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One of the brokers probably best known in Germany is optionfair. The supplier has specialised not only in binary options, but also in the Forex trade. We will concentrate for the test, however, merely upon ersteren area. It is won over with Optionfair particularly with the reliable and serious image of the company which a lot of values lays on customer satisfaction. Whether the advertising promises are able to be kept you read in our progress report.

Income return: up to 91% of income return in 60 seconds
Options: Turbo, Border, One Touch, On top / below
Assets: more than 130 currencies, stocks, commodities
Regulation: CySec

Review: Optionfair is serious broker

Already in 2010 has been based Optionfair throughout Europe as well as in the German-speaking space meanwhile to one of the most interesting addresses for trade of Forex and binary options developed. More and more customers and customers appreciate performances and conditions and act with pleasure about the system.

Background: so seriously is option-fair

Company: B.O. TradeFinancials Ltd
Address: Ioanni Styliamou 6 2nd Floor, Office 202 2003 Nicosia, Cyprus
Registration number: 295102
Regulation / licence: CySEC, 216/13
Phone: +49 322 21095250
eMail: [email protected]
Live chat: 24/6, in English
Recall service: not available

As so many other brokers the company is also behind Optionfair, the B.O. TradeFinancials Ltd., on Cyprus announced. There she is defeated by the regularisations by the Cypriot financial supervisory authority of CySEC. And also here is to be mentioned that the regulations which must submit the CySEC with those agree which are valid for the German BaFin. Finally there come all orders from Brussels of the EU and must be moved by the financial supervisory authorities of the respective countries. Cyprus was chosen from Optionfair presumably only as a head office, because there the tax costs to be paid are lower than in other shares of the European Union.

Traders opinions

„It is optionfair scam?“ – these and similar questions are found by a short Internet search after the supplier. Many prospective customers are deterred on account of some black sheep in the business and suppose sombre machinations in the background. However, optionfair is known for a long time throughout Europe as a reliable partner. Customer’s friendliness and satisfaction are the aspects with which the persons responsible would like to play a trump compared with the competition. Many experienced traders who more exactly have a look Option-fairly could win exactly this impression. Since the experiences are a full praise for the binary options Broker. Optionfair it is serious, you need to give yourselves here no troubles about scam or Duffing.

Optionfair support in the test

Negatively strikes that the complete Internet site from is available Optionfair only into spongy and bad German. Here there is something in need to catch up. The web page of the broker is still available in total on ten languages. In everybody this Supportdienstleistungen are offered. In addition are available the contact by email, a live chat and a phone hotline. In our test we briefly had to wait, until a freelance had time for us. All our questions were answered fast and concerning the contents continuing. Our opinion concerning the Supports from Optionfair is absolutely satisfactory.

Our experiences with Optionfair

All in all, the broker positions himself for Forexhandel and binary options as a reliable partner in our broker comparison there. We do not see problems concerning the seriousness. With questions and problems a skilled consultant is available to us any time. Beginners with many questions should rearrange the Internet site maybe on English, they should be mighty the language. German translations are incomprehensible partly. However, the whole assessment from Optionfair concerning the seriousness precipitates positively.

The offer from Optionfair

The offer from Optionfair

After the questions have been cleared to the trustworthiness from Option-fairly, the inquiry about all performances and conditions can follow. We have written together all relevant details in our test report to give you a quick overview about the offer of the broker.

Forex and binary options broker in one

Has specialised Optionfair in trade with currency pairs as well as in the offer of binary options. In our progress report we limit ourselves merely to the binary options. You can use beside the usual call and Put options also the rank and One to air-commercial kinds. In addition, short-term commercial kinds are available in so-called 60 second trades. Moreover, traders have access to the additional function of the Early Closure.

Income returns with Optionfair

To compare the adjusted broker to other suppliers for trade with binary options the profit chances from the usual call and Put trade should be pulled up. Income returns from up to 85 percent promises to you Optionfair. In the direct comparing with other suppliers the broker lies rather in the centrefield. However, with other Tradingarten higher profits are possible. However, you must make yourselves deliberate that with it also the risk rises. About 300 percent of income return are here in it.

How other serious and on customer’s friendliness careful brokers also allowed Optionfair the installation of a loss hedging. Specifically this amounts up to 15%. Though with a loss hedging dwindle the income return chances, however, particularly beginners should fall back on it to lower the Risko.

Trade from the browser

Optionfair a Tradingsoftware and commercial platform which is to be served directly from the browser offers you. The download of a programme is not necessary. Not only trade of every computer with internet connection is thereby easily possible, but also the Traden about mobile terminals like Smartphones and Tablet PCs. In addition, the Tradingsoftware it is very easy and structured clear, Also beginners have no problems to find the way about the stable system. In addition, Optionfairs commercial software is held in German and differently found out than the Internet presence a careful translation.

