Best poker rooms online 2017 / Poker770 Bonus: High maximum bonus!

Poker770 Bonus: High maximum bonus!

Poker770 was founded in 1992 and is one of the absolute veterans of online gambling, because at that time only a few people have used the Internet. So there was, for example, only in 1993 the first graphics-based Web browser called Mosaic. In general, the Internet was commercialized only 1989th For this reason it had partially worked at the beginning of the fiscal period with betting offices. A license referring now about the Lotteries & Gaming Authority Malta. In addition, you bet on Playtech in software, which is also due to the fact that one is listed on the iPoker network.

At normal times of the day so you get to 5000-12000 users. Only on weekends and for big events there can be up to 15,000 concurrent players. If you play the other hand, early in the morning and in the middle of the week, it can even be less, so you have to settle for about 3,000 users.

At Poker770 voucher you bet on an interesting combination of bonus and extra money. Thus, for in addition to a 200 percent welcome bonus and all 20 Euro for free. In addition, the compulsory Freeroll tickets will be credited with whom one can try his luck at various tournaments.

The Poker770 Bonus Offer Details:

  • 200 percent on the first deposit
  • Max Bonus: 1.500 Euro
  • Expires: The bonus has no time limit
  • Code: Use now the Poker770 Bonus Code 2015

Step by step: How Holst you Your Bonus

Poker770 Step by step: How Holst you Your Bonus

If you want to use the poker bonus from Poker770, you have to register first with the provider. For this, the software should be downloaded and installed. Now a first application may be made.Following the confirmation e-mail is still open and you can already make the first deposit. There will be interesting because the Poker770 bonus will be paid out with only a deposit, so that for the maximum bonus of 1,500 euros whole 750 Euro must be paid. A Poker770 Bonus code not required to.

Our Poker770 Experience has shown that order but not yet the end of the line is reached, because it can also be a 20-euro bonus to be used. For this Poker770 voucher you have to use in the first deposit Poker770 Bonus Code «FREE20». Already obtained credited 20 Euros, which can be used at cash games, tournaments or even in the casino offer the poker room.

Nevertheless, one must decide which bonus you are using, because both must be used with the first deposit.

The Poker770 Bonus Rules at a Glance

  • Bonus: 200-Percent Bonus
  • Type of bonus: deposit bonus for new customers
  • Additional Bonus form: cash bonuses or freerolls
  • Requirement: 1 x 2 euros for 100 points, 4 x 2 Euro rem for 135 points and 2 euros per 200 points.
  • Bonus: A Poker770 bonus code is not required
If you have made the first deposit and thus qualified for this, it is now clear the entire bonus Poker770. For this one must earn points obtained for participating in real-money games. It includes both cash games and tournaments. The first 2 euro obtained for 100 points. Four additional 2 euros obtained for 135 points from the sixth 2-euro bonus amount to 200 points due.For the full bonus of a maximum of 1,500 euros you therefore must collect 149 640 Poker770 points. Overall, it has for 45 days. An overview of the bonus can be found in the lobby.

For playing the aforementioned Cash Game Tables and Tourneys obtained per 1 US dollar in rake 20-22 points. Depending on the tournament, or limit you play. This means that initially a rakeback is offered by 40 percent, but that relatively quickly drops to 20 percent. But this one is still at an acceptable level. It is incidentally noted that the bonus only once per person, household, address, email, bank account and IP address is granted.

Details for poker room

The game offer from Poker770 is far too small. By partnering on the iPoker network one has the Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Omaha Hi-Lo, Seven Card Stud, Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo and Five Card Draw. Further, the website of the poker room has a flash version, which is primarily intended for users of OS X or Linux. But even frequent travelers can go so sure that they can play from anywhere. PokerTracker and Holdem Manager are also supported.

  • Lavish VIP program for existing customers
  • Cash bonus over 20 Euro for free use
  • On-site tracking program to support
  • No bonus code for the Poker770 Bonus necessary

Our bonus review

The bottom line of the first deposit bonus of 770 is not bad at all. Even if the rakeback could be a bit higher, you do this by the height of the maximum bonus amount offset, as hardly any online poker room has so much money on the free spins. Next we liked the cash bonuses and freerolls, which gives a total of five tickets. In the test, the bonus has therefore received 8.2 points out of 10.

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