Best bookmakers 2017 / Mybet app for iPhone and Android — Bet from mobile now!

Mybet app for iPhone and Android — Bet from mobile now!

Modern Times hold for most bookmakers ready some large challenges that they must face in their daily business for long-term customer loyalty and be able to work economically accordingly. The mobile Internet access, this part of the daily life for some years, this is a particularly good example.

Online bookmakers had to realign or adjust accordingly to meet the new needs of customers can their offer. Also mybet has tried accordingly to a mobile solution for their own betting program. With mybet app for iPhone and Android a very customer-friendly method was developed in order to optimize its offering for mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets of creative minds. One of the benefits thereof result for the customer and what aspects have to be considered, where appropriate, in more detail, reveals the following article.

Mybet app for iPhone and Android at a glance

  • mobile access free for all customers
  • available without download
  • mobile friendly version
  • complete account access is granted
  • responsive navigation

The principle operates of Mybet app for iPhone and Android

mybet The operating principle of mybet app for iPhone and Android

As bookmakers know for some time already mybet where the wind blows and shall accordingly over backward to meet the needs of different clients necessarily, or them to be able to at least correspond to the extent possible. Thus we find, for example, a chat mybet Live offer the bookmaker, in which customers can also directly contact the competent staff and can provide various questions about our betting program or similar concerns. Intertops prefers accordingly a direct way, the work not only easier, but also faster for customers.

This is also evident in terms of the mybet app for iPhone and Android. This is made available to customers in the form of a mobile page version. Download and installation are therefore superfluous and saves the customer valuable time that he in turn may invest in new bets. Mobile access to the betting offer from mybet is achieved accordingly classically via the browser. The redirect to the mobile page version accepts mybet automatically, players do not even have to remember a particular Internet address.

What does Mybet app for iPhone and Android?

The mybet app for iPhone and Android provides a comfort of the bookmaker, which is much praised in Europe for several years. Sports Weather can not only register the mybet app, but also access an already opened account. Accordingly, the player will receive the full account access and may do so via smartphone and tablet all that they have usually done at mybet on home desktop PC. Which also includes:

  • make deposits and withdrawals
  • place bets
  • See statistics
  • free play bonus offers

Basically therefore works mybet with a particularly simple navigation and a clear structuring of the mobile version of your website. Customers who are already accustomed to the design of mybet, actually do not need to change great, however be surprised etc. with various sorting options that allow even easier navigation. Here, the betting by phone is as safe and reliable as the bets on the normal PC. Players simply need to ensure that their Internet connection is sufficiently fast and stable. Then they can also secure mybet payment with PayPal activate.

The bonus for mobile customers

mybet The bonus for mobile customers

Some time ago, many online were eager to offer bookmakers still on their mobile customers a special incentive to qualify for the mobile version. Meanwhile, such action no longer necessary because already plays a large part of all the players on a regular basis via smartphone or tablet.All the more reason therefore to provide an equal basis between all groups of players. Therefore players on the mobile device to get the same features offered, like players who sit at home on your PC. This includes the current bonus for all new customers, which can mean up to 100,00 Euro cash.

The mybet Bonus Rules specify that all players must provide the same services before the bonus money can be paid out. These include the nine-time play through the bonus amount and the unique playthrough of the first deposit. A minimum ratio of 2.0 is presumed here, which applies to all players in the mobile phone as well as the tablet or desktop PC.

Conclusion: Mybet app for iPhone and Android is modern, customer-friendly and pleasant

When designing the mybet app for iPhone and Android, the developers have been visible much trouble. Any player who knows the classic offer the bookmaker mybet and appreciates is, to find their way in the shortest time in new and mobile services of the provider. For the players, no big change is accordingly required. The payment systems as well as the betting completion work as usual. All options that provide for classical players at mybet, can also be found in mobile services. This also applies to the current Bonus. The fact that the mobile access is granted through a mobile site version and not a classic application should meet with the players on a positive response.

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