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We of have the broker option Click looked at closely and easily while both the Binary options offer as well as the seriousness of the question. Nevertheless, we have come to the conclusion that the trade offer relatively well established and the seriousness is guaranteed. Here Option Click is the trade name of the Lead Capital Market Ltd., whose headquarters are located within the EU. However, we found some negative aspects during our experience with Option Click.

5 good arguments for Option Click:

  • Seat and regulation within the EU
  • Return of up to 85 percent possible
  • Four different trade types on offer
  • € 10 minimum trading amount
  • Demo account for testing available

1. Regulation: EU regulation exists?

OptionClick Seat and regulation: EU regulation exists?

Many online brokers have their headquarters in Cyprus. This is according to our experience with Option Click also in this broker the case. Since Cyprus is in the EU, this is very beneficial and also what makes it a serious impression.

The regulation is carried out by the CySEC, representing the Cypriot Financial Regulator. It is regarded as trustworthy and monitors the broker, so Option Click will act seriously. In addition, the online broker is MiFID compliant. This also makes the funds and data of each option Click customer up to a sum of € 20,000 per customer are secured.

In addition, Option Click has an account with any supervisory authority within the EU can be. Among other things, this also includes the Federal Institute for Financial Services (BaFin), which represents the German authorities for financial supervision.

Therefore, we can say in our review option click that the broker is EU regulated and customer deposits are also protected by the MiFID. Furthermore, the broker with BaFin is registered. This also points out that no option exists click fraud.

2. Trade Offer: Four trade types to choose from

OptionClick Trade Offer: Four trade types to choose from

Since Option Click has registered not only in Cyprus but also in all other EU countries as a broker, he has a lot of customers, some of which do not speak English. Therefore, the broker offers many languages for many customers. Among other things, is website thus also in German available. This is a great advantage and can thus be incorporated into our positive option Click Review. In addition, however, the broker also offers the languages French, Italian, Russian and Arabic.

Furthermore, we have also looked at the trade offer of online broker. Here, we found that there are several assets to choose from. These include commodities, indices, stocks and currencies. This traders have a wide choice of various trading opportunities.

In the binary options to Option Click has also not held on a type of trade, but holds no less than four of its customers. The best known of these is probably the Up / Down option, which are used by many traders. In addition to this option, the broker also provides the range option, the one-touch option and the 60 second option.

Option Click offers a wide range of different trading styles. The assets ranging meanwhile of commodities and indices on stocks to currencies. In addition to this, the broker, such is multilingual in German, available.

3.Trading Conditions & Minimum deposit: From 200 Euro account opening possible

OptionClick Trading Conditions & Minimum deposit: From 200 Euro account opening possible

Next in our test, we dealt with the trading conditions. While these give no answer to the question of whether Option Click fraud or serious, but yet they divulge the amount of possible return and the minimum deposit and minimum trading amount.

In our option Click experiences we have found in this regard first that the yield up to 85 percent may be. Since many brokers a lower yield, but also some higher, floating the broker in the middle and has therefore not always enough.

In addition, we found that over 180 underlyings available for action are. Although we in ouroptions experiences XTB Binary have found that this broker over 700 underlyings makes available for selection, we have to say at this point that the number of securities underlying options Click is perfectly adequate. Many other brokers do not even offer half of this comprehensive basic values catalog.

In addition, we looked at the minimum deposit and the minimum and maximum total trade. Here we could find that you open an account already from 200 Euro minimum deposit can. The minimum trade amount is 10 €. The amounts to maximum trading amount 1,000 euros. This is more disadvantageous because it is in the low range. Broker as Option Rally bidding for example, a maximum trading amount of EUR 5,000. The minimum trade totals € 10 compare favorably with other brokers did very well, as they are very low and therefore are well suited especially for beginners.

The trading terms are limited compared from more favorable. So there is a low minimum trading amount, a rather low minimum deposit and a high return. The 180 underlyings are perfectly adequate. The only drawback is the maximum trade amount that low fails with € 1,000.

4. Trading Platform and Mobile Trading: Option Click experiences show clear construction

OptionClick Trading Platform and Mobile Trading: Option Click experiences show clear construction

Just as important as the trading conditions we find the trading platform.These should be stable and perform trades quickly. It should also be extremely user-friendly and clear, so that even beginners can along well.

Thanks to our experience with Option Click we had the opportunity to examine the trading platform of the broker accurately. First we found out here that the platform web-based is. This is very advantageous since no download necessary is.

Then we found in addition that they made very clear and customer-friendly was. There are chart analysis, which can be useful and helpful in trading.

We also looked at the mobile trading opportunities. Here it turned out that the broker only a mobile app has in store for its customers with Android devices. But can mobile website be used by any other mobile terminal, which was also very clearly structured.

A disadvantage in this area of our option Click Test that no mobile app for iOS devices is available. It is advantageous, however, that the platform web-based and is built overall very structured.

5. Account Opening and Bonus: According Option Click Test two bonuses

OptionClick Account Opening and Bonus: According Option Click Test two bonuses

Ultimately, of course you can open a trading account with Option Click.This succeeds easily online. Therefore one must first of all register.For this purpose, the personal information is entered, confirmed the terms and the form finally sent. Then you have to pay the required minimum amount. This is, as already mentioned, 200 euros. If this is done, you can already start trading.

