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Option web is a new broker for binary options with a bonus. Beside a very well sorted commercial offer option web can also score with a lot of information and learning contents. In addition announced traders receive anew a bonus at the rate of from 10 to 30% for her first payment. However, is option web serious?

Income return: up to 86%
Options: Binary, OneTouch, Turbo
Assets: more than 190 assets
Regulation: CySec

Optionweb review

optionweb Experiences with option web in the overview

In the world of the investment there is an easy connection: Who strives for a high income return, must be also ready to accept accordingly high risks. This basic principle is one of the central conditions if one deals with investment possibilities and commercial kinds which lie beyond the classical products like fund and stocks. However, beside a suitable risk consciousness and appropriate knowledge one needs above all a suitable partner who exports trade in the markets. Today with Optionweb we introduce a supplier from our broker to the comparison which has specialised in the Trading with innovative partly also relatively complicated financial products. The broker which has set up for some years in worldwide trade with so-called financial derivatives is a brand of the Lionsman Capital Markets Ltd registered in Cyprus. The company Optionweb calls itself pioneer in the Trading with speculative financial products and disposes on account of a long-standing experience in the market of the necessary competence to deal with suitable commercial processes certainly and to accompany the dealer professionally.

Company: Lionsman Capital Markets (Zypern) Ltd
Address: 8, Evagora Papachristoforou, 3030 Limassol, CYPRUS
Registration number: 279944
Regulation / licence: CySEC, 175/12
Phone: +49 4067529067
eMail: [email protected]
Accountancy: [email protected]
Service times: Mon. Th 09:00-21:00 clock, Fr 09:00-15:00 clock

Clarity with offer and conditions

Basically the business of a supplier consists like Optionweb in getting access to innovative financial products his customers. Optionweb offers you for this with the binary options, One air options and short-term options a total of three different commercial modes in with which can be intervened in the speculative options trading. Basically it concerns with all three product kinds instruments from the area of the professional stock exchange dealings. By binary options it is a matter for the investor, besides, merely of estimating whether a well-chosen basis value rises or falls. If the investor with his expectation properly lies, he achieves a before defined income return, the other way round the investor loses a large part up to the complete application. By the so-called OneTouch options there lies the case a little bit differently. Here it is a matter from the point of view of the dealer of speculating on it, on account of the respective basis value reaches a before defined aim value or not. For this different run times can be fixed. The trend of the value is fixed against it. The third possible commercial mode with option web are the short-term options which are based on the principle of the classical binary options and, nevertheless, no specific run time must be fixed, because the options automatically run off after 60 seconds, 90 seconds, 2 minutes or 5 minutes. Besides, can be traded in very short time also with relatively low amounts (from 5 euros). Besides, maximum income returns from up to 86 percent are possible in trade with Optionweb for a transaction.

optionweb Clarity with offer and conditions

Besides, the account processing and account opening is free for traders. Also the Trading is dealt with even without specially fees for the customer. Fees result for the dealer only in this respect that from profits a certain share of Optionweb will withhold. The height of this amount is directed after the suitable status of the dealer. This status is again depending on the respective commercial volume. Thus five different account kinds are possible with Optionweb. For beginners with little experience there is the „starter of account“, in addition, the account kinds Standard, Silver, gold and platinum can be reached.

While with the status «Starter» trade is already possible on a payment of from 200 to 1,000 euros, the presumed trading capital rises according to account kind gradually. A payment is necessary for a standard account between 1,000 and 3,000 euros, for the status «Silver» must come up to 10,000 euros on the account, to 50,000 euros there is golden status and about this payment amount the customer receives Platinum status. There comes one more slide moon status with which the conditions can be negotiated individually. With these respective categories the conditions stand also in connection. Thus the payback of the amounts lies by the options in the first three categories at 83 percent. In the area Silver, gold and Platinum that of the dealers after the conclusion of a transaction gets back 88 percent of the commercial result.

In addition, other services are offered to the payback rates specific according to account kind. Moreover demo account, credit payment of interest or support belong by live chat as well as in case of the Platinum-Status’ the offer of own Coachingsessions.

Quick trade with the mobile ext. possibly

If, counts like by the short-term options, every second, the possibility for mobile trade may not be absent. To remain always on the current stand and to miss no possibility, Optionweb offers own ext. with which the observation of the market is possible, as well as regular Trades can be dealt with.

Extensive bonus program

The supplier Optionweb also offers own bonus programme. The offer of the first Trades is directed at beginner or new beginner, besides, without loss risk. Under the title „the first Trade is guaranteed“ Optionweb assures of his new customer to have to take no personal loss risk with the first transaction. Either the dealer makes a profit, or, according to the promise of Optionweb, he receives a loss balance on his account as a bonus credited. According to account kind this bonus can amount up to 3,000 euros (in case of the Silver account). Just with look at the clear risk potential of the offered products, the customer can make here an instructive experience without having to carry, nevertheless, the financial consequences.

