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A Forex especially popular by his versatility broker is IronFX. The supplier distinguishes himself by raised attention of the customer satisfaction and offers immediately two different account kinds for traders: STP-and the Market Maker concept. In our IronFX test report we have taken the broker concerning his seriousness and trustworthiness as well as in relation to his offers and conditions exactly under the magnifying glass.

Trade mit: Forex, to commodities, CFD, stocks
Basis values: 120 currency pairs, 80 other basis values
Software: MT4 & MT5, web trader, Federal Railway trader, AutoTrade
Regulation: CySec

IronFX review

IronFX Background: so seriously is IronFX

The private-sector company which stands behind IronFX is first since 2010 in the market. The broker about the last years has nevertheless developed very positively and has become a firm size in the area of the Tradens with Forex and CFDs. For experienced dealers IronFX is already a concept which stands above all for the best Kundensupport and very customer-oriented creation of the offers since some time.

IronFX has announced his company headquarters on Cyprus. As well as many other brokers for trade with currency pairs IronFX is thereby adjusted directly by the Cypriot financial supervisory authority of CySEC. The experts there are defeated with her laws and regulations how exactly a company is to be checked, directly to the default by sides of the European Union. Specifically no difference arises by a regulation on Cyprus to such of the German financial supervisory authority of BaFin. With such a regulation the whole company is checked constantly and checked whether it comes to deceitful actions., Among the rest, the software system is important. Is it in such a way decorates, as does the broker on his sides promise?

Company: IronFX Worldwide Limited
Address: 2, Iapetou Street, agio Athanasios, CY-4101 Limassol
Registration number: 260651
Regulation / licence: CySEC, 125/10
Phone: +357 25027000
eMail: [email protected]
Telefax: +357 25027001
Recall service: available

As from the European Union prescribed IronFX stores the money customers on a separate account and with it apart from the company property. In case of a bankruptcy of the broker the customer’s money is thereby protected. All customers get back her inserts up to a certain, clearly 5-figure height. In total IronFX makes a superior impression. You can be sure that it does not concern, besides, scam and trades IronFX completely seriously.

To the fact comes that IronFX has been chosen in 2013 by the SINA Forex Billboard the „trustworthiest broker in 2013“. Other distinctions as for example the appointment the „best supplier more basically and technical analysises in 2013“ from the Internationally Finance magazine have also flowed to IronFX.

Customers say this

Like too many other Forex to brokers web is often also found the criticism in which the approach of a supplier is denounced in the World Wide. Also IronFX remains not spared of it and must oppose on-line confrontations which would not be often necessary. Basis of the criticism of the top broker and the doubt whether IronFX is serious, is mostly the general business principle. For traders with little knowledge of the market it may look in such a way as if the principle Forex is unserious. Then the broker with which money was lost is held responsible. However, IronFX is serious, this can be read in many other customer’s reviews.

However, basically IronFX is promised for his superior Kundensupport on which we will come later in the test once again. Also the different account models provide with interested traders for Verzückung. We have exactly had a look at all experiences and can strike a positive balance at the end: Traders are absolutely contented with the offer.

The Support in the test

IronFX The Support in the test

As is already indicated one of the biggest arguments for the use by IronFX of the Kundensupport. You can get in touch directly about the built-in live chat with exceedingly friendly and helpful employees. In our test has appeared that the office workers there take for all interests enough time and answer questions clearly and understandably. In addition, into different languages the phone numbers about which you can contact also directly the supplier are ready. Of course also, besides, is a contact email address. In our progress report must be mentioned that we received within less hours a reliable answer to our question which we have sent by email.

The whole assessment of the Kundensupports precipitates excellently. The welfare of the customers seems to the company in the heart to lie. Friendly staff give informative answers in every kind of affair. Practically constantly employees are ready for questions.

Our experiences

Concerning the seriousness we can hand in after our test an exceedingly positive result. The broker is very clear decorates and shows his customer which expenses come up to them and which performances may expect for it. In addition, IronFX within the European Union is adjusted, so that we can go out from a general reliability. With IronFX we must give ourselves after our progress report no troubles that something shuts with skew things. We can only recommend a registration concerning the seriousness.

The offer of IronFX

Also one of the more known brokers in the area of the Forex trade must position himself to our critical and examining eyes. We have and IronFX exactly respectably and some characteristics put outside which we need for the direct comparison with other Forex to brokers. Afterwards we can give a whole result whether a registration is worthwhile with the top broker really.

STP-and Market-Maker accounts

IronFX is many-sided. Prospective customers notice this already with the first sight on the side of the supplier. And exactly this versatility particularly distinguishes IronFX finally. To offers immediately two different account concepts become same: STP-and Market-Maker trade. This unconventional connection shows that it concerns with IronFX no classical broker. is to be pointed out in this connection in the different account kinds which we could check in our test not everybody themselves. For private investors and beginners is particularly suited the Micro account. As a nächsthöhere step the premium account is called. About that there stands the VIP’s account. Professional traders should have a special look at the Zero Fixed spread option. Which advantages and disadvantages have all these commercial possibilities and accounts, we will explain in the other text on the respective upper subjects.

