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Love Point advertises more than 3.5 million successful dating services and claims to have over 500,000 members.Nevertheless, she is in a side passage portal of course, always the question of whether the provider is reputable.Just so we addressed in our test and have evaluated whether the portal is really in accordance with the needs of its users to offer a Dating targeted. The certification by TÜV Saarland speaks in any case, that this is a secure platform, place with all interested parties the foundation for an escapade or an erotic adventure, or get to know their dream partner.

Mediation: Fling, Dating
MEMBERS: more than 500,000 members
Special features: Scientifically based dating service

Scam? Is LovePoint really serious?

Fraud or rip off? Is LovePoint really serious?

In Germany particularly high standards apply to all companies that want to obtain a certification by TÜV. This is especially true in relation to data protection, the The provider must guarantee. Thus, the certification by TÜV Saarland clearly shows that this is an absolutely reputable supplier at Love Point. Not only the seriousness of LovePoint was reviewed, but also the discretion was on the bench and the portal has also done very well in this regard. Moreover, there is an authenticity check of the members to maintain the number of fake profiles as low as possible.

Company: Networld Projects GmbH
Address: Rheinstrasse 103, 64295 Darmstadt
Commercial register: AG Darmstadt, Darmstadt HRB 8984, USt.Id: DE 813 156 170
eMail: [email protected]
Telephone hotline: 06151 – 97 68 60

In addition, the provider can also score with his anti-fake guarantee and thus differs from the competition. In fact, does this guarantee that LovePoint assures the decommissioning of each profile, the dubious intentions can be assigned. There is also the award «serious and sophisticated» that can acquire each profile. That makes it easier for users of LovePoint even easier to recognize when they are dealing with a reputable Flirtpartner. Once the portal senses even the slightest signs of a scam, that profile is thus shut down on the spot. Also this shows that it is a reputable thoroughly providers at Love Point.

The Love Point provides its users

True to the motto «Flirting Without Borders» contact people between 18 and 55 years at Love Point in contact and can arrange for an escapade. The age groups 18-24 and 35 to 44 are the most numerous. The relationship between the sexes is not necessarily balanced, which may also be the fact that women’s side jump portal entirely be used for their purposes for free. Looking for a dream partner 65% of users female and only 35% are male. For those members who are interested in an erotic adventure, it is however, so that 59% male and 41% are female.This membership structure has materialized in the portal and over the years repeatedly.

The Love Point provides its users

Although there is a corresponding point deduction for the missing balance between the sexes, Love Point also brings decisive advantages. At this point, especially the specific personality test is mentioned, which makes the profile even more meaningful. In collaboration with the famous psychologist Dr. Christoph von Quast, this test could be developed that accurately covers the factors that are essential for a successful partnership. In addition, most profiles in addition to a photo of each member extensive information on the appearance, character and sexual preferences. A separate presentation text can be created as well. But this information is not automatically available, but it requires a premium membership to view the photos of female love interests can. Basic membership finally includes only the following features:

  • The Personality Analysis
  • 50 Contact suggestions for men without image
  • For women, the entire service is free

If you want to contact a male user of this portal and its partners proposals received its photos will therefore need to complete a paid subscription. This also includes unlimited partner requests, and all of the following contact options:

  • Personal messages
  • Live-Chat per Video oder Audio
  • Anonymous or send SMS calls
  • Send chat invitation included a small greeting

Are there bonus offers for new customers?

While the use of LovePoint is permanently free for women, the lords of creation are asked to pay. Because discounts are infrequent vouchers at Love Point, the prospects usually have to pay full price for membership.Although there are thus very few savings opportunities, the monthly cost for a longer subscription will accordingly cheaper. Who is already seriously looking for the big love or a partner for an erotic adventure, so it should be better to conclude a longer subscription to Love Point.

