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Opteck is the trading name of Central Spot Trading Ltd. The broker has various trading options, among which also hides the popular call-put option. Here Opteck offers not only one account, but six different, all of which are equipped with various functions. So there is in the one account more training opportunities than others. For this, however, one has the advantage of a lower minimum deposit for these accounts. We have accounts that binary options brokers and looked at the big picture.

5 good arguments for Opteck:

  • Many trading options available
  • Security by CySEC regulation
  • Available trading account already from 250 euros
  • Trading platform tested by Internet experts
  • Welcome bonus of up to 2,500 euros

1. Regulation: Monitored by CySEC

Optec Seat and regulation: Monitored by CySEC

The online broker Opteck has its headquarters, just like many other brokers also, in Cyprus and thus simultaneously within the EU.Therefore Opteck is also EU-regulated. For the Competent Authority is the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). This controlled and monitored the broker accurately. This is important to ensure that the funds and the data of each customer are secured.

In the case of the broker Opteck our Opteck yielded test that the broker is based in the EU country Cyprus and is therefore regulated by the Cyprus Financial. This argues in each case that no Opteck present fraud.

2. Trade Offer: Opteck experiences show four options

We have also looked at in more detail the commercial offer in our experience with Opteck. Here we found that the broker same holds several options and products. Thereby customers have more ways to trade successfully.

So there is on the one hand, the known call-put option, which is used by many traders, on the other hand, however, is one-touch trading available. Moreover Opteck offers Turbo trading that stands with maturities of only 30 or 60 seconds. In addition, be range options offered. Assets totaled Meanwhile on shares, indices, forex and commodities.

The trading range is according to our experiences Opteck well equipped. This is in particular the fact that the broker offers four options that can be used by any customer all. These include the call-put option, the One Touch option, the 30- and 60-second option and the range option.

3. Trading Conditions & Minimum deposit: yield up to 85 percent

Optec Trading Conditions & Minimum deposit: yield up to 85 percent

One of the most important aspects that need to look at each customer before the start of trading, the trading conditions and the minimum deposit. Because this decision not only about how much return you get, but also from which amount one can act at all.

First of all, one should know that the maturities starting in trading 60 seconds and stop at 24 hours. But also are more than 70 basic objects available. In our Opteck experiences we have also found that the yield up to 85 percent may be. With High Yield you can even make profits of more than 100 percent.

It is also important to know that Opteck offers not only a trading account, but several. Each account has his own minimum deposit. There is the Green account that you already from 250 euroscan open. The Bronze account can meanwhile be opened only from 500 euros.

The bank also offers a silver account. Here the first deposit a minimum of 1,000 euros and a maximum of 4,999 euros must be. The minimum deposit at Golden Account is however at 5,000 euros. When Platinum account the first payment must occur during which between 10,000 euros and 24,999 euros. Who, however, can pay a little more, can also use the Black Account. Here, however, the minimum deposit is 25,000 euros.

In addition to the minimum deposit, however, there are other differences. So you have in the account with the higher minimum deposit more opportunities for training and you also also receives a higher welcome bonus. Nevertheless, even the Green Account be very useful, since the minimum investment, as opposed to other accounts, here is rather low.

Opteck offers some quite favorable conditions. Thus, a return of up to 85 percent can be achieved. There are over 70 underlying assets. While there are brokers, such as Option Trade , which even make double the base objects available, yet the broker may in our Opteck review by the different accounts benefit. The minimum deposit starts here at the Green account with 250 euros and ends at the Black account with 25,000 euros.

4. Trading Platform and Mobile Trading: Safe and efficient

Optec Trading Platform and Mobile Trading: Safe and efficient

While we tested whether Opteck fraud or serious, we have in our Opteck experience as the trading platform and viewed us busy opportunities with Mobile Trading. Here, we found that one of every country in the world access to the platform has. It requires only an internet connection and a computer. Therefore, the trading platform is completely web-based and available without downloading. This is a big advantage for online brokers Opteck.

In addition, the platform a total built very user-friendly, and also of tested experienced Internet experts was. This not only security is guaranteed, but also the performance. In addition to the web-based trading platform, the broker also offers an app called Opteck Binary. This is available for free and can be used by both Android smartphones and tablets as well as iPhones and iPads.

This enables us to hold in our Opteck review that the trading platform not only runs web-based, but also is very safe, efficient and therefore trustworthy. Add to this the free app, which is a good way for a lot of customers in order to act on the go can.

5. Account Opening and bonus: Three steps to Opteck Account

Optec Account Opening and bonus: Three steps to Opteck Account

To open one of Opteck accounts, one need only follow three steps:

  1. First, you should the filling online form. This is displayed directly in the home. One must only specify the name, email address, country and phone number. At the same time you have here the course Accept Terms.
  2. Then you have theselect desired account. One should advance strictly deal with the individual accounts to find out which is the best account for oneself.
  3. Following this, you can also already take place first deposit and ultimately begin to act.

If you have your account finally opened, every new customer will also receive a welcome bonus. What this is, always depends on the selected account a. So you get a bonus at the green account of 25 percent on the first deposit. If you have chosen, however, the Bronze account, you get 35 percent. When Silver account you get in turn 45 percent, the Golden account 65 percent and Platinum account 85 percent.When blacks account obtained during its entire 100 percent. However, it must to be said that the bonus is limited because there is a maximum amount. This is 2,500 euros.

As you can see, the account opening succeeds easily in a few steps. In addition an attractive welcome bonus, which, depending on the account, from 25 percent up to 100 percent of the initial amount fails.

