in a aged 18 to 55 who are active in the platform. Men and women between 25 and 34 years are the most represented group in the casual dating portal. The age group of 35 to 44, wherein the portal very active. Throughout Germany now have found their way to around 650,000 members, of whom around 90,000 are active week after week. Unfortunately, the proportion of women is very low in the portal with only 32%. With 68% the men are here so clearly in the majority. This in turn also means that the male members sometimes have to wait very long for a response to their contact request or never received it may be due.

Secret All dealer overview

Company: FriendScout24 GmbH
Address: Dingolfinger Str. 1-15, 81673 München
Commercial register: AG München, HRB: 147483 Ust-ID-Nr.: DE1846 17472
Contact form: available
eMail: [email protected]
Fax: +49 (0) 89-44456-192703

Since strictly action against fake profiles, most profiles are very meaningful. Many users, however, use the Mask feature to reveal as not equal to their entire face. As a first approximation, however, the existing data is sufficient completely. So informed the profile, for example via its own erotic type, appearance, lifestyle and hobbies, interests and personal preferences. Although many features are also accessible via the free trial, the information Requests for are always charged. So free is only the following functions are available:

  • Creating a custom profile
  • The searching and viewing the profiles of other members
  • Free start credit
  • receive messages and reply to this
  • Members examination by
  • Creating a favorites list
  • View the Profilbescher the day

Especially the fact that part of the message replies to the free services, so is advantageous. The contact law itself, however, the user must purchase. For the paid services many credits are due differently. Women pay per message, for example, only 9 credits, while men have to spend all 29 credits. To send erotic cards give women from 3 credits, while men have to spend 19 credits. Games cost 3 credits, gifts 9-199 and Specials 0 to 49 credits.

What are the offers for new customers?

For all new customers, the registration is free at This applies throughout the year and there is no special voucher required to benefit from this offer. In addition to the free registration, each user also receives a starting balance of credits in order to thus test the platform extensively can. The number of free credits is displayed after successful registration. More coupons or other offers are however for new customers rarely out. There is always something for already registered members, however, different ideas, thanks to which purchase these credits, for example, cost-effective or can obtain the same performance for less credit. These offers are valid only for a limited period.

Secret What are the offers for new customers?

Standard € 59.00 = 675 credits for men, 750 credits for women
Premium: € 99.00 = 1350 Credits for men, 1500 credits for women
Premium Plus: € 199.00 = 5400 Credits for men, 6000 credits for women
Payment options: Visa, Mastercard, debit, cash deposit, bank transfer
Notice period: no

And payment — so do the credits

In comparison to most other casual dating providers to has chosen a completely different payment model. Because in this case, the users have to pay any monthly fee for membership, but only pay for the information Requests and sending erotic greeting cards. Various credit packages are available. Women generally receive better rates than male members. Because as a woman does a contact classified in not only less, but the price of the credit packages also fall accordingly cheaper. The following paragraphs discuss the various credit packages of before clearly:

Credit Package Men / Women total cost
Premium Plus 5400/ 6000 Credits €199,00
Premium 1350/ 1500 Credits €99,00
Standard 675/ 750 Credits €59,00

The more credits without the user buys at a stroke, the lower fall of the cost per credit. When Premium Plus package, the ladies pay for example only 3.32 cents per credit, while the standard package 7.87 cents per credit are payable. Of course offers its customers a variety of payment options. In addition to the 100% anonymous cash deposit also are still the following payment methods to choose from:

  • debit
  • transfer
  • Credit card
The advantage of the credit model, however, is that there is no subscription, which could be extended automatically. Thus, a termination is only required if the user wishes to remove entirely their profile in the casual dating site.

So the data protection at looks

Its seriousness is this portal also by the high level of data protection to the test. The already begins so that payment can be carried out completely anonymous bar. Thus, the user must not only transmit its payment data to In addition, a pseudonym is sufficient to create a profile. Only a valid e-mail address is required to perform the registration successfully. Thus, neither the Member’s name nor his address must be submitted. In addition, the Adobe SiteCatalyst technology is used to also guarantee the security of the members.The data present be, will not be passed to third parties. To protect the privacy of users, members can use the Mask feature and share their photos only for selected users. Those who wish to still wish to cancel, you can do so simply by he or she will contact the customer service of The fact that Friendscout24 professes should increase user confidence in this platform. Because without high demands on data protection to Friendscout24 would certainly not have become one of the most popular Flirt portals in Germany and Europe.

Customer service at a glance Customer service at a glance

On the casual dating site there is a contact form, so that the members with questions and suggestions can contact a service center. Also a fax number and email address are provided for this purpose. Unfortunately, however, it is so that there is no hotline, which can contact the members. At the weekend they therefore do not need to expect a response to their request. Midweek however the customer responds often quicker within 24 to 48 hours or, if possible. After all, however, the customer service is up to the charges for sending a fax for free and competently available to answer questions from users.

The usability of

The design of the platform already convinced at first glance and to appeal to women. The website of can navigate easily, since it does not require any frills. The registration is done within a matter of minutes and with a few steps, users can create the same profile. In the first step the profile picture should be uploaded. Then, the indication of one’s erotic type. This is followed by further personal information about hobbies, appearance, interests, language skills, education and other habits. Finally, the new customer can define nor its criteria in detail. This ensures that he or she only partner proposals are made that are really compatible and fit for their own search. Until the profile enabled, it however still takes a little because each photo is manually checked.Waiting times like some members indeed seem annoying, but serve the security of all.

App for mobile users

In order for users breezy adventures anytime Thread from anywhere, offers an easy to use app. This is both an iOS and Android in a version for free. The app is available in the respective app store or can be downloaded on the supply side by means of QR codes now. Additionally, for its members to a mobile web page. Thus, the contact with other members or on the move without any problem. Prior registration is required to log in to the app at all.


With a strong partner like Friendscout24 in killing has therefore proven to be absolutely respectable providers. Here, users have in their own hands, how much money they want to invest in Especially with the mobile website and the app for Android and iOS but also the high level of data protection can points. Furthermore, all benefit from favorable conditions and the application is free of charge for all members.Even the answers to eigehende news is already included as part of the free membership, which is so hard to beat. offers more than just a normal dating. For the casual dating portal while also advertises with the search for a soul mate, but the members are here in addition also "find a sophisticated partner for a discreet erotic adventure" can. Registration is initially free, so that anyone can test…



Not a scam is the portal for sophisticated Dates and affairs. The search for contacts turned out to be very easy out.

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