And payment for the premium subscription

While Love Point for Women in each case is free, the male users between two different membership types to choose from. Firstly, they may opt for the regular premium membership, which can be completed for three, six or 12 months. This is only for membership of either the search for a soul mate or those looking for an erotic adventure. If you want to look for in LovePoint contrast to both, and to keep open all possibilities, can do the same. To this end, Love Point offers a special VIP membership for men only, which must be completed for one year. The cost of this offer amounted to € 149.00, which corresponds to a monthly fee of € 12.41. Fees for other membership options are as follows:

LovePoint And payment for the premium subscription

Type of membership Price total
3 months €99,00
6 months €129,00
12 months €149,00

While the monthly cost at 3-month subscription therefore still be at € 33.00, will cost the 1-year membership only € 12.41 per month. In this way, there is no difference between the rates for the 12-month VIP and regular premium membership so that it is the bottom line is the best deal in the VIP membership. Another plus is the fact that payment is due LovePoint is possible completely anonymous. The user pays the fee so to a third company without LovePoint gets transmitted the personal data of the member. The cash payment is possible also anonymous. Furthermore, no notice is required. Because membership is not renewed automatically at the end of their term. If the customer still cancel prematurely, he will receive no refund of overpaid fees. However, may be useful to a termination yet to obtain a cancellation of the own data at Love Point. Then you just ask the team of the page jump portal contact.

Love Point writes the protection of customer data size

That LovePoint very committed to privacy protection, showing only the testing by TÜV Saarland. Of course, the seller guarantees that the customer’s data will not be disclosed to third parties. In addition, an anonymous payment is possible in different ways, so that the precise payment data will not in any case passed to Love Point.In addition, the registration on request is possible completely anonymous, which provides an additional level of security. The previously mentioned anti-fake guarantee makes LovePoint also a very reputable and secure platform.

Non-members can not see, which also increases the standard of safety profiles of Members at Love Point. In addition, the portal is SSL certified so that the members can be used to request SSL secure. The complete transparency of all contract data also speaks for the seriousness of Love Point. In addition, the profile information of the user display only those members that actually meet the needs of the user. Of course, what information he or she wants to share with another user in LovePoint each member decides independently.Therefore, it is so that the following profile elements for each user can be enabled separately, so that the member retains full control of its information:

  • Audio
  • Foto
  • Video

The customer service in the test

LovePoint The customer service in the test

In order to offer its customers the highest possible level of service, Love Point is accessible for its members every day around the clock. The 24-hour support stands by telephone. For questions, the member can therefore always call the hotline. On the website of LovePoint also wait useful information on all kinds of common questions that are most frequently asked about the offer of the page jump portal. In addition to this practical online support the LovePoint members can also rely on the virtual support staff. Thus, the customer receives immediately, within minutes a competent answer to his questions.

Subscription 3 months € 99.90, corresponding to € 1.11 per day
SUBSCRIPTION 6 months € 129.90, equivalent to € 0.72 per day
Subscription 12 months: € 149.90, equivalent to 0.41 € per day
Payment Methods: Visa, Mastercard, debit, bank transfer
Notice period: no automatic term extension

How user-friendly is the portal?

In Love Points has taken specifically to ensure that all functions of the flirt and page Anchor portal can easily be shared with absolute Internet laity themselves. However, this leads, unfortunately, to the fact that the members of Casual Dating site looks a bit dowdy. However, can the application within a few minutes all the easier to fill and the user creates the possibility equal to a portion of its future profile. The special personality test, which was developed in collaboration with a renowned psychologist who recommended partners fit very accurately to the respective member. Additionally we offer a Partner in an arbitrary kilometer radius available, which also only thanks to a particularly high degree of compatibility are displayed. On request, the Member may even create a circle of friends and ignore list.

Is there an app or mobile website?

Currently, it is unfortunately the case that the page jump portal offers its own website neither iOS nor Android.Even a mobile version of the regular website LovePoint there is not. Although indeed LovePoint can score in many ways, this aspect could be improved in any case. Because with a special offer for mobile users LovePoint can not score, unfortunately. The operation of the regular website, however, is from your smartphone very difficult, mainly because the profiles usually appear downright tiny on the screen of a mobile terminal.

Conclusion: our experience shown

The most important thing we want equal first hold here. In Love Points is not to rip off, but a trusted provider that has proven its reliability in many respects equal to the test. Here are the main benefits in addition to the certification by TÜV Saarland quite obvious. Finally, the portal can be used free of charge not only of women, but also offers its male customers also fair conditions of. Especially the communication options fall out very versatile and if desired can LovePoint be used completely anonymous from registration to payment. However, the individual member retains full control because the user alone decides who gets to sample to see their own profile pictures.
Love Point advertises more than 3.5 million successful dating services and claims to have over 500,000 members.Nevertheless, she is in a side passage portal of course, always the question of whether the provider is reputable.Just so we addressed in our test and have evaluated whether the portal is really in…



Not a scam

The search for partners or infidelities looks at first glance not spectacular, has it but really in itself.

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