Optionfair payment and payouts

Optionfair payment

Payments can be carried out with Optionfair about the known payment methods by credit card, bank transfer, Moneybookers, western union, Skrill and Neteller. Some other, but more unknown services are also ready. However, PayPal is not offered by the broker.

Payment possibilities: Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, Maestro, bank transfer, Western Union, Skrill, Neteller, Webmoney, Qiwi, China Union Pay, Abaqoos, iDeal
Minimal payment: 250€
Trade from: 10€
Account processing possibly in: Euro, British pound, US dollar
Payment options: Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, Maestro, bank transfer, Skrill, Neteller, Webmoney

Concerning the payment must be pointed out to the fact that only one payment per 30 days can be applied free of charge. Every other payment of money is conducted accounting with 30€ per monetary transfer. For it the payment is very reliable with Optionfair. Money is credited within less working days on the account of the customers.

Premiums and Optionfair bonuses

For beginners quite a special offer has cobbled together Optionfair. If you your trade with the broker begin your first five Trades are guaranteed and completely riskless. Besides, you can profit from income return chances from up to 89 percent. There are no Margin and no spreads for you. This is vital in particular in the area of trade with currency pairs (Forex).

In addition, offers Optionfair over and over again interesting and extensive actions and bonus programmes. One is, for example, the competition with which the longest series of successful Trades with a profit are paid. In the weekly profit package 25,000 US dollars are tipped out to all participants and female participants.

Payment bonus: 10% to 30%
Bonus conditions: Commercial volumes of the from 40 to 80-fold of the bonus amount, depending on the amount of the bonus
Validity: temporal restrictions are stated
Other bonuses: Monthly doctorates

The payment bonuses and other premium programmes change with Optionfair steadily and are over and over again also for professional traders very interesting decorates. Topically there is, for example, 30% of payment bonus on the first payment. Turn directly to the Live Support team to get this granted. If you after successful registration also a friend to the broker lead receive on a payment of that between 150 and 300€ a bonus of 100€. If your friend pays 500€ or more one there are even 500€. With up to 150€ of payment you still receive 25€. A business which can be worthwhile very much, because the number of the friends, which can be invited is boundless.

High minimal deposit

On payment by credit card and Neteller it is possible to overshoot with 300 euros with Optionfair. Who must liked to transfer his money with a bank transfer against it already to 500 euros deposit. A little taken aback we have become, because is explicitly mentioned with the bonus that a friend should deposit 150 euros, the advertiser 100 euros of bonus receives. However, no amounts can be deposited according to terms of business less than 300€.

In spite of relatively small least trade sum of 25 euros the high payment requirements are not attractive just for novices by binary options. You should collect rather somewhere else her first experiences.

Not many assets available

A total of 29 stocks, 21 foreign currency, 9 commodities and 14 indexes are tradable with Optionfair. The choice is not particularly big, however, is enough just for beginners. In comparison to other Forex brokers the choice is subnormal in currency pairs. Therefore, the broker is suited only for trade with binary options.

Educational opportunities via Optionfair

The Optionfair education centre passes of a glossary about frequently asked questions, basics, eBook, teaching programme videos, to signals for trade as well as introduction texts on the subject. All in all, an extensive offer which is installed in comparison to the other supplier rather on an average.

One of the biggest advantages for beginners as well as professional traders lies with Optionfair in the offered demo account. The demo makes available to announced users and female users a free account which is filled with play money. You can collect about this account the first experiences in the real market and completely riskless traden and act. For beginners this is the perfect entrance. Many information which is provided should be consulted. Then tricks and tips can be tested directly in the market.

However, also advanced traders profit from the demo account. If it is a matter to test new tactics and strategies the demo account is perfectly suited. Moreover, you receive as a trader by the use of the account more routine. Do not miss this chance. It must be mentioned that the demo account can be used during Optionfair only five days. Then it is concluded again.

Conclusion: Optionfair is trusted broker

Though an established broker for binary options is optionfair, should appeal in future, however, also to novices better. During the last years massive changes were already carried out. We assume from the fact that these efforts are intensified in the next time. Inhibition threshold is probably the high least insert of 300 euros. Indeed, a functioning system is offered to traders for it which makes an impression high-quality in total in connection with a customer-oriented company and exemplary Support.
One of the brokers probably best known in Germany is optionfair. The supplier has specialised not only in binary options, but also in the Forex trade. We will concentrate for the test, however, merely upon ersteren area. It is won over with Optionfair particularly with the reliable and serious image…



Not a scam

Optionfair a very interesting offer with different binary options trade types and very high income returns up to 91%.

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