Payment bonus: Hedging of the first Trades
Bonus conditions: up to 25€ of restitution per position
Validity: for the first three positions on payment from 250€, 4 positions with 500€, 10 positions with 1000€ of payment
Other bonuses: The first Trade is guaranteed – up to 300€ of restitution

Support as a function of the status

For trade Optionweb makes available a consultation and support offer to you. In accordance with the supplier a professional team is ready for this. Our experiences with Optionweb have shown that a satisfactory Kundensupport can be expected only with higher status. Basically the possibility is open to all customers to request either by mail or by chat for support. In addition, Optionweb offers to turn by telephone directly to the office. This telephonic customer service is to be reached in working days from 09:00 o’clock to 21:00.

optionweb Support as a function of the status

In addition, there is also the offer of personal support on a real-time basis about phone. Nevertheless, this service becomes only customers with a Platinum account share. There come other services of Optionweb which should accompany the customer with his trade and support. Moreover the assistant who allows a better appraisal and prediction of chart developments hears a diagramme. In addition, current news is spread about a sort of ticker by the commercial places. Also an everyday report belongs to the service offer of Optionweb. Our experiences in this regard show that this aid offers absolutely important information, however, also a certain level in knowledge assume around the also right ends out of this to move and to make good decisions in the market.

Big offer of webinars & trainings

Trade with options, as he is offered with Optionweb, is based in the essentials on the right appraisal of short-term development of markets and single values. To keep track in this commercial segment and to make the right decisions, the dealer needs above all loadable knowledge about the functionality of the offered products beside experience.

As with the Support the possibilities and variety of the continuing education and support offer suitable to the customer’s status differ. In the ideal case this means that personal Coachings and trainings can be perceived and are erected on inquiry personally conformist market analyses. In the easiest level only one course is available against it first for the offered commercial tools. Regular customised training is offered only from Silver status. Our experience with Optionweb shows that the support can be very extensive for professional traders. With look at beginner and inexperienced dealers a more intensive support would be desirable in consideration of the risk. Nevertheless, here own initiative of the trader is asked. There an extensive and daily growing archive comes in the videos which clear up about current developments as well as basic connections. A demo account with which first without real monetary application and with it without actual risk the first walking attempts can be made is offered against it only in higher status categories.

High standard regulation & protection

The supplier Optionweb has his seat in Cyprus and is defeated with it by the European regulation. With it scam and Duffing are basically excluded. Also, in addition, the inserts of the customers are secured by Optionweb against the loss risks which could enter possibly in case of an insolvency. Thus all inserts are secured in the form of depot values and realised commercial profits by the integration in the European ground of the MiFID (Markets in Financial of instrument Directive). There a separate management of the customer’s money comes as an additional hedging instrument by the British Barclays bank, one of the worldwide biggest and best known financial institutions.

Very quick registration process

Is dealt with so fast as trade with single products with Optionweb, so quickly the registration process can be also moved. Just once one minute must be included in the plan in accordance with the broker for binary options for it. Our experience points rather to the fact that a little more time should be included in the plan to carry out the registration process in rest. Whom they need with regard to the Anmeldvorgangs detailed information, we would like to draw the attention of them also to our video. Here all necessary steps become clear and understandably shown.

Specifically only three steps which are to be finished in the ideal case in very short time are really necessary. Beside the contact dates some personal information must be provided and the account dates be transmitted. If the genuineness of the dates were checked and were confirmed, the registration is already closed.

Result to the Optionweb

We deal with Optionweb it with a supplier who offers to the investor Zugang to an as lucrative like risky market. Since all prospective customers should make clear this to itself: High income return possibilities always face as high risks which can lead up to the complete loss of the used capital. Hence, principle for a dealer in this segment should be to act only with money which for the immediate cost of living do not need becomes. Our experiences have shown in this test and connection that prospective customers and new beginners are well-advised to argue before trade with options thoroughly with the conditions and dangers. Who has controlled the Trading with options once and has gained at this speculative market a foothold, knows with Optionweb a professional supplier on his side who also has to offer something in professional support beside good institutional hedgings against the loss of the inserts. Concerning continuing education and market information as well as with look at professional tools and the commercial platform a well-arranged choice stands to the customer of Optionweb at possession. Indeed, the extent of these offers of the status of own account and with it is coupled to the individual turnover, so that just beginners with lower turnovers can profit only partly from this.
Option web is a new broker for binary options with a bonus. Beside a very well sorted commercial offer option web can also score with a lot of information and learning contents. In addition announced traders receive anew a bonus at the rate of from 10 to 30% for her…



Not a scam

The serious commercial offer, up to 86% of income return and a customised training makes Optionweb unique.

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