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The Mayzus Investment Company has its headquarters in Cyprus — like so many CFD and forex broker. Meanwhile, there is also a branch in Kiel and the attempt to gain German trader for Mayzus. So far, however, the undertaking makes partly a somewhat unprofessional impression: The German version of the web pages can be very desirable in terms of clarity left. The translations and the processing of information in Mayzus be improved. We have penetrated deeper into the matter and have the Mayzus offer and the conditions tested.Whether the first impression has dissipated by — our Mayzus experiences are surprisingly.

The advantages of Mayzus:

  • Low minimum deposit of 250, — US Dollar
  • Verschiedene Plattformen: MT 4.0, Currenex Viking, Currenex Classic
  • Multilingual Service and Support
  • No-Dealing-Desk-Orderausführungen

The disadvantages of Mayzus:

  • Badly translated websites
  • unclear information
  • Withholding tax is not automatically removed
  • No deposit interest
  • little information to management team

1. First, do not worry: deposit insurance and regulation
Mayzus First, do not worry: deposit insurance and regulation

A seat on Cyprus, a branch in Kiel: There are initially no need to worry if one considers the broker Mayzus Investment Company. Because Mayzus regulated by the Cypriot authorities and was supported by the CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission) approved. The legal framework is the European Financial Markets Directive (MiFID). The deposits are insured and up to 20,000, — Euro protected. Under the number 230122 can be found in the register of Mayzus CySEC, licensed Broker since 2008. Since 2011, the broker also has an office at the district court Kiel with a capital of 25.000, — Euro reported.

So far, so good — first made on the legal regime no doubt the company. Based in Cyprus Mayzus is monitored and recorded by CySEC. Mayzus is reported since 2008 in the Cypriot authorities and since 2011 registered with a branch at the Kiel district court. Customer deposits are up to 20,000, — Euro protected.

2. Offer: Solid with small drawbacks
Mayzus Offer: Solid with small drawbacks

WMit Mayzus can Forex and Futures CFDs with good levers:

  • Hebel (Forex) 1:10 — 1: 500
  • Lever (metals) 1: 100
  • Hebel (Aktien-CFD) 1:20

There are more than 60 currency pairs. The major currency pairs are:

  • Euro/USD
  • GBP / USD
  • USD / CHF
  • AUD / USD
  • NZD / USD

Thus, the choice of financial products for a forex and CFD broker is entirely satisfactory.Disadvantages are seen only at second glance. For example, no order tickets are made available upon request by Mayzus representing, when and with what market makers a trade was executed. Those who prefer to once again want to take a look at our overview here comes directly to forex comparison .

Our Mayzus Rating assigns a good for the CFD and Forex offer from Mayzus. accuse Mayzus fraud would be a mistake at this point. The offer is solid with small drawbacks such as the inability to obtain order tickets.

3. The conditions: funding obligation and one-click trading

The conditions for the Forex and CFD trading are in good range Mayzus
. There are no hidden charges:

  • No charge for account management, EU payments, order cancellation and modification
  • No commissions in Forex trading
  • Kommissionen Futures-CFDs: 10,- Euro pro Lot-RT
  • Spreads: FDAX flexibel, DOW-Future flexibel, EUR/USD 1,5 Pips typisch, USD/JPY 1,6 Pips typisch, GBP/USD 1,6 Pips typisch, ÖL flexible
  • No financing costs CFDs

4. The Platform: Good choice!
Mayzus The Platform: Good choice!

With Metatrader 4.0, Currenex Viking, Currenex Classic Mayzus providing its customers with high quality and reputable trading platforms. All platforms are provided as a free download for Windows, Mac or Linux.

As expected cuts MT4 from best when one compares the scope of services:

  • App für Mobile Devices
  • Multi-Account-Management
  • One Click Trading and Price Alert
  • Mirroring strategies
  • Automated trading
  • Real-time charts and technical analysis tools

But Currenex Viking and Currenex Classic are competitive. Although not quite as powerful, they have an advantage: The Currenex Classic account requires no installation on the PC but is connected directly to the Currenex server.

Mobile Trading 
works on the MT4 for iPhone or the in-house MAYZUS atrader for Android smartphones.

Overall, there are no complaints in terms of trading platform: There is a good selection of Metatrader 4.0, Currenex Viking, Currenex Classic. Whether permanently installed on the PC or directly from the server — for each claim is an appropriate solution found. Mobile trading is also possible.

5. No problem: 3 steps to open an account
Mayzus No problem: 3 steps to open an account

The account is Mayzus as quickly opened, as with most competitors:

  • Step 1: Fill in new customers-form online
  • Step 2: PostIdent for identity confirmation
  • Step 3: data will be sent by mail and the account can be activated.

The minimum deposit is 250, — US dollars and is therefore very low. In forex and CFD trading are already making small sums greater profits because they are leveraged products. Traders can therefore successfully enter this minimum deposit in trading. But this necessarily retain the risk of the obligation in mind! In general it is about forex trading before informing exactly.

An account opening takes place in the three usual and easy steps: online form PostIdent, access the mail. The low minimum deposit of 250, — US dollars is especially beginners come to meet!

6. Demo Account: allow test!

Mayzus Demo Account: allow test!

The websites of Mayzus are mainly: confusing. The information hiding behind poorly translated phrases. Exaggeration, sensational offers and little facts — a good image can be in this way does not make the broker Mayzus. All the better that testing is permitted!

With a demo account and the competition «Forex Demo Championship» potential customers are invited 
with Mayzus to gain experience and to make a personal judgment. Is Mayzus trustworthy? This question is still in the room.

