Binary options brokers 2017 / Option scam or not? Review

Option scam or not? Review

The online broker Option Trade has its headquarters within the EU, and was founded in, 2013. The binary options ranging here from classical through to turbo option. The account opening takes place quite easily online, so you can start immediately after the first deposit.In addition, you get a cash match bonus. Also, the demo account will be shown after the registration so that you can practice before trading.The many video courses, webinars, etc. help in this case. We have but we also looked at whether Option Trade or fraud is serious and studied this closely.

5 good arguments for Option Trade:

  • Deposit guarantee up to EUR 20,000 per customer
  • Cash match bonus up to 500 Euro
  • Unlimited demo account available
  • Yield up to 88 percent
  • Minimum deposit 200 Euro

1. Regulation: According Option Trade experiences BaFin-registered

OptionTrade Seat and regulation: According Option Trade experiences BaFin-registered

Just like many of the competitors also, the broker Option Trade has its headquarters in Cyprus and thus also within the EU. This is an advantage because you so from an EU regulation can go out and security. Finally, the broker is thus on the Cypriot State Financial Supervisory Authority, which regulates CySEC. We also found in our experience with Option Trade that the Bank also registered with the Federal Institute for Financial Services (BaFin) was.

Therefore, we have registered in our test firstly that Option Trade is secured by the CySEC and is registered to another with BaFin. Through these agencies the funds are finally secured. It also proves that Option Trade serious concerns and is not a fraud.

2. Trade Offer: Option Trade Test shows versatile range

Furthermore, we have also looked at our option Trade experiences the trade offer. Here we found that the assets offered currencies pairs, commodities, indices and stocks are. We also found that the broker offers three accounts: The default account, the premium account and VIP account. All three are in the currencies of US dollars, euros and pounds available.

For this purpose we determined the various marketing options. For Option Trade offers not only the traditional call / put option, but has the same many more ready. So you can also find by the wire method by which couples option or by the one-touch trading trading. In addition, the broker offers a long-barreled and 60 second option.

Traders have characterized a wide range of assets and to trade options. There are also three accounts, each customer can choose one. Thus, we can say in our Option Trade review that the broker Total holds a versatile range.

3. Trading Conditions & Minimum deposit: Three trading accounts to choose from

OptionTrade Trading Conditions & Minimum deposit: Three trading accounts to choose from

As already mentioned, there are three commercial accounts for selection. Each of the three accounts has its own trading conditions and also has its own minimum deposit. We of have looked at these conditions in detail.

We were able to find out that the default account a return of up to 83 percent can bring. When Premium Account there are however, already up to 85 percent and for VIP account up to 88 percent.

But not only the yield is different. Also available underlyings are different for each account. So the standard account are indeed more than 80 underlyings available, but the Premium account it is already 120. VIP account holders even benefit from more than 180 underlyings.

Furthermore, is the minimum deposit 200 euros. However, anyone who wants to open the Premium Account, must deposit a minimum of 1,000 euros. When VIP account the minimum initial payment amounts to 5,000 euros, however.

Despite the differences, the accounts have nevertheless one thing in common: The minimum trading sum is always five euros. In addition, you can also open multiple accounts under the same name. Only you get a log-in, which applies to all accounts. We have found in a minority of brokers this possibility. With most brokers, such as in Option Rally can namely only open an account.

In our option trade experience, we can therefore state that the broker for any trader holds the appropriate account. It has, however, with the default account a relatively high yield and also well enough underlyings available. For beginners, this account is therefore highly recommended. Advantageously, in addition, that each customer can open multiple accounts and this can always use the same log-in data.

4. Trading Platform and Mobile Trading: With many useful trading tools

OptionTrade Trading Platform and Mobile Trading: With many useful trading tools

Was tested by us also the trading platform. This is web-based and running very quickly, and that without delay. Moreover, there is, however, a desktop application that can be installed. In addition, there is also a mobile app that is available for Android and iOS and the same trading tools and features exhibits such as the web-based or desktop application.

One of the trading tools is the rollover, which can increase the chances. Another, however, is the Double-Up, which doubles the amount originally invested. There is also a sales option, limits the losses, a graphic chronicle showing the recent developments of the plants, as well as a multi-view, through which one can overlook several trades simultaneously and even place. Furthermore, there is the function share pair. Here one can contrast two larger plants. Likewise, one is trade confirmation available.This freezes the rate for three seconds. This one has the opportunity to decide whether to proceed with the trade or want to make an abortion.

On the positive side, in any case, that the trading platform on the web, is available as a desktop application and as an app. But also the many commercial tools that also are also very convenient, are advantages in trading platform and mobile trading.

5. Account Opening and bonus: Online registration with cash match bonus

OptionTrade Account Opening and bonus: Online registration with cash match bonus

In order to open an option Trade accounts, you can online fill out a form, by merely changing the data: name, phone, email and country must be indicated. Then the need Conditions and risk declaration read and also confirmed are. Finally, you finally can even make your first deposit to then trade.

We also have in our Option Trade experiences a cash match bonus found. In order to get that, you must first open the account and transfer the minimum balance. Once this is done, which is bonus of 100 percent directly credited to a special bonus account. Released this will eventually, if the required trading volume is reached. This is 20 times the value of the initial deposit and the cash match bonus. The maximum amount is however set at 500 euros.

Opening an account manages basically very quickly. This gives an additional cash match bonus, which may not exceed 500 euros. However, this has to be reached a certain volume of trade.

