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Only for some years Option888 at the German market is active. Now with his head office in European Malta this supplier rolls up the European market and tries to win trader for the business with binary options. The promises with which this new supplier goes to the start sound tempting, in any case: A not been there variety up to now in commercial possibilities, excellent educational offer as well as a welcome bonus which searches currently his equals in the industry. However, what is behind these lucrative promises? We have tested Option888 and introduce our experiences with this supplier here in the test. In addition, there is still all important information about payment methods.

Income return: up to 180% of income return, up to 20% Refund
Options: Touch, One Touch, Turbo
Assets: more than 280 currencies, commodities, stocks
Regulation: CySec

Option888 is active not only at the German market with own subsidiary, but also in the Netherlands, in Spain, in Sweden and France. The principle of trade with binary options is possibly easy: Basis is always a basis value elective by the traders. This can be a currency, a stock, an index or also a certain raw material. Besides, he must forecast merely properly whether this value rises in a before agreed period or falls and a suitable amount on it place. Besides, substantial profits are possible in the shortest time if one forecasts the movement of prices properly. In the opposite case the used capital is completely lost. scam or not? Review

Company: Altair Entertainment N.V.
Address: Dr. M.J. Hugenholtzweg Z/N UTS Gebouw, Curaçao
Registration number : #131458
Regulation: CySEC
Phone: +496964350936
eMail: [email protected]
Live Chat: not available
Contact form: available

Extensive offer and favorable conditions

The fact that Option888 would like to contrast with the competition, becomes already clear if one gets an overview over the tradable instruments or financial products. Basically trade in the areas is possible for currencies, indexes, stocks and commodities. Only in tradable currency pairs more than 40 combinations are available. After our experiences also with other brokers is this one very stately choice which does not limit the dealer with it to some possibilities. Therefore special knowledge can be absolutely used and individual strategies be pursued, as far as this is possible with binary options. Besides, many become, even if not all combinations between the currencies US dollar, to Australian and Canadian and New Zealand dollar, British pound, Japanese yen, Turkish lira, Norwegian crown, rouble, to Swiss franc and South African edge offered. A specific feature which up to now only completely few suppliers have in the programme is to be bet the possibility on the exchange rate relation of the Internet currencies Bitcoin and Litecoin to the dollar.

Also with the commodities a choice wide really is available to the dealer: Among the rest, moreover counts the growth of copper, coffee, grain, gold, natural gas, silver or also soy beans. With look at the indexes the supplier Option888 after our experience has managed very good splits between worldwide known indexes and interesting values from the second and third row. Beside the internationally best known indexes Dow Jones from the USA, the Japanese Nikkei or the slope Singing in Hong Kong there are also less known indexes like the German MDax, Kuwait 15 or Tel Aviv 25 from Israel. In total about 30 different values stand in this segment for the choice.

Extensive offer and favorable conditions

The offer is completed by an extensive choice of stocks from Germany and Europe, as well as from America or Asia. For the choice belong possibly the German values Thyssen’s croup or Lufthansa. With look at America can be put on the growth of PepsiCo, Mc Donalds, Nike or Mircosoft.
In total Option888 seems to have proved a good little hand with the choice of the tradable instruments, because the commercial portfolio covers very much cleverly a very wide spectrum of regions, industrial segments and financial products which opens a lot of commercial possibilities and strategies for the dealer.

Besides, Option888 offers four different commercial possibilities with the options which are based everybody on the identical principle. Beside the binary options as a classical commercial product there are to so-called One air options, rank options as well as 60-second options. By One air options it is a matter of forecasting whether within a certain time a before agreed value is crossed or falls short. By rank options the dealer bets on the fact that the value is at the end of the settled period in a certain area. With 60-second options which are also known under the name Turbo options it is a matter of predicting the movement of prices for a period of 60 seconds.

Binary options cannot be traded with Option888 mobile

Option888 is a broker who concentrates upon the Trading of binary options on his platform on the Internet and makes available here his knowledge and his expert’s assessment. Up to now against it he refuses to open the possibility for mobile trade with Apps for his customers also, a service which currently already some competitors offer. Some customers will miss absolutely this. Option888 possibly still amends at this point and offers in future also an ext.

Attractive bonus for the customers of Option888

The bonus politics of Option888 is aimed above all to extend the commercial activities of the customers by additional capital and to improve the profit chances with it also. That is a bonus which can be used in the Trading is credited on the deposited capital. Nevertheless, in case of a payment of the account this interest is tipped out not to the customer, but is withheld. In addition, the bonus is bound to a certain turnover of the dealer. Only if the commercial turnover reaches the 30-fold the share relevant for the bonus of the payment, the bonus on the account of the dealer is credited.

Payment bonus: 30% to 1500$ on first payment
Bonus conditions: Minimal payment 500$, 30-fold turnover of the payment
Validity: no restriction
Other bonuses: none

There there comes the promise of Option888 to be able to deal with the first trade riskless and to let refund this by phone call in case of a loss. This reparation bonus is guaranteed up to a before agreed and deposited amount or to at most 2000 euros (or pound or US dollar).

