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Worldwide the market for derivatives and speculative financial products is a segment which develops very dynamically. A supplier in this strongly fought industry for now nearly ten years is active and can be counted with it already to the old hares, the broker registered on Cyprus is By this long active time in the market disposes not only of an amount of experience in Forex and derivative trade what expresses itself above all in a free from problems liquidation of trade and an operating-friendly web page and commercial software.

Trade: Forex, CFD
Basis values: more than 200 stocks, currencies, indexes, commodities
Software: WebTrader, MT 4, Mobile Trader, Sirix Trader
Regulation: CySec

The on-line broker has been based, besides, a gigantic network in weltweilt to branched partner’s trade places during the years of his existence by which allows to his customers the access for a gigantic choice of different financial products. In consideration of this condition we were curious whether in our test the results are so persuasive as it looks outward. Our experienced can be read up in the review following here.

Our experiences in the overview

Markets Our experiences in the overview

Already the first sight at the different overviews of tradable products shows that the investor deals here with a professional and very broadly installed broker. The company has specialised as an on-line broker in the area CFD of Trade and Forex Trading. Within these both categories extensive commercial options are available to the investor. Forex trade is interesting first. Here investors can profit regardless of economic developments immediately from the changes of the exchange rate relation of different currency pairs. The offer encloses of course the most important currencies and exchange rate relations in global trade. Moreover belong beside the dollar / euro of exchange rate relation also the combinations of the currencies British pound, Swiss franc and Japanese yen. There other important currencies come like the Canadian, the Australian and the New Zealand dollar, the Norwegian and Swedish crown as well as a row of other international currencies. Besides, can be already put on minimum change of exchange rate relations between the currencies with a lever from up to 200 to 1. Importantly for the customer is present that he can choose between fixed and variable spreads. Besides, with fixed spreads he has the security above the expenses to be expected of a Trades which does not exist with variable spreads. Just for beginners this option after our experiences shows an important relief. The height of the spreads is present, like with other brokers also, primarily, from the market liquidity dependent, which is why very traded pairs order as for example euro / the US dollar of a very low spread of 2.2 Pips. In case of the relation of euro to the Roumanian Leu as an extreme example, the spread can already lie sometimes with 60 Pips. Besides, the height of the spreads depends on the respective commercial time and the appropriate market liquidity. The investor, besides, the everyday and inevitable market fluctuations handles with fixed spreads and has planning security.

Company: Safecap Investments Ltd
Address: Kafkasou 9, Aglantzia, BOTTOM box 26522, CY 2112, Nicosia, Cyprus
Registration number: 186196
Regulation / licence: CySEC, 092/08
Phone: +49-800-588-8405
Live chat: in German
Service times: 24 Mon. Frs of H
Telefax: +357-2-223-2242

Also very broadly the choice is in trade CFD. Besides, the offer encloses first the categories Indexes, Stocks and Commodities, as well as gold, silver and oil. In addition, loans can be traded with also Bonds, a layout form which only very much few dealers CFD have in the program. With the demriesigen offer which offers his customer not all possibilities can be performed here. However, in total every investor should probably make a find. In total stand in the current list about tradable CFDs on would you believe 244 different values. The choice reaches from A like Apple or Adidas about B like bank of America and D like Deutsche Bank up to R like Renault or X like Xerox and Z like Zynga.

Beside the gigantic offer can offer to his customers also time wise a nearly unrestricted access to the international commercial kinds. In total co-operates with 14 pit places, under it the US American NASDAQ and NSY, the Euronext in Paris or the German stock exchange in Frankfurt. Also less known locations like the stock exchange of Prague or the SIX in Switzerland belong to the commercial platforms about which the shops of his customers deal with. With it the customers have the possibility to trade stocks CFDs actually any time. Besides, is traded with firm lever relations which lie in case of the stocks CFDs with moderate 20 to 1.

Also with the indexes and with the commodities a big choice is available. Beside the worldwide current index heavyweight like DAX, DowJones or Eurostoxx the investor can also place on less known indexes. Moreover belong possibly the inhabitant of Amsterdam AEX or the South African JSE. With the commodities reaches the tradable offer of zinc and maize about soy beans and wheat up to copper or palladium. In total 15 different commodities can be traded. Basically trade is also possible here round-the-clock, even if the commercial times, according to index or raw material can clearly vary.

Also the conditions in trade CFD are worthy of notice. Basically clarifies that in the Forex as well as trade CFD no commissions of the fees are required and only the called spreads are considered with the cost calculation of the investor. have to go. In addition, there there come possible rolling Over expenses if in the Forex positions are held longer and gales become due.

Bonuses for new customers

Markets Bonus for new customers

Also a suitable bonus offers to his customers program. Besides, interesting the possibility is to be profited from the advertising of new customers. For everybody an individual bonus from which, for the rest, also the new customer himself profits is paid according to his first insert. Besides, the height of the respective bonus is dependent on the first insert of the new customer. If this insert lies between 100 and 200 US dollar can be already calculated on a bonus from up to 100 US dollar for the advertiser. Of the new customers receives at least 50 US dollar of commercial volume as a bonus payment. The bonus can increase according to height of the first insert on up to 400 US dollar if because the insert of the new customer lies more than 10,000 US dollar. In this case the new customer receives even up to 2,000 US dollar of additional trading capital.

