Binary options brokers 2017 / Quick scam or not? Review

Quick scam or not? Review

The broker Quick option is still a very young company that was founded only in 2015 and therefore still holds an expandable listing. However, the broker also offers many advantages now. Commercially offer thereby the high / low is Binary Option and approximately 100 assets.However, Quick has written option neither his website nor the Conditions in German. A German support is not available. We have looked at the whole website incl. Conditions and the seriousness of the broker.

5 good arguments for Quick option:

  • Security by CySEC regulation
  • Yield up to 90 percent
  • Low minimum deposit of 250 euros
  • Mobile app available for trading
  • Around-the-clock support

1. Regulation: Quick Test option is headquartered in the EU

QuickOption Seat and regulation: Quick Test option is headquartered in the EU

In our Quick Test option we initially looked at the seat, and regulation. It is advisable to choose a broker within the EU, as this speaks in any case for the seriousness. For this, the broker should be monitored by a force as a reputable Financial Services Authority. In the case of Quick option but both are the case. Because the online broker was founded in 2015 in Cyprus and thus also has its headquarters in the EU. He is thus regulates the Cypriot Financial Regulator called CySEC.

The seat and the regulation within the EU suggest that no quick option exists fraud, but that the broker is trustworthy monitored and controlled. This is very advantageous since the funds and data are backed up to the customer.

2. Trade Offer: According to our review Quick option still expandable

Once we have clarified in our experience with Quick option the seat and the regulation, we have dealt with the trade deal. Here, we found that the accounts available in five currencies are. Among these are euros, dollars and Swiss francs.

In addition, we have about 100 Assets can find. These include stocks, indices, commodities and forex. Furthermore, we have also looked at the binary options. We found that the broker only offers a Binary option, like the classic but very popular high / low method.

However, we still had a drawback in our Quick find option experiences. Because the only language offered by the online broker, is English. Thus, the entire web page as well as the terms and conditions, etc. in English are available.

Therefore, we can say at this point that Quick option brings two disadvantages: firstly, the broker offers only a binary option and the other one can only select English. But this he holds ready 100 assets.

3. Trading Conditions & Minimum deposit: part low, partly unfavorable

QuickOption Trading Conditions & Minimum deposit: part low, partly unfavorable

Just as important as the regulation and the offer are the trading conditions. Because this rule on the profit that you can earn yourself and from what amount you can invest at broker a trading account at all.

While our experience with Quick option we could find in this case that the broker a return of up to 90 per cent  promises. This is quite high, in contrast to some other bank. For example, we have in our Option Rally experiences found that these brokers only offer a return of up to 81 percent. While this is also rather high, yet offers quick option still nine percent profit more. Thus, this is a good advantage.

Furthermore, we found that the minimum total trade at 25 euros is. This, however, is rather unfavorable because many other brokers can act as early as a few Euros. So the broker offersoption Trade as a minimum trade sum of five euros. However, we can also say that the minimum deposit of 250 euro fails rather low than high.

Overall, therefore, we can say in our Quick option review that trading conditions on the whole are quite low: There is a low minimum deposit and a high return. The minimum trading amount, however, is higher than other brokers. However, this is the only drawback in terms of trading conditions.

4. Trading Platform and Mobile Trading: Available in English only?

QuickOption Trading Platform and Mobile Trading: Available in English only?

In addition to the regulation, the Offer and the conditions we watched from us the trading platform in detail. Here we found out first that the platform is not web-based. Thus, it is a desktop application for which a download required is. This, however, is free.

We also found in our testing that Quick option holds many features and trading tools. So there are trading signals, alarms, Cash Rewards and much more. In addition, the platform equipped with multiple graphs and charts, and in addition, the financial news holds at any time. Furthermore, there are real-time updates and more than 50 videos that can be watched. Also a trading history exists.

The platform is managed while the SSL encryption. Likewise, the Offer is app saved. This is available for free and can be used by any smartphone or tablet PC with the operating system iOS or Android. Moreover, there is a major drawback of the platform: This is in fact, just like the website, available in English only.

In our Quick Option pricing we can for these reasons hold that the trading platform has many advantages because it offers useful features and practical trading tools and can be used as an app to act on the go. However, a download is always required for the use. In addition, you can use the platform in English only.

5. Account Opening and Bonus: If a bonus offered?

If you want to eventually open a trading account, you can easily do this by initially downloading the trading platform.

Therefore one must enter Home only its mail address or phone number in an extra field provided on the Quick option. Once this is done, you will receive an e-mail or SMS and can start the download. Once this is done, one must still register and naturally deposit at least 250 EUR. However, before this can start with the trading, you must still verify to the broker. This is achieved by sent documents to Quick option.This, although the broker usually occurs only in English, also be submitted in German. In the end you can finally start to trade.

