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PokerStars Bonus Code — Make deposit now

The online poker room PokerStars was founded in 2001 and has since become the biggest and most popular poker room in the world. Already more than 60 million customers trust the seller with the big red spade characters. At peak times User cavort in about 300,000 simultaneously at PokerStars, spread over cash games and tournaments. Our PokerStars experience after, this makes the room not only the largest in terms of traffic, but also the most diverse, based on the skill of the player.

In order to keep its new and existing users on the ball, it provides with the PokerStars Bonus an interesting addition that comes along with a PokerStars Bonus Code. In the following text we will take a close look at the PokerStars deposit bonus and see how high is it and how it works.

The PokerStars bonus offer in detail:

  • 100 percent on the first deposit
  • Max Bonus: 600 US-Dollar
  • Expires: valid indefinitely currently
  • Code: Use now the PokerStars Bonus Code 2016

Step by step: How Holst you Your Bonus

PokerStars Step by step: How Holst you Your Bonus

With the PokerStars Voucher «STARS600» every new customer has the opportunity to use the first deposit bonus with no problems. This is available up to a height of 600 US dollars, but can also be used with a smaller amount. First has to account overview will be opened in the client. Then one chooses to «deposit» the desired option and the amount. After the provider info is that a bonus can be used, is «STARS600» entered in the field. Now the own account has a bonus on a maximum of 600 US dollars.

By the way:The PokerStars voucher can be divided into three deposits. So you do not pay 600 dollars right the first time.

Besides the first deposit bonus there is incidentally also a bonus with free $ 20. For this, simply enter the PokerStars bonus code «FREE20» during the deposit and your first $ 20 will be doubled. The amount is credited to the account immediately and not has yet to be implemented. Moreover, tickets obtained for $ 100,000 Privilege freerolls.

The PokerStars Bonus Rules at a Glance

  • Bonus: 100 percent Bonus
  • Type of bonus: deposit bonus for new customers
  • Zusätzliche Bonusform: Cash Bonus + Freeroll-Tickets
  • Anforderung: 200 RW pro 10 US-Dollar Bonusgeld
  • Bonus Code: STARS600 or FREE20

To maintain this finally, one must within 60 days (starting from the amount of its respective deposit) enough VPP (VIP Player Points) to collect to unlock the money. Pro 200 VPP are obtained an amount of $ 10 paid. Thus one can imagine a little better what this is for a size unit, it is said that per 1 US dollar are credited to Rake 5.5 VPP. thus 200 VPP meet nearly 35 US dollars, or slightly less. This has PokerStars the fastest actionable Poker Bonus Poker bonus code offer. The rakeback is 27 percent.For reacting these conditions you have to deposit any of four months — more than enough.

Rake and Rakeback for the PokerStars Bonus Code

PokerStars Rake and Rakeback for the PokerStars Bonus Code

While the benefits of the PokerStars software is free, the operators have to finance somehow.Therefore be calculated in cash games fees. What this fails, depends on the limit and game type. (See rake rules) In tournaments this fee is always an extra addition to the actual buy-in. In this way, everyone can calculate how much he has to play to get the required raked or VPP.

Tip:Due to the time requirement of 60 days, it is advisable to give priority to cash games in reasonable limit. Tournaments take more time and experience. A compromise between the two forms, the Sit and Go events, which offer good odds and rake.

The VPP earned do not expire with the reaction of the PokerStars Bonus Code. That is, they can be redeemed in parallel in the premium shop. Here are cash for your bankroll, more bonus offers, tournament tickets and clothes to choose from.

Free play PokerStars Bonus Code with Euro

If you prefer to play in Euro, the maximum bonus amount is 500 euros. Here then are a few other wagering requirements because the amount and the currency strength is another. So must be collected per 10 Euro 250 VPP. For a Euro Rake is also obtained then already 7 VPP. The bonus code is exactly the same, wherein the halt to erspielenden VPPs are different. Currency adjustments can be made in the account.

Alternatively, there is also the PokerStars deposit bonus with the British pound and Canadian dollar.Here too are partly different specifications. This please check the rules.

Everything important to Bonus Code PokerStars

  • possible Up to 600 extra dollars as a bonus
  • Can be in up to three deposits divide
  • Unlock Gradual $ 10 or EUR 200 250 or VPP
  • unlock 60 days from deposit date to clear the bonus
  • The PokerStars bonus can be implemented the fastest

Details for poker room

The offer from PokerStars includes many cash games, tournaments, SNGs and Satellites and Steps, Home Games and of course their own offline and online tournament series such as the EPT, PCA, the WCOOP and the SCOOP. They will play next Texas Hold’em and Omaha, Omaha Hi / Lo (8 or better), Stud, Stud High / Low, Draw Poker, Razz, HORSE, 2-7 Triple Draw, 2-7 Single Draw and even Badugi.Who needs help, can rely on PokerTracker or Holdem Manager, because both programs are supported by PokerStars.

With regard to the levels PokerStars is broad. While many loose tables are at the lower limits to find, it comes forth particularly at NL200 and higher high. However, time and again to find due to the high number of players a bad hissing, the one can take advantage of.

  • Player traffic of up to 300.00
  • Excellent software for multi-tabling
  • Largest VIP program in the poker area
  • Certified by TÜV Rheinland-Pfalz

Our bonus review

Even if the PokerStars bonus is exactly the same for years, can not be described as poor him. So there are 600 US dollars in a good area, the bonuses sums, which is also evident that the competition partly provides even less. Something new is opposed to three qualifying deposits can be used. As particularly well to describe the fact that you get a rakeback of 27 percent, because so high it is rare among providers of poker games. All in all, we can only recommend to use the PokerStars Bonus in the first, second and third deposit.

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