Our option Click experience we not only learn how to quickly run out of opening an account with Option Click but have just two bonuses found. It consists of a bonus only for new customers. The amount in this case is independent of the amount of the initial deposit and is

  • at the first deposit 100%
  • in the second deposit 50%
  • in the third deposit also 50%

In addition, Option Click finally offers even the advertising premium to. To get this, you have to invite a friend who actually opened the trading account with the broker. The amount of premium depends on the deposit amount of the recruited person. However are possible from 50 to 500 euros.

Thus we can say of that Option Click is reputable. This is partly due to the fast online account opening and on the other hand at the two bonuses that are very attractive to customers. Here is a bonus only for new customers and the other for existing customers who want to woo a friend.

6. Demo account: available to any trader?

If you want to open a demo account to practice, this may also occur option Click easily done. Therefore you have to, just as in the opening of a trading account, only a fill online form. The deposit falls away from here, however, since it is a demo account with a virtual account balance is.

For this reason we have registered at this point of our option Click field report that the existing demo account is very beneficial. Finally, it provides each trader the opportunity to try out the binary options trading and get to know the platform or testing strategies.

7. Service & Education: Trading Academy with video tutorials

OptionClick Service & Education: Trading Academy with video tutorials

In addition, we also tested the service and the educational opportunities of the broker option Click. We discovered that there is a Trading Academy are. Here are a customer eBook and four different video courses available. The rates include the lesson about binary options in general with 13 hours and the lesson market analysis with 11 hours. The other two courses include on the one hand the advantages of binary options and other option strategies.These two courses, each lasting 10 hours. In addition, Option Click provides a glossary and tutorials on the trading platforms. In addition, the broker explains how to act.

Furthermore, there is a VIP-trading program and a custom-trading program, in which one can be either custom-Trader, Gold VIP Trader or Custom Platinum Trader. Is it such a dealer, you get many benefits. For example, you will be rewarded with higher profits or receives bonus points, loyalty services and much more.

But the customer, we have not left out in our option Click experiences. This can be either by mail or by phone can be achieved. As a quick alternative is the broker in addition to live chat to.

For these reasons, we can say in our option Click Test that the support services of the broker can be easily reached and that there are many free educational services. These include in particular the four video courses on Binary options. Two other advantages ultimately represent the trading programs that reward every customer with more profit or bonuses.

8. Deposits and withdrawals: no fee and immediate attention

Our option Click experiences we have also engaged us with the deposit and withdrawal. Here, we found that no fees for a transaction to be fixed. This applies to both single as well for payouts. Another advantage also is that the payment directly edited is.


n addition, for each transaction are several options to choose from.These include among others, MasterCard and VISA. There is also the option on Diners Club International, Discover over, Skrill or Neteller on or pay. Further offers option Click, immediate transfer and Giropay deposit funds. However, payouts are not possible here.

Therefore, we can say in our option Click test that there are several ways to deposit and almost as many for payout. However, a transaction can not be completed by bank transfer. Nevertheless, the broker has two important advantages: firstly, no fees are charged, the other orders are always processed immediately.

9. Seriousness: Is Option Click fraud or serious?

OptionClick Seriousness: Is Option Click fraud or serious?

In our test, it was mainly about the question of whether Option Click fraud or is reputable. Speak many facts in each case against a fraud.For example, is the office within the EU. Thus, the broker is the same EU-regulated. This is done by the Cypriot Financial Regulator CySEC, which is regarded as trustworthy.

Furthermore, Option Click MiFID compliant registered and at the Federal Institute for Financial Services (BaFin). These two points hold against an option click fraud. Finally, by the funds, as well as the data of the customers are protected.

For the integrity of the broker also speaks the reputable crafted Web page that also, at least in large part, is also available in German. There are also a German support, which can help with problems or questions competently.

Thus we can say at this point that option Click proves seriousness. This is partly due to the EU regulation and the BaFin registration and the other hand on the German website and the German support. In addition, the broker MiFID compliant.

10. Our conclusion: Especially for beginners

All aspects considered together, we can say in our option Click assessment that the broker on the whole for just about any Trader is suitable. Because through the demo account, the training opportunities and the four different binary options, customers can not only practice the action, but also have different trading options are available. Due to the EU regulation and the German support option Click acts also trustworthy. Again, this is according to our review a plus. However, the broker also offers one or the other disadvantage. For example, there is no app and also the bank transfer option in the missing deposits and withdrawals. In addition, there is a maximum total trade of 1,000 euros, which traders are a little limited. However, the broker for virtually any trader is, however, especially for beginners. The pluses of Option Click in the overview:

1.four free video courses on Binary Options

2.Binary options offer extensive

3.low minimum deposit of 200 euros

4.England support through email, telephone and live chat accessible

5.Security by CySEC regulation

6.Bonus for new customers up to 300 Euro fees for payments

We of have the broker option Click looked at closely and easily while both the Binary options offer as well as the seriousness of the question. Nevertheless, we have come to the conclusion that the trade offer relatively well established and the seriousness is guaranteed. Here Option Click is…



Not a scam

Optionclick is the perfect combination of current account and the numerous possibilities of international financial markets.

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