Another advantage is that often a bonus is offered. This can apply to both new and existing customers. However, he constantly changes again and is often associated with a required trading volume.

If you want to open an account, you must download the platform in advance. Then he can register, make their first deposit and they can ultimately be verified by the document.Then it is possible to act. Thus, the account opening succeeds not without downloading the platform. There are, however, repeatedly bonus actions that apply to both new and existing customers.

6. Demo Account: Provides Quick Option one account to act without losses?

QuickOption Demo Account: Provides Quick Option one account to act without losses?

Whether a demo account is present or not, not showing whether Quick Option fraud or is serious, but it provides for each trader an advantageous offer represents, which should be used. For by you can practice the trade without losses. For this reason, many brokers such as offer Opteck , a demo account. In our Quick Option experiences we have unfortunately not a demo account found.

Is disadvantageous that Quick option does not offer a demo account. But this would be very useful and is therefore offered by many competitors for customers. Since Quick option but none offered, no beginner will probably start here. Finally, they know not yet the same as experienced traders that this would be more willing.

7. Service & Education

Moreover, we have during our Quick Option experience and the service offer looked at. This on the one hand has a customer on the other hand several educational options.

The customer is hereby established very beneficial. This is because it available by phone, mail and live chat is. On top of that he 24 hours daily attainable, and indeed every day of the week. Furthermore, there is for each customer a personal customer employee who helps and also has new tools, or equivalent informed.

However, the customer not only has advantages, because there is one crucial disadvantage:The support can not be achieved in German. That is, you can communicate with Quick option only in English. Who therefore has little or no knowledge of English, will probably reject the broker rather.

In the area of training of brokers, however, is still expandable. So here are indeed eBooks and video tutorials for beginners and also for advanced players available, but many brokers offer here a more extensive range of web seminars, individual training, etc.

Thus, we have registered in our Quick Test option that the customer indeed well equipped and also very friendly and competent, but is not available in German. In addition, the provision of education is still expandable. Since the broker but is still very young, is to the opportunity.

8. Deposits and withdrawals: security guaranteed?

In addition, we looked at in our Quick Option experiences the transaction opportunities. Here we found that the broker by bank transfer and credit card on and can pay. The accepted credit cards, among other MasterCard, Visa and Maestro. However, no transaction is possible via online payment option. While this does not indicate an option Quick fraud, would however still expandable. Furthermore, we were able to determine that a job is always processed for payment immediately is. This is in many different brokers and takes part much longer. Thus Quick option here very good score. In addition, no fees are charged and that transactions are properly secured. Because Quick option offers not only the well-known SSL encryption, but additionally holds a fully automated tracking systemready.

This allows us to in our Quick option review stated that although lacking the online payment option, but for the broker holds many advantages: On the one hand is no charge and the other withdrawals are processed instantly. In addition, every transaction is protected thanks to the safety precautions. This means in any case indicate that Quick option is reputable.

9. Seriousness: Is Quick Option scam or legitimate?

Throughout our testing, we have mainly with the question of whether or Quick Option is fraud seriously, busy. Therefore, we arrive at this point to a premature conclusion. For the integrity of the broker speak in any case, the EU regulation and the seat within the EU. In addition, Quick option MiFID compatible is. This also suggests that Quick option is reputable.

On the other hand, however, we must also say that the website and thus the Conditions unfortunately available only in English are.Similarly, there is also no German support. In addition, the broker established in 2015 was and is therefore still a very young company. For this reason, not many opinions exist, as with some other brokers.

Thus, we can say that the broker indeed makes a serious impression and also EU-regulated and MiFID compliant, yet must also be said that Quick option was only founded in 2015 and that no German support is available. However, this does not indicate a scam. As a young company eventually can be expanded even further.

10. Our conclusion: offer still expandable

In summary, we can say in our Quick option valuation that the broker offers both advantages and disadvantages. Thus, there are on one side of an EU regulation, a changing bonus as well as a high rate of return and a secure trading platform. On the other side, however, no demo account and no German support offered. In addition, there is only a binary option. The broker, however, was only founded, 2015.Therefore, the entire site is still expandable. The pluses of Quick option in the overview:

1.Seat and supervision within the EU (CySEC regulation) app for iOS and Android

3.Protection by SSL encryption and Tracking System

4.high returns up to 90 percent possible

5.changing Bonus available

The broker Quick option is still a very young company that was founded only in 2015 and therefore still holds an expandable listing. However, the broker also offers many advantages now. Commercially offer thereby the high / low is Binary Option and approximately 100 assets.However, Quick has written option neither…



Not a scam

Quick Option is a serious broker and disposes worldwide of all licences around the biggest commercial offer to be able to offer on-line.

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