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From the highest places it rained during the last years distinctions for Forex-and stocks broker LYNX. Thus, for example, the trade paper has distinguished LYNX in the years 2013 and 2014 in each case as the best on-line broker. There it was actually clear that also we had to take once LYNX exactly under the magnifying glass and check the offers. However, first we have had a look at the backgrounds of the top broker and have thereby checked the seriousness. Afterwards we have had an exact look at all interesting reference numbers and dates which are important for a broker’s comparison.

Trade: Stocks, Forex, CFD, futures, options
Basis values: more than 200 values from 100 stock exchanges
Software: Trader workstation, web trader, mobile app
Regulation: BaFin

LYNX review

The company behind the Forex and stock broker LYNX has his seat in Dutch Amsterdam. Also an office is pursued in Berlin. The international adjustment of the service company encloses another four other countries. Meanwhile more than 100 office workers work according to own specifications for the broker. The number of the customers rises steadily and lies topically with about 30,000. The company was founded behind the broker LYNX already in 2006. Therefore, it is to be assumed from the fact that the informants of the company dispose of richly experience in her area.

On account of the German subsidiary has taken care LYNX also around a German regulation which has also been granted. The German financial supervisory authority of BaFin checks since that time the activity of LYNX in the public market. There there comes a regulation of the Dutch DNB AVM. Basically the controls differ between German and Dutch regulation authority a little. Both institutions receive her instructions directly from the European Union from Brussels. You are defeated by the laws and regulations and have only in low measure own elbowrooms. What is established in laws and is fixed should provide particularly to protect customers against so-called black sheep. There is this in the area of trade with currency pairs over and over again. Some known examples show that also apparently serious companies over and over again refuse payment and request so long for new documents, until the desire passes, his payment immediately hurry to the customer.

LYNXBroker Background: so seriously is LYNX

Company: LYNX.GERMANY B.V Branch
Address: place Hausvogtei 3-4 10117 Berlin, Germany
Registration number: AG Berlin-Charlottenburg, HRB 115523 B
Regulation / licence: BaFin (121498)
Phone: 0800 5969000
eMail: [email protected]
Live chat: not available
Telefax: +49 (0) 30 303286699

In addition, LYNX can score with an insert protection at the rate of up to 48,000 British pounds. Because it concerns not only around Forex-, but also around a stock broker, should be also pointed out to the protection of the stock depot. This is protected with up to 30 million US dollars.

Even cash inserts are secured with up to 1 million US dollars. Financial financial losses on the part of the broker, as for example of an insolvency of the company, are secured by the Securities investor Protection corporation (SIPC) and Lloyds of London. LYNX holds all papers with Societe generals, one of the biggest and most important European commercial banks. Moreover, is to be mentioned that with LYNX no automatic payment of the payment tax follows. Customers must do this at the end of one financial year independently. This has the advantage that about the year profits and losses are added up and at the end a lower payment tax arises.

Customers say this

About LYNX there is also on the Internet little bad to read. Many distinctions which the broker could win during the last years speak here for themselves. Indeed, is to be said that the typical Forex beginner probably does not start at all with LYNX. Since an account can be opened there only from 4,000 euros of least payment what will be at first absolutely a sum not to be raised for most private investors.

Few comments in the World Wide web certify LYNX, however, highly professional grounds of her business. Transparency and customer’s friendliness are in the foreground and are combined any time perfectly with each other. Moreover, customers praise the functionality of the platform. You are happy in general to have gone with her money to LYNX. Most assessments refer nevertheless to trade with stocks which are, actually, the main business segment of LYNX. Still can be picked out that the Forex broker works very professionally, seriously and reliably.

The Support in the test

Customer satisfaction and transparency are at a premium with LYNX. This is sensible also concerning the supports which is ready of Monday till Thursday between 8:00 and 20:00 o’clock and Friday of from 8:00 to 18:00 o’clock under a free phone number. The friendly staff look individually after all affairs and are very competent in principle. In addition, you can reach the company headquarters in Berlin by email and about the Quicksupport about own software. To the after-sales service can be said not really more – he is highly professional and makes a superior impression.

Our experiences

LYNXBroker Our experiences

For our test report LYX we have erected to us in spite of the high least payment own account with the Forex broker. And also we might convince ourselves of the high claim of the Trading platform and the broker. There one really goes to trouble to satisfy every single trader and to come individually on the demands. We have definitively the experience that it concerns a high-class and extremely professional as well as serious broker who understands his business completely. On the structured working on-line pages of the broker all information which we need for the account production and active trade is found. Moreover, we were persuaded from basically very fairly decorated cost structure. We have here no doubt that it concerns with LYNX a serious and reliable supplier. We can recommend a registration to all traders who want to know with risky trade a reliable partner behind themselves on whom they can count any time to 100%. Scam LYNX? We can deny this definitively.

The offer of LYNX

Although the broker has found out an absolute top assessment concerning the basic seriousness a look must be had always also at the offers, performances and conditions. This helps to compare the broker specifically to other suppliers in the area of trade with foreign currency. We have gone to the trouble and have put together all important characteristics together collectedly and in our test report.