6. Demo account: unlimited and free

OptionTrade Demo account: unlimited and free

While our experience with Option Trade we looked around after a demo account. This we have actually found. While it would not point to an option trade fraud, if none were available, but an advantage it brings at least with. Finally, one can thus test the action with a virtual bank.The promotional credit is at Option Trade 1,000 US dollars. The demo account can be opened but not until after one has opened a trading account. For the demo account, however, is free and can indefinitely be used.

Thus, we can add them to our Option Trade Test that the broker offers a free demo account with a starting balance of 1,000 euros. The disadvantage here is that it can only be used if already opened a trading account. The advantage is that there is no limited credit limit. This is unlike many other brokers. For example, we have in our Dukascopy experiences found that the demo account is available for 14 days here only.

7. Service & Education: Tailor-made training courses, video courses and webinars

OptionTrade Service & Education: Tailor-made training courses, video courses and webinars

The customer service and the educational opportunities are just two important points that should not be missed in our Option Trade review.The customer here is available through email, telephone and live chat. He also multilingual is, you can reach him in German also.Facilities he stands from Monday to Friday, around the clock, so you should get with the times no problem. Who also has the VIP account can from a personal account managers benefit.

The educational opportunities are largely on the respective account depends. Although there are for each customer an ebook about Binary options as well as free video tutorials, but the option Trade Academy is not any completely free of charge.Thus, only the standard account holders introduction lesson received. The Premium account holders in turn have access to basic training and VIP account holders to the advanced course.

Similarly, the different webinars. Does anyone have a standard account, it can take only up to level 1 in the seminars. Premium account holders can however take up to the second stage and VIP account holders up to Level 3. For this purpose, however, must also be said that these webinars unavailable in German are, but only in English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Czech and Polish.

There are also customized training, but also only the VIP customers available indefinitely.The offered Glossary by the key terms are included, while the freely accessible to all customers.

Overall, evidence of customer support expertise and indicated thus simultaneously out that no option Trade fraud. The educational opportunities are meanwhile very versatile.Unfortunately, however, can not take advantage of all the options all accountholders.

8. Deposits and withdrawals: Toll-free transactions?

OptionTrade Deposits and withdrawals: Toll-free transactions?

The deposits and withdrawals can at option Trade via bank transfer, credit card or online payment option to be done. The accepted credit cards are Visa, Visa Electron and MasterCard. For payments the following rules apply:

  • Bank transfers take two to seven working days, are free and can be done from 250 euros.
  • Credit card payments take only up to ten minutes, are also free and can be done from 50 Euro to 15,000 Euro.
  • Transactions via Skrill, Neteller, WebMoney, etc., although already from 50 Euro possible, partly this is achieved, however, only up to a sum of 5,000 euros, partly but also up to 15,000 euros. This deposit will be processed immediately.

For withdrawals as some rules apply:

  • Go orders a 10:00, they are usually processed the same day.
  • Payments by bank transfer are available from 150 euros. It lasts two to seven days here.
  • By credit card amounts from 10 Euro to be paid up to 10,000 euros. Again, it takes two to seven days.
  • By online payment option succeeds from 10 euros to 4,000 euros, and only at Skrill and Neteller.

As a rule, no fees of Option Trade even applicable. Only if you want to carry out a transaction is below the minimum specification, must the fees all contribute themselves.

Who wants to do a transaction with option trade, this can easily by bank transfer, credit card or one of the many online payment options. Here, however, there is always a minimum amount and up to the transaction by bank transfer and a maximum amount.Here are only applicable fees, if the information is not correct.

9. Seriousness: Is Option Trade scam or legitimate?

Our last question in our Option Trade test is about whether Option Trade or fraud is serious. First of all, we can say that here Broker founded in 2013 was thus still quite young. Nevertheless, he is by the regulated CySEC and is MiFID compliant.

In addition, the broker thanks to the membership of the Investors Compensation Fund offers a deposit guarantee. She is also a member of the Investor Compensation Fund (ICF). For this reason, are deposits guaranteed up to 20,000 euros per customer. This also indicates the seriousness. There is also the website in German. The only drawback is that theConditions available in English are.

According to our Option Trade Review, we can finally say that Option Trade serious concerns because it is monitored not only by the Cypriot Financial Regulator, but also MiFID is compatible and has a deposit insurance of up to 20,000 euros.

10. Our conclusion: Serious broker with many possibilities

All in all we can say in our Option Trade Review that Option Trade is a reputable broker and offers many advantages. The benefits begin doing at the various marketing options that are available, and end at the free transactions that are possible by credit card, bank transfer and also via online payment option. In addition, the broker offers a good regulated by the CySEC and a deposit insurance of up to 20,000 euros, according to our Option Trade experiences. Thus Option Trade is not only serious, but also has many opportunities for traders open. The pluses of Option Trade in the overview:

1.Seat and regulation within the EU
2.Deposit guarantee up to EUR 20,000 per customer
3.Bonus available up to 500 Euro transactions possible
5.extensive trade offer available

The online broker Option Trade has its headquarters within the EU, and was founded in, 2013. The binary options ranging here from classical through to turbo option. The account opening takes place quite easily online, so you can start immediately after the first deposit.In addition, you get a cash match…



Not a scam

Option Trade is the perfect combination of current account and the numerous possibilities of international financial markets.

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