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The Play Million Casino is not yet active, although particularly long in the industry, but can already look forward to a very active and loyal customer base, which expands daily. Reason probably is the great seriousness that radiates the company. With a Maltese license for SkillOnNet software that is used by the Play Million Casino, can the question of whether the Play Million Casino Scam or is serious, practical answer by itself.

A Play Million Casino Scam can be found neither in regard to the game selection, bonus offers or payment options. On the contrary, all these factors contribute fundamentally much more help to classify the Play Million Casino as trustworthy. In particular, the welcome bonus for new customers, it has the same in many respects in itself, as we will show in our next report. The categories in respect of which the Play Million Casino was examined are, in equal measure heavily weighted because all these factors by common experience can be decisive for whether a casino is reputable or not.

Play Million convincing

  • Encrypted data transmission
  • License from Malta
  • great welcome bonus
  • oncoming Customer
  • fair play is guaranteed

Range of casino games: Almost 200 different games

PlayMillion Range of casino games: Almost 200 different games

It is often so that large online casinos do have from reputable developers in the luggage loads of games, but these are already known from many other casinos and, accordingly, spraying only a few stimulus and excitement. Even if a player at the casino can never know what the next train for him or it makes available, at various games of thrill can be lost if they are too often played. The alternative is then another game, which is why most online casinos rely on a little more manageable selection of games, or working with a less known games manufacturers.

The Play Million Casino has opted for a mix of both versions and presents a generous selection of nearly 200 games, thereby but focused on the Games of the manufacturer SkillOnNet which is not particularly well known in the local online casinos. This approach has for some players a great attraction in itself, because for once, other games can be tried, and avoid the need to take the chance to play in a dodgy providers. In this respect therefore appears that the Play Million Casino is reputable and its customers can rely on the operator. 10/10 points.

  • Games of SkillOnNet
  • Nearly 200 different games

Safety and Licensing: Flawless

In our test we have already frequently encountered several surprises when it came to the various licenses, with which a casino operates. Some casinos have ever enjoyed by no licenses, which basically means that players gamble their money in illegal casinos. They also receive no warranties or information about what happens to their data and operations, and if they have bad luck, will simply withhold their winnings from the casino.Accordingly, it is so important that not only the customers, but also we dedicate ourselves in our test the Privacy and the licensing of casinos. The Play Million Casino is licensed in Malta and can therefore be sure that from this point fits everything. Finally, hardly has another country of the world through such strict regulations as Malta. In addition, the casino protects customer data by using an encryption technique in which the transferred persons can not be seen by third parties. The disclosure of customer data to third parties is regulated in favor of the customer. In addition, check independent commissions in repeating sections, the operation of the individual games. In this way it is ensured that the results of the games are truly random and can not be influenced from outside. 10/10 points.
  • encrypted data connection
  • high safety standards

Bonus and conditions: A total of up to 3,000 € for new customers

PlayMillion Bonus and conditions: A total of up to 3,000 € for new customers

For new customers who can bring themselves to a registry in the Play Million Casino, the operators have prepared in the current season a very special fillet. Of course, this Play Million Casino Bonus for new customers to understand as any other Bonus as a kind of bait, the new customers to entice the casino. However, it is the bait in the Play Million Casino is a particularly well-done version, this traditional lure.

The Play Million Casino Bonus pays the first five deposits each new customer with a bonus of 150.00 percent up to a maximum bonus amount of 600.00 euros per deposit. This means that the full bonus amount can be earned if a deposit amount of 400.00 euros. This consequently leads to a total deposit output of only 2.000,00 EUR (spread over five deposits), thus the entire bonus amount of 3,000.00 euros can be cashed. In order to withdraw winnings and the bonus money, both the bonus amount as well as the first deposit must be implemented in each case 30 times in the casino. This is not a challenge that players should take lightly, which is why it is advisable to Play Million Casino experience may not enable the full bonus amount. 9/10 points.

  • huge Bonussumme
  • Bonus amount is fully cashable

The Play Million Casino Bonus is one of the highest in the industry and at the same time requires a certain level of expertise in order to fulfill the bonus conditions. Who does not want to waive a portion of their money, which can of course look in another casino. In Stargames casinofor example, although only 100,00 euros offered, but the bonus conditions are more favorable than ever. And the 888 Casino even waving a bonus, for which the player does not even require an initial deposit, which was considered very positive in our test.

Deposits and withdrawals: PayPal is on board

PlayMillion Deposits and withdrawals: PayPal is on board

Earlier we already indicated that the Play Million Casino is by common experience among the players not yet too much has been able to establish. Here witness the results of our testing of Play Million Casino by a high degree of professionalism and a justified confidence in their own abilities. So has the Play Million Casino for example PayPal as payment method. No casino operators would dare this step if he or she did not believe one hundred percent of their own work. Finally, PayPal offers a Buyer Protection, in which the customer, in case of dissatisfaction, the money would get back.

The other payment service providers which has the Play Million Casino in portfolio, do not need to hide behind PayPal. Finally, other e-wallets as well as credit cards or prepaid cards are ideally suited to securely transfer funds to the casino account. For payments, the same applies, of course, as many experiences with Play Million Casino confirm. 10/10 points.