Maximum lever of 200:1

A little bit disappointing appears IronFX concerning the offered lever. With a maximum lever of 200:1 which is mostly given only with more known currency pairs it is difficult to earn higher profits also with low application. The offer is not probably thereby directed at beginner. Rather it is a matter of forcing essential transaction dimensions.

The first differentiation between the single account kinds is carried out with the Spreaf. Basically it is possible with IronFX, with a spread of 0.0 Pips to traden. However, this is not valid for private investor with a Micro account. There become due for standard-currency pairs at least 2.1 Pips as a spread what might not like just beginners and lies in the current market relatively high. For users and female users of the premium account the spread on 1.6 Pips falls. Besides, also exists the possibility to choose between firm and variable spreads. A rate is offered to VIP’s customer finally by 1.4 Pips which lies again in the market average.

Then for traders with a Zero Fixed spread account the spread to be paid really lies with 0.0 Pips. However, you must lead away fees in the form of a commission.

MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 in the range

IronFX MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 in the range

Beside own Tradingsoftware IronFX also offers the connection about programmes like MetaTrader 4 and the new MetaTrader 5. With it traders can automate her Trading and carry out individual settings. In addition, a functional overview above all tradable markets is offered. Many different tools and tools can be added individually. That’s why is valid of the MetaTrader among professional dealers as unavoidable.

Also on offer IronFX has own ext. which is available for iOS, Android and Blackberry. We have also checked this in the test extensively and can strike concerning the Bedienbarkeit at the end a positive balance. Still we would like to point out to the fact that over mobile machines like Smartphones and Tablet PCs a rather worse overview of the single exchange rates and charts is possible. The action becomes more difficult. The mobile Traden would not be recommended to beginners, therefore.

Payments and payouts

IronFX Payment

Payment possibilities: Visa, Mastercard, bank transfer, Skrill, Neteller, WebMoney, Qiwi, Fasapay
Least payment: none
Fees: for payment: 1.50€ with credit cards, 1% with Skrill, 0.5% with Neteller and Fasapay, 0.8% with Webmoney
Account processing possibly in: US dollar
Payment options: Visa, Mastercard, Skrill, Neteller, WebMoney

Payments can be carried out with IronFX comfortably about credit card and bank transfer. In addition, are available a row of different Online-Bezahldienste. Although PayPal, unfortunately, under it is not programmes are offered like Skrill and Neteller. After our experiences payment within less working days is carried out. However, before the respective bank account must be legitimised. In addition, transactions can be carried out only on deposited credit cards and no other accounts. This principle was chosen for safety reasons.

Bonuses and special actions

Here in comparison to many other Forex to brokers you can receive a bonus without payment. This amounts to 25$ with which you can act after the registration directly. Moreover, you can receive a payment bonus from up to 10,000$. This is depending on the payment amount and amounts to 40 to 100 percent of the first payment. However, there special actions and bonuses for which you can qualify come over and over again.

Payment bonus: 40% on payment to 4000$, 100% with Einz. to 10.000$
Bonus conditions: Least payment 500$
Validity: 30 months
Other bonuses: Free iPhone6 / iPad Air2, Free VPS Hosting, IronFX map, many other Promotions

From 500 euros get

A big disadvantage of IronFX is the least payment. Only from 500 euros traders can open an account. Then, besides, it concerns a Micro account. For a premium account enthusiasts must already take in hand amounts from 2,500 euros. There is the popular VIP’s account against it only from 25,000 US dollars of payment. It is completely led in American dollar. Nevertheless, in comparison to competition suppliers these values are invested already very high.

More than 200 assets

The number in tradable values lies in accordance with IronFX meanwhile with over 200th restrictions, however, there also is here. You are directed again in the account kind about which traders lead her account. With a Micro account, for example, only nine different currency pairs with which freely and after own pleasure can be traded are ready. Here IronFX should absolutely make up the fire to be able to remain further competitive.

Extensive educational academy

The centre for continuing education is called with IronFX educational academy. The word «Academy» already implies a huge offer which IronFX can also hold in the test. not only training videos, Webinare and own encyclopaedia are ready. Particularly we were inspired by the seminars which are drawn up by the Forex broker every now and then.

In addition, beginners and professional traders take pleasure equally about the demo account which is made available with IronFX to all announced users and female users who have deposited money at her account. This demo account can be used indefinitely and helps beginners to try out strategies directly in the market and to collect other experience, before in the high risk market with real money is speculated.

IronFX is OK

IronFX is directed definitively less at beginner and more at trader who have already collected the first experience. Though the educational offer is also cut on beginner, however, too high are least payment and spreads which can come up to novices. Also the number of the tradable currency pairs is extremely limited with too low least payment. However, all in all, IronFX is highly serious and makes a seldom achieved offer, because immediately two different account kinds stand on offer. A registration can be suggested to interested traders absolutely.
A Forex especially popular by his versatility broker is IronFX. The supplier distinguishes himself by raised attention of the customer satisfaction and offers immediately two different account kinds for traders: STP-and the Market Maker concept. In our IronFX test report we have taken the broker concerning his seriousness and trustworthiness…



Not a scam

The seriousness of the broker is proved by the regulation, in addition the supplier with very low spreads scores.

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