Stock and Forex broker in one

The main business has laid LYNX, actually, on trade with stocks. Customers ordinarily have accounts at her banks which are also used as a stock depot. However, more and more third suppliers already allow the production of own stock depot. A short assessment of the stock depot with LYNX: The cost structure is exceedingly fair, per stock trade a commission of only 0.14% is raised. Customers appear about the offer in the area of trade with stocks very much pleased and recommend LYNX with the best knowledge and conscience.

Now beside stock trade it is also possible, currencies in the Forex area and CFDs to traden. Futures, option warrants, loans and EFTs also are on offer. In total the commercial kinds are with LYNX interesting decorates, however, are suited basically rather for great investor and private investor with high financial capacity.

Low spreads

On currency pairs can be traded with LYNX with a lever of 40:1 with the major. This lever is in comparison to other brokers absolutely in the lower area. For many private investors the question positions itself here as with it generally appreciable profits should be gained. This is possible merely by the higher applications which are forced, however, by the least payment of 4,000 euros anyway practically. Moreover, the lever provides for the fact that positions must be held longer to earn a higher real profit. Therefore, for Daytrader in the real sense LYNX is not mostly suitable. The spread on the major who begins with 0.5 Pips is very pleasantly against it. Here the tempting and exceedingly fair cost structure of LYNX which we have admired in the test of the more often appears. On exotic currencies and other products the spread lies as usual slightly higher. However, all values are in an absolutely satisfactory area. Whether the low lever must can be compensated by the low spread trader individually and concerning her trading strategies decide.

Great trading software and mobile app.

LYNXBroker Great commercial software, thin mobile app.

Getradet can become with LYNX with the in-house software LYNX Trader a workstation 4.0, them a unique one overlook delivers and very simply and individually is to be served. With it the action clearly gives more pleasure than, for example, with the MetaTrader, although the whole palette is not available in functions. We were disappointed in our progress report by the mobile ext. which is available for iOS, Android and Blackberry. The action is not possible about that. Merely information about own commercial cash discount and exchange rates is indicated.

Payments and payouts

Payment possibilities: bank transfer
Least insert: In 4000€ (also in the form of stocks with depot carryover possibly)
Fees: 1€ on SEPA payment, 8€ on WIRE payment
Account processing possibly in: Euro
Payment options: Bank transfer

Concerning the payment and payment with LYNX there are some specific features to notice. Because it concerns with the broker primarily stocks broker, to you a stock depot offers an offset account is required. Then all payments and payment run through it. Besides, payments are free from sides of LYNX always and by every height and frequency. However, this is valid only partly for the payment: For a SEPA payment a euro becomes due, WIRE payment is attached with 8 euros. Within 30 days a payment is to be applied free of charge – however, this value passes most trader.

After our experiences the payment is carried out seriously. Here we had in the test no problems. Within less working days the money is on our offset account.

Bonuses and special actions

LYNXBroker Bonus and special actions

There are not direct payment bonuses and other premiums with LYNX basically. It is not to be assumed from the fact that the broker will change his politics from that point of view once again. To earn 50 euros, however, you can win over friends. The won over customer and the advertiser receive this amount in each case to her account credited.

Minimal payment: 4,000 euros

LYNX brings an absolute hammer concerning the least application on the parquet. The full 4,000 euros with which an account can be generally only opened are demanded. Here the broker is consciously directed at the private investors who already have experience in the area. As a highly professional supplier one would like to offer to all customers a unique service what is not often possible with too many traders. Therefore, the least payment serves as a protection before too many smaller customers.

More than 70 currency pairs

Although the speciality of LYNX on trade with stocks and bonds lies, the number of the foreign currency pairs is unexpectedly high. Not every Forex broker offers a choice of the most important 70 currency pairs. Under it are also some exotic currencies. The commercial variety makes it possible that experienced traders can act with the currency pair which accepts to them mostly and they have themselves practically no restrictions by the broker.

Top educational centre aboard

In the Education Room of LYNX the same alternatives which are also to be found with other brokers are available basically. Webinare, introductions on general and special subjects and isolated seminars make the successful entrance in trade also for absolute beginners and novices possible. However, a specific feature is the provided demo account. On it are one million virtual US dollars which can be used completely without risk in the real market. The demo account is made available indefinitely.


LYNX is a top broker who is suitable definitively only for private investors with raised capital. The least insert of 4,000 euros makes for beginners full of risk to invest an account. In spite of the superior educational offer and the still better supports as well as the fair cost structure we would like to recommend a registration, hence, only to those which have already collected experience in the area of trade with foreign currency.
From the highest places it rained during the last years distinctions for Forex-and stocks broker LYNX. Thus, for example, the trade paper has distinguished LYNX in the years 2013 and 2014 in each case as the best on-line broker. There it was actually clear that also we had to take…



Not a scam

The regulation by the German financial supervision makes LYNX a sure and reliable broker.

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