The demo account is two weeks free of charge, the MT4 is included. The real trading can be practiced virtually — for particularly ambitious there is also a competition with allegedly high weekly prizes. We suspect: soliciting. We recommend testing! There is no risk.

A demo account and a contest for the best (virtual) traders are in the range of Mayzus. An advantage if you want to make their own judgment, because the website of Mayzus is rather questionable. So rather test yourself — and instead phrases get reliable information!

7. Service and Education: Mayzus in Minus
Mayzus Service and Education: Mayzus in Minus

If you have questions to the Mayzus team, can the service 24 hours a week reached (Monday-Friday. Since the company is active worldwide and claims to be working with clients from over 150 countries, is an impressive range of languages available. One can select from English than German, Spanish, French and Russian, Persian and Arabic. a callback can be agreed via email, brief inquiries can also live chat questions.

No seminars or webinars

Negatives hailing it for the virtual lack of educational opportunities. In a user forum partly abstruse messages are posted. After webinars or seminars are nowhere — here is the offer definitely expandable, especially live webinars are held weekly, according Mayzus. Lean situation is similar in the market and company news.

Good telephone service in more than eight languages (eg English, German, Arabic, Russian), callback service and live chat around the clock from Monday to Friday: A convincing support for any questions. Big minus for the lack of education: Proposal has no current program for webinars or seminars.

8.More than 10 channels for incoming and outgoing payments
Mayzus More than 10 channels for incoming and outgoing payments

The methods for deposits and withdrawals are many and varied.Mayzus allows deposits via many ways:

  • Bank Transfer
  • Credit card: VISA or MasterCard
  • Skrill (formerly Moneybookers)
  • Western Union
  • Netteller
  • Okpay
  • Liberty Reserve
  • Webmoney
  • Contact
  • Money Polo

The execution times are quick and range from less than one hour and up to two days. Non! To the overview of the forex trading hours.

Good conditions for deposits and withdrawals and more than 10 options of bank transfer, VISA or Mastercard, Skrill (formerly Moneybookers), Western Union, Neteller and many more.Processing times are fixed — to a maximum of two days.

9. Seriousness: Inconclusive matter
Mayzus Seriousness: Inconclusive matter

It may be due to the websites in bad German translation, giving the impression that they had in spite of regulation and register messages dealing with a windy companies. Currently, hardly Mayzus reviews are varying customer opinions. Besides satisfied brokers can be found in the forums also irritated voices. Mayzus have small sums debited without explanation — and transferred without comment back in demand. To what extent can the entries be believed, of course, is always debatable. The small suspicions piling up, however, when working through the websites of Mayzus. In addition to the sloppy use of language, a mixture of English and German, falls mainly one eye:

Team Mayzus: Founder at the center


Who is behind the company? Show your face and create trust — the well-known rule. In Mayzus: President and CEO Sergey Mayzus is the focus. Mr. Mayzus holds a BS at the Baltic Fishing Fleet State Academy in Kaliningrad. Mr. Mayzus begins his own words but fire, as he is «faced financial world» with and developed a passion for the brokerage business. Activities should support the legitimate impression by the statement of the Federal Financial Services Russia have Mayzus awarded certificates. To what extent this information promote the seriousness, every trader must decide. Mr. Mayzus describes itself as a «restless spirit» that he was a «businessman who is constantly on the move». Of particular importance are but facts such as regulation and deposit insurance — and because Mayzus met European standards.

The Terms and Conditions: 40 pages, little content

The contents of the web pages have been largely transferred to very mediocre German, the broker has not even taken the trouble with the terms and conditions or other documents. Crawls to the 41 pages in English falls mainly on: A lot of space is been used for the explanation of current market terms. The actual provisions occupy only half of the document and comply with standard formulations. Strange reads the note that the company does not operate in Mayzus «major European holiday».

Industry: Advertising Agency

In Kiel Commercial Register Mayzus is done in advertising agency industry: The activities listed are:

  • Technical support
  • Training courses and seminars
  • Marketing, public relations and sales promotion measures for customer acquisition and support in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary and the Netherlands
  • German-speaking customers worldwide for UNITED WORLD CAPITAL Ltd. to win, except as required by a regulatory approvals is not necessary

The core activities of a broker, the execution of securities orders, does not appear in the description. We are irritated!

Needs improvement! 
Although so far there are no official allegations of fraud and the company is recognized by the authorities and is regulated, the transparency can be improved. Lousy translations and the classification of the company as an advertising agency in Germany compress the bad impression.

10.Conclusion: Our conclusion to Mayzus: Caution — 7 out of 10

Offer, terms and security: first All these factors pass the test. With a large selection of Forex and CFD trading on favorable terms you want to actually make a recommendation. But we remain aloof — to many other aspects are doubtful. Maybe would rather try out the winner?
The Mayzus Investment Company has its headquarters in Cyprus - like so many CFD and forex broker. Meanwhile, there is also a branch in Kiel and the attempt to gain German trader for Mayzus. So far, however, the undertaking makes partly a somewhat unprofessional impression: The German version of the web pages…



Not a scam

Mayzus is another England broker whose security and seriousness is guaranteed by the BaFin regulation.

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  1. MAYZUS FS is the shareholder and operator of BTC-e which is a scam. You can find out all over the Internet. Mayzus financial Services is the owner of BTC-e. MAYZUS FINANCIAL SERVICES is known for belonging to the Russian mafia. Mayzus financial services has been sentenced for money laundering in Cyprus. They have a London address. Mayzus has a long history of «freezing» customer funds. You can file a legal complaint with the Financial Conduct Authority because they are a regulated entity and a complaint with the London Metro police because they engage in serious criminal activity. You can file a complaint with London police, even if you are not UK or EU resident here :

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