Support in several languages

Option888 offers an extensive Support on different canals and into different languages is available. Beside the most important medium, the live chat, are available basically also phone, e-mail, Facebook and Twitter as media for the establishment of contact and the exchange of information. However, after our experiences with Option888 it is less the variety, than rather the promise to answer fast and competently which makes the offering for dealers attractive. At least concerning the live chat the service is right with the broker. Also positively the attractive offer of modern analysis tools and commercial tools can be evaluated. Thus the dealer has with Option888 the possibility to extend periods or to conclude the position already before the expiry of the period (Extend / Close).

Extensive offer of webinars & trainings

Trade with binary options is certainly nothing for beginners on the stock exchange. Option888 also points to it clearly. Who gets involved, nevertheless, in this commercial form and does not avoid the high risk of this commercial kind, can fall back with Option888 on a respectable offer of continuing education offers. This is based on three columns: Beside the videos which clear up about principles like risk distribution or basic concepts with the Trading with options, there is a relatively extensive offer of the exchange rates also offered by video which clear up about trading strategies or procedures of the technical analysis. The third column is own E-Book format which is ready on the web page to the download. Here the interested dealer is able to do himself in rest about the basic concepts and specific features of trade with binary options widely-read. Besides, there is a live chat, nevertheless, rather for the answer more technically or. of administrative questions is conceived and to the strategical consultation cannot be taken up.

A certain specific feature in comparison to other suppliers of binary options shows the possibility to test the mechanisms of the offered instruments about one demo account provided by Option888 without going directly into risk. Here point of our experiences which should be absolutely used just in the segment of highly speculative trade this possibility to make clear to itself the risks of this variant of the stock exchange dealings.

Still no top standard with regulation & insert protection

Payment possibilities : credit cards, bank transfer
Minimal payment: 250€
Fees: none
Account processing possibly in: Euro, the US dollar, British pound, Danish crowns, Norwegian crowns, Swedish crowns
Payment options: Credit cards, bank transfer

Where is traded with binary options, it is often about high amounts and with it about the capital of the customers. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the fact which role plays the subject Insert protection and Regulation. However, with reference to the insert protection the dealer must renounce the standards to which one is used of other suppliers absolutely. Indeed, trade is also limited upwards, so that no exorbitant amounts should stand at stake. Option888 is adjusted by the Cysec, so the Cypriot state financial supervision which guarantees the observance of basic standards. Finally, Cyprus member of the European Union and with it is bound to suitable security default. Tips to scam and Duffing could not be also found with this supplier accordingly, because it concerns a serious broker.

Quite usual ones are in the segment of the on-line brokers intuitive Anmeldvorgänge quickly to be mastered. So also with Option888. Our experiences have shown clearly that there is to complain with this supplier in this regard of nothing. According to the personal dates and contact specifications as well as the account connection it can go off, in principle, directly with trade. Who would like to get before one more overview what is to be noticed with a registration with an on-line broker like Option888, would be pointed out to our video which offers an informative overview.

Result — Not a scam

Option888 calls itself leading supplier in his segment and refers here above all to his wide offer, the extensive possibilities for the technical analysis as well as to a wide offer of information. As far as we can assess on grounds of our experiences with Option888, the broker also cashes this promise on the whole. However, need to catch up still exists in the area of the insert protection. Even if with Option888 the applications are limited and, hence, not the quite big money is moved, this instrument belongs meanwhile simply to the good tone and provides the seriousness, also disposes of the Option888 definitely. Prevividly the detailed and open contact with the commercial product is also binary options: Option888 makes clear unmistakably that it concerns, on this occasion, highly speculative financial bets with which a huge loss risk exists. Who has cleared this also for himself personally, finds with Option888 of our opinion after a very good partner for trade with binary options.
Only for some years Option888 at the German market is active. Now with his head office in European Malta this supplier rolls up the European market and tries to win trader for the business with binary options. The promises with which this new supplier goes to the start sound tempting,…



Not a scam

Option888 is a sure broker who offers a unique offer of binary options and high income returns.

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  1. Option888
    They are scamers…many different ways option888 rip their client off. Don’t trust them. They take the account up with a fake chart. They will make you a fool!

  2. Vishal persaud

    Option888 is a big scam…I invested $7000.00 usd and got $0.00 returns. And I had a Accounts Manager. He took the account up to $12000.00, after I made a withdrawal of $250.00 they wipe all my funds. I will later post proof of the way they rip me off. Don’t invest with this scam.

     Don’t invest with option888 they are professional scamers.

     Stay away they seams like helpful people but they are scams. The account manager took my account from $7000.00 to a $12000.00 then when I withdraw  $250.00 the wipe my account…. I will post more on this site and more site with snap screen shots

  3. Yes it is scam. Google and find yourself. My trader, a gent called Bernd Schneider used to trade with 5% of the budget. Suddenly he used 75% in 4 trades which all get lost! That never happened before in 4 weeks. Next day Mr. Morelli calls you to make up the loss — just need to recharge the budget…
    Your money is lost — surely.

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