Best forex brokers 2017 / Is spread betting offered at eToro? We will clarify

Is spread betting offered at eToro? We will clarify

At eToro is one of the largest global providers of Social Trading and Company marks from 152 countries at the present time more than 3.5 million customers. The eToro Social Trading has enjoyed years increasing popularity and this popularity has Broker thanks in part to the fact that by the principle of social benefit Trading both experienced and inexperienced investors. In the following article we want to introduce the broker eToro a little closer and thus deal whether eToro spread betting offers.

Important facts about spread betting at eToro:

  • eToro offers forex trading and CFDs
  • When spread betting no securities are purchased, it is speculated only on the development of a course
  • At eToro spread betting is possible

1.) What is Social Trading?

1.) What is Social Trading?

When Social Trading it comes to realizing a common commercial manner and to act in a community with each other and to benefit from the experience of the mass. All members of a Social Trading Community are linked together in a network and can communicate with each other in many ways. Members of a community share their experiences, communicate with each other with useful tips aside and learn from each other.

Each community member can check among other things of all trading activities of other traders and learn in this way about individual trading strategies and innovative approaches to trading. In Social Trading there are usually always signal transmitter and followers. Signal generators make their trading strategies available to the Community and followers can transfer it to your own trading account with one click. Thus the followers spared and Sounders obtained for each of their followers corresponding premiums the elaborate market analysis.

Conclusion: When it comes to Social Trading joint action and to the common benefit. Members of a Social Trading Community can interact with each other and see also the trading activities of all other traders. In this trade, there is both signal transmitter and followers. While signal generators make their trading strategies available, followers can copy them.

2.) We present the broker eToro

At eToro is a broker with headquarters in Cypruswhich is regulated by the CySEC. Additional property base values for the CFD trading are currency pairs, indices, commodities or some equities. In so-called OpenBook eToro all trading activities of each community member are recorded and everyone who wants to can inform yourself in detail about the gains, losses, or the composition of the portfolio of a particular trader.

Who in their copy eToro traders want, this can with the CopyTrader function. By clicking a switch will be added to its own portfolio and all its future commercial activities are transferred to the trading account of the Followers. Trading is done with eToro through the in-house web-based application. This trading platform has been specially developed for the Social Trading and supports all the requirements posed by this trade way with it. In connection with the WebTrader especially iseToro professional chart noteworthy because this involves a lot of technical indicators, thus allowing a professional course analysis.

Conclusion: At eToro is a provider of Forex and CFD trading based in Cyprus. As with all other Social Trading providers all trading activities Andren Community members can also be viewed at eToro and it is also possible to copy the strategies of each trader. Trading is done via a web-based platform, which is characterized mainly by the professional charts.

3.) Spread Betting: What is that?

3.) Spread Betting: What is that?

When spread betting, in Germany also known as e-spreads, no securities are traded, but only rate differences, ie spreads. Who sets example with a leverage of 10 to a price increase, obtained 20.00 US dollars per share when the price rises by only 2 points. At least in theory, because in practice the gain is slightly lower because the buying rates always higher than the selling prices. So it goes off the spread of the provider. The course is the concept of spread betting is not meant but the spread between two points in time. Spread finally called in English nothing else than difference. In the UK, spread betting is common for a long time in Germany, there was only in recent years in fashion. It could be even more attractive if soon an FTT is introduced. For then win OTC financial instruments more attractive.

Conclusion: When we talk about spread betting, it is important that any specific securities are bought or sold, but merely speculated on the price of the underlying. Rather, it is the difference between two rates can be realized from the gains or losses.

4.) Can be spread betting found at eToro ?

Also eToro offers its customers the ability to spread betting
.When trading CFDs namely not the underlying assets to buy, but merely speculating on its price performance. And with eToro trading is primarily offered with contracts for difference and thus the criteria of a provider for spread betting are met. However, the focus of the broker is on the Social Trading. Finally, eToro is a social trading broker. Spread Betting is at all possible financial instruments, who wants to spread betting operate on the basis of stocks or commodities, but drives may be better with another provider.

Conclusion: The Social Trading Provider eToro provides its customers with access to CFD trading. Because CFDs are spread betting in trading, this form of trading is so and look at eToro.

5.) Our conclusion: spread betting at eToro is possible

Primarily it concerns with eToro is a provider of Social Trading and. However, with the broker of trading is CFDs eToro and thus falls into the category of providers of spread betting.In this way trade no physical purchase and sale of securities and the only thing that counts, is the price difference between the price at the opening and the price and closing the position takes place.
At eToro is one of the largest global providers of Social Trading and Company marks from 152 countries at the present time more than 3.5 million customers. The eToro Social Trading has enjoyed years increasing popularity and this popularity has Broker thanks in part to the fact that by the…
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