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If you believe the information publicly available, then PokerStars is not only the largest poker room in the world, but also the most valuable. On three billion dollars, the value of the enterprise should amount, which is itself in this country no longer be called Peanuts. Not even 15 years and founded in 2001 by a point situated on Costa Rican company, PokerStars is a company of superlatives and certainly contributed greatly to making the game of poker acceptable worldwide. Many other poker rooms are to become the end in the wake of PokerStars, what they are today. The provider is definitely always there when it comes to uphold the flag of poker in any form. But as it stands with the seriousness of the provider?

Besondere Spiele: Razz, Badugi, Mixed Games, Fast Fold Poker
Players Online: 15500 (7-day moving average)
Welcome Bonus: 100% bonus up to $ 600 $ 100,000 Freeroll
Regulation: Isle of Man

No other poker room has aligned such many tournaments or sponsored as PokerStars — and still does. The eleventh tournament season ended because even befitting in Monaco. It is also planned for 2016th However, one has a fan before still withstand the Geissens that are PokerStars also, when one of them aligned tournament sponsored. Participants are mainly celebrities, including Mario Basler, Simone Ballack, Claudia Effenberg, Massimo Sinato and Rebecca Mir. Overall it comes to impressive 100,000 Euro in order to be gambled here. And indeed, should also be at least an amateur, are using so-called wild card, invited.

The poker provider is also in world record attempts always active and thus is positive on. So PokerStars 2008 World record attempt started and hosted a poker tournament online with more than 35,000 players. This own record has now surpassed several times, most recently at 225,000 it was in 2013 participants. Well, there are worse attended events. After having for years again and again launched an attempt after another to break the record of their own online poker tournaments, it is then in 2014 for the first time failed in such an attempt. The desired additional 75,000 participants in the tournament, which would have been necessary for a new record, could not be motivated.

PokerStars, security and licenses

PokerStars, security and licenses

In Germany still raging still a farce in connection with the licensing of gaming licenses. The general confusion despite it’s PokerStars nevertheless managed to snag one of the coveted licenses from Schleswig-Holstein. That’s nice and pleased for the poker providers. But what is so now can start really or is, nobody really knows. Of course, this license is ideal for advertising purposes. On the other hand, the political situation is abundantly cluttered. Tendency is to try to demonstrate in Schleswig-Holstein, that one is able quite to have their own opinions and this also to express and enforce how that’s come in the field of gaming licenses expressed. On the other hand you want to play the breakwater in this area but also not. Regardless of the demonstration for independence would nevertheless feel much more comfortable if you could scurry under the umbrella of the German State Treaty on Gambling again. There one is safe, it is dry, and all the other 15 federal states agree that it can not continue. The German license is initially valid until 2018. It can be assumed that they will not be renewed after have changed the political situation in the northernmost German state at PokerStars with any degree of certainty.

Company: Rational Entertainment Enterprises Limited
Address: King Edward Road, Onchan, IM3 1DZ, Isle of Man
Regulatory / license: Isle of Man
Telefon: unavailable
eMail: [email protected]
Live Chat: unavailable

So it is good that the company has more licenses in several other European countries and the original license to commence business as a poker room by the authorities of the Isle of Man has been granted. The control authorities of this island are known that they look very carefully whether the applicable licensed providers actually create a good business conduct to light. More than once it has revoked licenses here. Licensing has been further divided at PokerStars. For Europe now has a license from Malta is used as the One is no less trustworthy by the authorities of the Isle of. This in turn you will continue to use for the rest of the world.

The app from PokerStars

The app from PokerStars

As an industry leader and award-winning poker room PokerStars has its customers of course also offer the chance to play poker on an app on the go, wherever it is fun to players. The company advertises that not only poker goes mobile possible, but also may be paid and also the support here than is achievable. The mobile offer is valid for all popular mobile devices. So, interested poker players can bet with sufficient experience or on the move at the poker table or participate in tournaments. Nobody has to sit at home to play a tournament, it is also sitting on a park bench, on the bus or train. During tournament play or poker is generally on a park bench without risk, but you should be a little more careful on buses and trains and to think carefully about whether you really want to open a poker game for themselves. Running trains rarely geared to the radio masts of mobile media, because then quickly sometimes the receiver off, then the platform and with it your money disappears — Game over. However, the app PokerStars still offers a lot more than «just» all options for poker game in full screen. More apps provide information on Tournament Schedule, rules or interviews, even videos are on offer.

What offers PokerStars

What offers PokerStars

The success of PokerStars is not fallen from the sky, he has quite concrete reasons. One of them is the departure from the behavior of other poker rooms . Man has not only coyly attention on whispering, but is instead gone with sponsor activities and television commercials in the so-called solid. This self-confidence has also paid off, as the unique games offer that none of the competitors offer in this form. Since it is no wonder that PokerStars more players sitting at the tables, as in the second and third placed together. The company but allows himself also nowhere and never a real respite. The provided software is constantly being improved. These are the truly amazing experience at PokerStars. Speaks, or chats or emails you directly to the players about the software and general possibilities, is from an optimal offer the speech, which can not be improved. And yet the company shortly thereafter comes with an update around the corner — and all are excited about the improvements. At the end which leads to the immensely high number of players and always crowded tables, no matter when you enter the poker room. Wherever you look, PokerStars is top notch as providers in all areas. In the offers of Satellites and tournament plans one is the competition so far ahead that you can not even see with the binoculars the second best.

