Binary options brokers 2017 / OptionFair provides best binary options account in 2016

OptionFair provides best binary options account in 2016

The trade in these types of derivatives is highly exciting and, done correctly, also highly lucrative.But he has to be learned like any other craft well. Who wants to deal first with binary options, of course, is just around the question of which broker to him the most appropriate. Broker Comparisons give this first assistance. Opinions accumulate from the pure, based on comparable hard factors comparisons. But beginners should not be blinded by high bonuses or a seemingly chaotic amount of underlying assets. Other facts are relevant for successful entry into this world. It is therefore obvious that not the amount of the bonus will determine how successfully established a trader in the market, but the quality of education and the question of whether a test account is provided. Later switch to a broker who pays a big bonus, or offering the most underlyings, is not a subject for entry but decides the binary options practice account .In a comparison which account in 2016 is launched as the best binary options practice account, the decision was made to the account of OptionFair.

1) Details for best binary options practice account at a glance

  • Many criteria play an important role in the Broker Option
  • Trader should advance via demo account trading and the trading platform to test
  • A good test account is characterized by certain factors
  • Option Fair offers the best binary options practice account

2.) A binary options practice account offers many advantages

OptionFair A binary options practice account offers many advantages

Before traders therefore opt for a broker and open a trading account with the provider, it is advisable initially to a demo account to trade to familiarize. So it’s just for beginners an ideal opportunity to learn the principle of binary options, without running the risk of losing real money. Trading strategies can be to test their feasibility and new strategies can be developed and tested in peace. Additional benefits of a test accounts include the fact that traders learn the trading platform of the respective Brokers and can test their functionality. Some companies offer a demo account regardless of an opening of a live account, while others set a registry advance. The former has the advantage that traders who initially do not want to commit to a broker be able to find out without any obligations, whether the provider is right for them. Usually test accounts are provided free of charge and the service life can vary from broker to broker. Some retailers provide the demo account for a few days or weeks ready, while others allow permanent use.

Conclusion: A binary options practice account allows a good entry into the trade. Especially beginners should make use of this option and the trading and trading platforms offered first to know via demo account.

3.) The comparison criteria for election

The choice at the best demo account are of course based on various criteria:

  • The account must be used long enough.
  • The broker should provide enough «play money» available.
  • The account represents an absolute analogy to the real trading account and waived any tools.
  • Ideally should be no initial deposit to the real trading account in order to use the demo account.
  • The demo account will be supplemented by accompanying training.
In principle, no fees are charged for a demo account. Broker that offer no free trial account, leave it,. The demands on the ideal demo account fulfilled the provider OptionFair most and can claim for itself that his account has been rated as the best binary options practice account 2016th.

Conclusion: When choosing the best binary options practice account, the demo accounts were taken by different criteria under the microscope. Among the relevant factors, for example, listed here the service life, the range of features and tools, whether the account is offered free of charge. The Broker OptionFair was able to convince us, in light of those factors in every aspect.

4.) OptionFair Demo account

OptionFair Demo account

OptionFair provides the account for 5 days available and equips investors with EUR 1,000 play money from. An initial deposit to the trading account is for use of the test environment is not necessary, another plus. The OptionFair demo account can also be used over the weekend, a fact which makes it possible for several hours to deal intensively with the matter. However, the opening of the account can not be done directly on the side of the broker, but only on the pages of partners of the broker. For the demo account it is not decisive whether the provider is regulated, but in the case of Option Fair also takes this circumstance. Housed in Cyprus, the local supervisory authority CySEC regulated the company. The platform in the test area fully complies with the trading platform of the trading account and leaves nothing to be desired. Tradable are all variants of trading, a total of four of them. At your disposal are over 70 underlying assets. Beginners, however, are well advised to focus initially only on two or three values, otherwise quickly goes lose track. Thus equipped, the trade entry may actually be successful.

Conclusion: The company OptionFair provides traders a decent demo account and enables an adequate entry into the binary options trading. The test account can take five days, including weekends, are free to use and does not compromise on performance and the range of tools and features.

5.) Our conclusion: OptionFair can convince with his test account

The trading binary options is easy to learn and enter especially for beginners a chance in online trading. Who is still looking for a suitable broker, should the opportunity if given use and open a demo account with the provider of their choice. Moreover can be optimally namely to find out if the binary options trading and the trading platform of the broker meet the personal needs and wishes of the trader. We have taken the test accounts of various online vendors more closely and illuminated by various criteria. Here are the demo account of Brokers OptionFair has the most convincing and is recommended in almost all points.

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