Payment bonus: to 2000$, depending on the singular amount
Bonus conditions: 10.000$ Tradingvolumen per bonus dollar
Validity: no restriction
Other bonuses: none

This bonus program encloses immediately two different bonuses of him inventory customers as well as new customers can profit. In addition, current bonus actions will also be able to profit over and over again offered from their inventory customers and also new customers. However, beside the payment bonus there is also a bonus without payment.

Payments and payouts

Most important for the commercial platforms the money is of course the investor and thus it also tries to make his customer so easily as possible to transfer fast money to the commercial cash discount. Besides, payments are possible in different way. Beside the credit cards visas, Mastercard and luncheon club, electronic circulations of money are also possible. Besides are offered webmoney as well as respective local payment possibilities. At this trade about should not fail. The on-line broker refers to the fact that on the commercial cash discount a least insert of 100 US dollar or euro or also British pound are necessary to open an account. However, in addition, transfers are possible also in other amounts. Besides, fees are not raised, indeed, the experiences show that the involved institutes require often own fees. Besides, from a payment amount of 2,500 US dollar takes over all perhaps resulting fees. According to method of payment it can also last possibly, until the payment on the commercial cash discount appears and can be used in trade. Our experiences have shown that for this already one to three working days can go to the country. On credit card payment the reservation follows as a rule faster and is dealt with within 24 hours.

Payment possibilities: Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Delta, Fast Bank transfer, immediate transfer, Giropay, GluePay, Webmoney bank
Least payment: 100$
Trade from: 5000 units with a lever from up to 200:1
Account processing possibly in: Euro, US dollar
Payment options: Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Delta, Webmoney, bank transfer
Of course payment is also possible any time, provided that a suitable amount on the commercial cash discount is booked. At least 50 US dollar must be at least on the account to arrange a payment. Moreover the dealer can log in like with the on-line banking according to his account and release a suitable payment about a form. As with other brokers also it is usual with that only on the spring can be paid back from which the payment comes originally. So that it does not come here to discrepancies, is to be recommended to commit itself from vorherein to a payment method.

Security and regulation

Markets Security and regulation

Amounted and Duffing is a phenomenon of which investors are afraid with on-line brokers over and over again. Nevertheless, in case of from one can assume from the fact that one deals with an exceedingly serious supplier who keeps to the usual safety standards. Moreover the company money and customer’s inserts belongs beside a separate account processing with that separately are administered, just as a control by the Cypriot financial supervision CySEC. The inserts of the customers are protected in case of an insolvency by the membership in the investor Compensation finding for of customer of Cypriot investment Firms, to a Cypriot insert protection fund, besides, up to an amount of 20,000 US dollar. After the real risk of trade the investor can feel with very sure.

Support and customer service

Especially big value lays, in addition, on a competent consultation of his customers. Beside a customer service which offers his services round-the-clock and into several languages a row of continuing education and Information also encloses of the Support. Besides, the investor is informed about current news relevant for market. Besides the possibility is offered to further the education on subjects like technical analysis, basic analysis or general commercial bases. Besides, the information is available very clear processed in a sort of internativem encyclopaedia in which the interested investor on a virtual educational journey can proceed by the world of the stock market knowledge. The continuing education offer is completed by numerous Webinare and video exchange rates, basically not only to the dealers at the possession stand separate in those one also by an easy registration can take part.

The extensive offer is rounded by a full demo account with whose help riskless different trading strategies can be tested, before the dealer with real money ventures on the market. A practise which can be very instructive under circumstances and is to be recommended after our experiences absolutely.

User friendliness of the web page

Markets User friendliness of the web page

Not really it must be mentioned at this point that itself a lot of trouble has given to decorate his sides user-friendly. This is enormously important, because it depends in hectic trade on not losing the overview. Those of offered commercial software performs here very good work. In addition, the commercial offer encloses to act from the also possibility any time mobile. A suitable ext. is able is available for all current systems. In addition, the company for customers with special claims makes available the also optimised software solutions with which additional features are possible. With the free of charge provided software Metatrader 4 multiterminal several accounts can be administered possibly, besides, at the same time as well as several order additions in parallel be stopped. For ambitious traders with a lot of experiences a very helpful offer.

Result – Who thinks highly of an extensive choice of products, is exactly right with

The on-line broker belongs for a long time to the established supplier in the industry. This becomes apparent not only in the outside representation but also in concrete trade. By a huge number of cooperation partners the company has access to too many commercial places and can offer a gigantic choice in different products. Besides, fair spreads expect the customer and can be chosen between a fixed and variable variation. Also recommendable and broadly is fanned out the Weiterbildungsnagebot from which delivers interesting and new perspectives for beginners as well as for experienced traders. In connection with a competent and after-sales service accessible round-the-clock one can display to the broker completely good marks.
Worldwide the market for derivatives and speculative financial products is a segment which develops very dynamically. A supplier in this strongly fought industry for now nearly ten years is active and can be counted with it already to the old hares, the broker registered on Cyprus is By this…



Not a scam

The sure regulation as well as many distinctions make a reliable broker.

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