Binary options brokers 2017 / Option scam or not? Review

Option scam or not? Review

Promotion of Option Rally there are many different options, including the Call-put and the wire method. In addition, the broker offers several advantages, such as a welcome bonus or a relatively high yield.However, whether he is trustworthy, we wanted also know and have option Rally therefore taken under the microscope to find out whether the broker is trustworthy or untrustworthy.

5 good arguments for Option Rally:

  • Comprehensive range including Short and Long Term
  • EU Regulated by CySEC
  • Return of up to 81 percent
  • German Customer Support available
  • Training Center for beginners and experienced traders

1. Regulation: Option Rally test shows headquartered in Cyprus

OptionRally Seat and regulation: Option Rally test shows headquartered in Cyprus

Founded Broker Option Rally in Cyprus. There is, according to our Option Rally experiences also the headquarters. Nevertheless, we found just that a lot of branches in several other countries of the world are.

So there is also a branch in Germany. But even in the United Kingdom, Spain, France, Portugal, Italy, Greece and Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway and the Netherlands Option Rally establishment takes place respectively. The bank this is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). This is the Financial Services Authority in Cyprus.

Overall, we can conclude that the funds and data are secured. Finally, the broker is CySEC-regulated and is based in the EU and several offices in various European countries.

2. Trade Offer: Many options available

OptionRally Trade Offer: Many options available

The commercial offer of Option Rally is not only an option, but several, which is available to any trader available. So there is the up-down option, which is the standard binary option, the Pairs method, the wire method, the one-touch option and the Long and Short Term Methods. Thus, the customers have a wide range and can test multiple options.

The assets are further currencies, indices, stocks and commodities. We also were able to identify during our experience with Option Rally that the website and thus also the entire site is available in several languages. These include not only English, but also German, Spanish, French and many more.

Thus, many different options with different maturities are available. Also there are plenty of assets. In addition, Option Rally not only in one language, but the same in several, including German, offering their services.

3. Trading Conditions & Minimum deposit: According to Option Rally experience high returns

In our Option Rally test we have also engaged in trading conditions.These are very important because it is among other things to the profit here. This may in normal trading options up to 81 percent, respectively. In high-yield area you can even from a return of up to 500 percent profit.

Here are more than 200 stocks and more than 150 underlyings available. The terms also rich in the up-down option, the Peers and the Head method of 30 minutes up to twelve hours. When Long Term you can even choose two to seven days as runtime. When Short Term contrast maturities of 60 seconds up to five minutes are possible.

Also, we should look at the minimum deposit also. Without this finally you can not open the account. This is 250 euros with Option Rally. A maximum amount but there is no. This purpose, however, there is a maximum trading amount of EUR 5,000.

Therefore, we can take in our Option Rally experience report that returns can be rather high. In addition, a lot of underlying assets are available and as is the minimum deposit of 250 Euros rather low high. A disadvantage, however, is the maximum total trade.

4. Trading Platform and Mobile Trading: With chart views and integrated Trading Center

OptionRally Trading Platform and Mobile Trading: With chart views and integrated Trading Center

Equally important is the trading platform, because if this ever crashes or hooked, a trade takes much longer. When option RallyLive Trader platform this should not happen normally. It is suitable for any browser and with a SSL encryption secured. It is not a download for use required.

Through our Option Rally experience, we were also able to find out that the platform equipped with customizable and different chart views is. Given the broker offers a trading center, which has been integrated directly into the trading platform.

The Live Trader is also available as an app. These are available for a for iOS and another for Android. For iPads this even an extra app exists. This is designed for the screen of the tablet PCs.

Since the platform and the app are secured, this testifies that Option Rally is reputable.The platform is customizable and offers different chart views. In addition, the broker offers an app that was developed for iOS and Android operating system.

5. Account Opening and bonus: bonus for every deposit

OptionRally Account Opening and bonus: bonus for every deposit

Once you decide on an option Rally account, you can open this easily by going to the home page of the broker. There you can directly fill in the form, which is for registration. Then you can already the first deposit make. Once this is finished, the available trading no more obstacles.

In our experience with Option Rally, we also also may find that the bank has multiple accounts to choose from. The accounts have in each case a specific welcome bonus. So there is the Mini trading account in which customers of one of the first deposit bonus of 15 percent can benefit. The customers who choose the Standard Trading Account, the Executive Trading Account or the VIP Club account, however get a bonus of 25 percent.

In addition, each customer receives a bonus of 10 percent for each additional deposit. The percentage is always calculated from the amount of deposit from.

Thanks to the two bonuses offered for each account, the attractiveness of the broker increases in any case. While a premium is not mandatory, but they can be regarded as positive. The account opening is very simple and takes just three steps.