PokerStars Bonus is among the best

Also the bonus is PokerStars completely new ways. It starts with the fact that you have to look far to find another poker room that pays $ 600 Bonus. We can assure you that we have wanted for a long time and have not yet been able to find. It is the amount by itself, not even the sensation. The is rather in the simple way to exploit it.Unlike competitors that consistently — if they ever pay a bonus — these do depends on the amount of the initial deposit, PokerStars accepts even up to three deposits in order to reap the full bonus of $ 600. Of course, here there are rules and conditions to be complied with. So you can not now make a first deposit and 2017. Further, and then expect the full bonus. You can only pocket the full bonus payments when they are made later than three months after the first deposit.

PokerStars Bonus is among the best

Deposit bonus: 100% Bonus bis $600 (Code: STARS600)
Bonus Rules: $ 10 credit for each 200 collected VPP
Validity: 180 days
Other bonuses: alternativ $20 Sofortbonus (Code: FREE20), $100.000 Privilege Freerolls

The bonus amounts that you have secured by deposits can be used now to make your play instincts. You can do this while not endless, but at least for 180 days time. This too is an exceptionally long time, which is kept substantially shorter by other poker rooms.

Proceeds made easy

In order to present a well functioning platform and this, as well as the existing software, continuously improve, PokerStars must of course also have the financial means. No wonder that all poker websites are interested in simple and smooth options for deposit into the respective player account. The same applies to the players, as these previously not get access to real money games. And PokerStars makes ownership in this respect, with a wide choice of payment methods that take into account every possible payment request, really, really easy and simple. The fact that the most common and most popular payment methods such as credit cards, may be available you expect from a market leader well absolutely. All made deposits, regardless of the payment method, are capable bonus incidentally.

PokerStars Proceeds made easy

Payment options: Skrill, Neteller, Visa, Entropay, Mastercard, ELV, Bank Transfer, Giropay, Paysafecard, Ukash, Maestro
Minimum deposit: $10
Fees: nominal fee for currency exchange
Accounting possible in: US Dollars, Euros, British Pounds, Canadian Dollars
Withdrawal Options: Skrill, Neteller, Visa, Entropay, ELV, Bank Transfer

However, it is also not only a question of whether customers find ways to pay beautiful or not, it is also important that the client funds arrive safely at the poker room and will not dissolve in the go Nirvana. In this regard, one can at PokerStars be absolutely reassured, everything goes to fishy, find fraud or rip-off, and if one is looking for so hard, not take place.

In order for bets at poker enough money to have it available must be as already mentioned, to the players account at PokerStars, transferred. That does not really represent a significant problem. You need to do anything else than the Pokerstars software download and set up a player account in connection. As in real life, you go after the cashier and choose the payment method that you want now and in the future be used preferably. One may even have to look much, and often it is difficult to get an answer to important questions. But one always works, and that is the way to checkout. The fund to which you can deliver your money is always centrally located to overlook everyone’s reach and for anyone. All this of course does not run at top speed from, but goes quite quickly, in a few minutes everything is settled. Have you taken all these hurdles without errors and sent the first Euros on the way, your new career gambler, nothing stands in the way, you can start immediately and participate in exciting, expensive and profitable games or tournaments. PokerStars believes that in order to avoid confusion, should pick funds using the same method as they have been brought. Did you used to MasterCard, you will get in this way, after you «cash out» chosen during checkout, paid the winnings. Do you have instead caused for example a simple bank transfer, then get the win also as transfer back. Thus not only the life is clear that simply can be, but also the deposits and withdrawals at PokerStars. So if you really want to gamble with real money, is the place to go.

Hard to surpassing customer friendliness

That which exists to support at PokerStars is certainly very good. However, as already mentioned while enumerating the advantages and disadvantages, is not really much available, the service is available in our test only by mail, but this fast, friendly and efficient. Nevertheless, would be the establishment of a telephone hotline and a live chats something the customers really miss and which means they would welcome. Even if it is, compared with the times of competition, rapidly sounds that you receive a response within a few hours, many would appreciate an answer, «Now!». It helps little that can be the support also ask questions that have nothing to do with poker. As knowledge of the support abuts anyway quickly reaches its limits. My question to the football World Cup of 1934, you could not answer anyway.

Conclusion PokerStars

PokerStars attracts poker players now magically. The reputable reputation does his own to be as well as the dizzying prize money, waving at a tournament victory. This is also an advantage and disadvantage of the poker room. The interesting tournaments with high prize money attract players like moths to a flame. So if you want get to such a honeypot, must be measured in advance with thousands of players. Of course, is certain: one comes through and wins this sum! These conditions are for seasoned poker players certainly sexy and interesting for newcomers to the world of poker rather not, they should gain experience only on other platforms.
If you believe the information publicly available, then PokerStars is not only the largest poker room in the world, but also the most valuable. On three billion dollars, the value of the enterprise should amount, which is itself in this country no longer be called Peanuts. Not even 15 years…



Not a scam

PokerStars is without a doubt the largest and most prestigious poker providers and offers the highest security standards.

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