  • PayPal is offered
  • large number of diverse services

Customer Service: With direct forwarding

PlayMillion Customer Service: With direct forwarding

Often we have experienced in our various test runs, we were forwarded the customer by an employee to the next without us the impression would give, as if someone had a clue about our problem. Since not only a lot of customers, but also some business owners this offense are aware, the Play Million Casino has taken up this problem. There, the customers now have to achieve the opportunity via email directly the department that appears to be responsible for their inquiry, in all likelihood.

Somewhat different is understandably in direct Help Search via live chat or telephone. In this case the customer to experience with Play Million Casino and the associated customer service are directly connected to an employee who speak acts as an expert in all areas. The multilingual staff can be reached around the clock. Only a free phone number for customers from Germany has probably not be established because it is missing. Perhaps this is but a task that have made the operators for the upcoming season. 9/10 points.

  • direct forwarding
  • available around the clock

Design and Performance: Much room for improvement

The two points of design and performance on the one hand significant drawbacks for the Play Million Casino have noted and on the other hand also unmistakable advantages are recognized. The minuses are mainly related to the design of the site seems to have that unfortunately get in developing a bit too little attention. The entire page is relatively simple and the logo conveys only a small recognition value. Nevertheless, the simple presentation like on pages convince one or two players. Finally, acts in the Play Million Casino little so overloaded, as it seems to be in other casinos on the agenda. At the same time, however, there are also a lot of empty space, which is underused.

In terms of load times, however, you need to make any serious worries in the Play Million Casino. The games load quickly and the side structure per se manages outstanding. It must be noted at this point that a really fast game in all online casinos in the world is possible only with a working Internet connection. 7/10 points.

  • simple design
  • short charging times

Live Casino: Different versions of the game

PlayMillion Live Casino: Different versions of the game

The Play Million Casino Live Casino can be reached via a choice in the left navigation bar in the games industry and presents a fine selection of different games from the classic live casino area. These include the games Roulette, Blackjack and Baccarat, which are presented each in their own versions. Thus some versions for high rollers who prefer something with higher stakes games than the average gamer will find. Total wait in Live Casino Play Million Casino from eight different games to be denied it.

The welcoming and highly professional dealers are of course included. After all, they are not the least responsible for ensuring that the Live Casino such a good atmosphere is produced. 9/10 points.

  • eight live games
  • different versions

Limits and Payout: More than adequate

Table limits should be designed as different as to publish the individual customers in their respective game. Unfortunately, few casinos take into consideration the specific and detailed needs of its customers, so in terms of minimum and maximum limits usually all be lumped together. The Play Million Casino is a little more flexible in this respect and has the table limits of individually and per game. Depending on which game chosen by a client, the minimum and maximum bets per round are predetermined. The player shall be responsible therefore to choose. The High Roller, whose passion it is to play high stakes, should feel comfortable especially in live casino because there game variants are offered, which are provided with relatively high minimum stakes.

Payout can be in the Play Million Casino not find very easy, but it is actually quite presentable.She averages a rate of about 97 percent, which is far above the usual average. 10/10 points.

  • Payout ratio of 97 percent
  • flexible Limits

Loyalty program and VIP Club: Anyone can be VIP

PlayMillion Loyalty program and VIP Club: Anyone can be VIP

in online casino exclusive invitations are sent frequently, of which never obtain the most regular players a to face. An Invitation to the VIP area then passes mostly through vitamin B. In Play Million Casino, each player who gambles like and regularly, the chance to be included in the VIP area. This works about loyalty points and results in additional bonus promotions, preferential treatment and various invitations for exclusive events.

Plus an additional various tournaments and other bonus deals offered who it all in in Play Million Casino. However, the valid bonus conditions should not be ignored, so that the application really is always worthwhile. 9/10 points.

  • Loyalty program for all customers
  • Anyone can become a VIP

Mobile App: Not yet available

The Play Million Casino is officially began operations only in 2011 and has since been able to earn thousands of fans for itself. remained Apparently at this time not a lot of air in order to develop a mobile app for all the users of tablets and smartphones can.That’s a pity, but still far no doom, tearing the vote for the Play Million Casino to be a little pure.But since we are in good spirits, that the shrewd operators will soon consider a mobile solution, we nevertheless still available 5/10 points.

  • Mobile App can in preparation
  • Access to regular page from the mobile device possible

Our Play Million Casino Verdict: Play Million Casino reviewed with tendencies to the top

The Play Million Casino has played a very short time in the hearts of many passionate fans. The reasons for this are varied and start at interesting games, go on attractive bonus offers and loyalty programs, and end up with the stringent safety regulations that protect customer data. Although Play Million Casino experiences have shown that here and there a few small drawbacks are to do well, but these are small things that can be in the future quite ironed out without much effort. Accordingly, the Play Million Casino receives an Appreciation of 8.8 out of 10 points.
The Play Million Casino is not yet active, although particularly long in the industry, but can already look forward to a very active and loyal customer base, which expands daily. Reason probably is the great seriousness that radiates the company. With a Maltese license for SkillOnNet software that is used…



Not a scam

Play Million is undoubtedly a serious online casino and the games feature modern graphics.

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