6. Demo Account: Provides Option Rally an account to practice?

Is a demo account available, this is a great advantage, because customers have the possibility to make a picture of the broker and to practice trading. Especially beginners takes this to the best, as they can practice the first steps so without losing their entire investment. But even experienced traders can by used to the trading platform. In Option Rally but no demo account, unfortunately, exist. Other brokers, such as XTB have, however, be available a demo account for their clients.

Since no demo account with Option Rally is present, traders can not practice, deal or learn how to trade at all with the trading platform. This is a great disadvantage, which is not present in many competing brokers.

7. Service & Education: Is Option Rally fraud or serious in terms of support and training?

OptionRally Service & Education: Is Option Rally fraud or serious in terms of support and training?

In our test, if Option Rally fraud or serious, we also looked at the customer service and educational opportunities. We determined that the broker a training center offering that both beginners and experienced traders holds several training opportunities.

So Option Rally offers three web seminars, which can be attended live. There are also free ebooks that have been written mostly for beginners, mostly for professionals. Furthermore, there are several video tutorials and a glossary of all major trading terms. In addition, some customers have the option of a single training open. Who wants to take this claim, should hold discussions with the client manager or customer support. Unfortunately, it has to be said that many of the educational opportunities are available in English only. In addition, not all customers use the above options, because it always depends on the selected account, how much you can use.

The customer, meanwhile, by mail and telephone, but also by live chat and callback service available. He shall enter their own email address and a personal telephone number assigned for each country, so that one also a England support can achieve. This proves that no option exists Rally fraud. At the same time it is also very advantageous for the support from Monday to Sunday 24 hours is achievable. This option Rally offers the opportunity to have an employee from morning to night around the clock.

Therefore, we can hold in our Option Rally test that the broker appears serious at this point. Finally, there is a 24-hour support service and a training center by videos, webinars and eBooks are available for beginners and advanced.

8. Deposits and withdrawals: Many choices

OptionRally Deposits and withdrawals: Many choices

Furthermore, we have looked at in our Option Rally experiences the deposit and withdrawal options. Here we have made a number of different options identified. So you can on the one hand by bank transfer on or pay, on the other hand, however, also by credit card. Accepted are here Visa, MasterCard and Maestro.

You can also, however, by Union WebMoney, Skrill, CashU, Neteller, ideal or Western perform transactions. Note however, one should in any case, that it partially charges are. This can five to 20 Euro amount. For although no fee credit card payments. Therefore, this is the cheapest option.The processing time for withdrawals also is 24 hours. Unlike other brokers, such as Option Trade , this is more of a short time and can therefore be considered as an advantage.

Through our experience with Option Rally in terms of deposits and withdrawals we have registered at this point in our test that the broker offers many opportunities here and it even does not charge any fees for credit cards. However, still five to 20 euros fees will be charged when the transaction is carried out via bank transfer or by WebMoney, Skrill, etc.. , Is advantageous, however, that the processing time for payments is always only 24 hours.

9. Seriousness: Option Rally experiences suggest reputable broker

Another important point in our Option Rally review is the seriousness.For these we have taken during our Option Rally experiences under the microscope. We already noted that the Bank is regulated and supervised by the CySEC is. This means in any case indicate that Option Rally serious concerns and therefore does not constitute fraud.

It must be said that the broker founded in 2011 has been and therefore already may have several years of experience. This is another argument for the seriousness. On the other hand, however, is website not or only partially available in German. The majority of it has been written only in English. Nevertheless, this does not mean that option Rally is fraud. Finally, we have also found that the website designed trustworthy was and that there was a German support are that responds competently on all issues.

Thus, we can say in our Option Rally review that option Rally not fraudulent, but more serious concerns. This can be recognized by the EU regulation, the German customer service and to the experience that has been the broker.

10. Our conclusion: serious and versatile

In our test, we wanted to know if Option Rally fraud or is reputable.We found that the broker holds many commercial options, offering a welcome bonus and also promises a return of up to 81 percent. The minimum deposit of 250 Euro is also in order and can therefore be viewed favorably as a disadvantage. Nevertheless, there are also some drawbacks that must be observed.So Option Rally provides no demo account and also not completely German website. For this, however, one can benefit from a German customer service and a large training center. Thus, we can say in total in our Option Rally Review that the broker is especially suitable for those traders who like to trade with multiple options. At the same time we can also say that the broker is likely seriously. Finally he shows experience and a good regulation. The pluses of Option Rally in the overview:

1.Binary options offer extensive

2.Seat and regulation within the EU

3.Return of up to 81 percent

4.Welcome bonus of 15 to 25 percent

5.German support around the clock available

6.great workout center with webinars, tutorials and eBooks

Promotion of Option Rally there are many different options, including the Call-put and the wire method. In addition, the broker offers several advantages, such as a welcome bonus or a relatively high yield.However, whether he is trustworthy, we wanted also know and have option Rally therefore taken under the…



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