6. Demo Account: Available According Opteck Test

Optec Demo Account: Available According Opteck Test

Thanks to our experience with Opteck we also can determine that the online brokers offer a demo account. However, this is demo account available for any account holder. Thus, it is not possible to test the online broker through the demo account before opening an account.Only after the registration you can finally test and practice trading with the demo account.

For the green account, however, there is no demo account. For the Bronze account, however there is a demo account with EUR 5,000 account balance available. When Silver account one has during its more than 10,000 euros, the Golden account for 15,000 euros when Platinum account over 25,000 euros and at the Black account for 50,000 euros.

Whether Opteck fraud or serious, can not be said by a demo account though. However, it is advantageous in each case. Therefore, we can regard it as positive that a demo account is available for almost all accounts. Negative is, however, that the Green Account has no demo account and that this can only be used after the account was opened.

7. Service & Education: Not every customer receives the same benefits

Optec Service & Education: Not every customer receives the same benefits

For questions and problems often have to contact customer support themselves. That this should be for this reason not only friendly, but above all competent, is a prerequisite for good customer service.Likewise, he should also be easily accessible. This is successful with Opteck by phone, mail, fax, live chat and callback. Since the broker thus offering not just one or two, but five different ways this suggests that Opteck is legitimate and not a scam.

The formation of the broker also offers a lot. However, this part is attached to the respective account. That is, when the open account you have the fewest opportunities for further education and the blacks account most. Nevertheless, you can learn a little even when the open account. Because here is firstly an eBook that provides an introduction to the world of binary options, available and on the other hand you can here on all free video courses access. In addition, one stock market reports daily, weekly and monthly receives.All these services but can also be obtained with any other account.

When Bronze account you can still get beyond the liquidity webinar on market to see. When silver account is obtained, however already the webinar market liquidity and the second webinar by going mainly to trading psychology. Owner of the Golden account can even addition to the third webinar chart analyzes to accept.

All webinars are meanwhile available on the Platinum account. Thus, the aforementioned three come with the last webinar trading strategies together. Furthermore, here you get the access to the elderly merchant. When blacks account you get on the other hand not only access to all four webinars and the elderly merchant, but also gets a personal trainer from the main dealer. In addition, these account holders receive personal calls from Opteck when big events happen in the market.

Opteck offers a competent, well-to-reach customer support, several webinars, videos, an eBook, and much more. However, one must pay attention to which services you can avail, as not all services are available for each account.

8. Deposits and withdrawals: Is Opteck fraud or serious in transactions?

Optec Deposits and withdrawals: Is Opteck fraud or serious in transactions?

Deposits and withdrawals can be made at any time. There are different ways that our response time. For example, bank transfers take up to three days to complete. Meanwhile it takes through Moneybookers or WebMoney only a few minutes. Even with credit card payments immediate processing is possible. One pays the other hand by Western Union or CashU, so our Opteck test has shown that it takes approximately one working day.

Credit card payments also not succeed with any credit card. Only MasterCard, Visa, JCB and Diners function. Included are here, however, the most common credit cards. The total transactions while the SSL encryption secured.

Also applies to payments that amount here 25 Euro must be paid. For withdrawals by bank transfer even a need minimum amount of 100 Euro to be present. The payment can be up to ten days.

Thus, we can say in our Opteck review that Opteck is here rather reputable. Because there is good security to keep the money and data protected. The transaction options range from bank transfer to credit card payments. But through WebMoney, Western Union or CashU can be switched on or paid. A disadvantage however is the minimum amount for withdrawals.

9. Seriousness: EU-regulated and no negative headlines?

We tested in our test, especially if the broker is reputable Opteck or rather fraudulently going. The talks EU regulation in any case for the seriousness. Because Opteck is monitored by the Cyprus Financial Services Authority. Thus, the data and in particular the funds of clients are protected.

Furthermore, we found in our Opteck experience that the website partially available in German is. However, it must to be said that a small part is only to be found in English. The Conditions are only in English courtesy. Who therefore has not mastered the English language, the terms and conditions and a lot more can not understand, unfortunately. This is a major drawback, however, indicates not necessarily indicate a Opteck fraud. For just we found that Opteck not negative or noticed as rogue brokers to date is.

The EU regulation is a sign of the seriousness of the broker, since thereby the funds from the customers are secured. Moreover Opteck has not misbehaving. The website also makes a serious impression, however, is not or only partially available in German.

10. Our conclusion: many functions, but not for each account

On the whole, we could of review increasingly find advantages in our Opteck. Because the broker provides respectability, also operates several trading options, a welcome bonus as well as high yield and enables a secure commerce on the trading platform. Furthermore, multiple accounts are available. Here, however, there is one disadvantage: Because the account with the lowest minimum deposit of 250 euros has not all functions open. So there are for example no demo account and not all education functions are freely available. But the other accounts with lower minimum deposit, not all functions. Only with a deposit of 25,000 euros, customers can use all options. In our Opteck review we can therefore say finally that it is a reputable broker as a whole, which offers many features that are not available with any account, however. Therefore, one should individually decide which account is best. The pluses of Opteck in the overview:

1.Seat and regulation within the EU (CySEC regulation)

2.of mobile trading through free app for iOS and Android available

3.Welcome bonus from 25 to 100 percent for new customers

4.built web-based trading platform user-friendly

5.high yield of up to 85 percent

Opteck is the trading name of Central Spot Trading Ltd. The broker has various trading options, among which also hides the popular call-put option. Here Opteck offers not only one account, but six different, all of which are equipped with various functions. So there is in the one account more…



Not a scam

Opteck is not only a high-class broker, but also an official German bank with licence of the BaFin and ECB

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