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It concerns a rather young company with the on-line broker with the name IQ option. Only in 2013 this supplier has got into the market and has put to himself according to own specifications nothing less to the aim, than to become supplier of the best product at the market. Besides, IQ offers a free demo account to option, requires a least payment of only 10 euros and offers income returns from up to 92 percent Trade. In addition, a total of 79 different basis values from the areas of Commodities, indexes foreign currency and stocks are offered for trade with binary options. However, decisively is natural also for all investors the question whether the supplier is serious or whether one should look out for scam or Duffing. We would also like to answer these questions now in our test in detail.

Advantages and disadvantages of IQ option broker


  • Free demo account
  • Minimal payment from 10 euros
  • Different web-based educational offers
  • Up to 92 percent of income return possibly


  • Information on the web page a little bit economically and blindly
  • Different information, as for example GTCT, only into English available
  • Contact with the Support only by email possibly

Our review

Our experiences in the overview

Trade on the stock exchange has many facets, beside different layout classes a row can be applied by strategies and be fallen back, besides, on an amount from instruments. For the investors who would like to access with an instrument a huge number of different layout possibilities the instrument of the binary option seems to be suitable in this connection especially well. Beside an in principle infinite choice of possible basis values can be also profited with the instrument of the binary option also from different stock market phases, as in regular trade with option warrants. The commercial principle with which is put either on falling or, however, on rising exchange rates is also offered by IQ option. Besides, the supplier is only for few years in the market and has provided in this time already for a good basis.

Above all the professionally opened web page stings immediately in the eye, but of course also the well-balanced and well structured commercial offer. Besides, a real highlight is the performances which the investor with IQ option can achieve with some option variations: With up to 92 percent of income return the investor can double his application nearly if he lies with his prediction for the movement of prices properly. In addition, our experiences have shown that can be traded with the registered company resident in Cyprus of course also very actually about the browser-based platform. There was a deficit point, however, for the provision of information on the web page, because numerous contents are available, unfortunately, only into English. What we have ascertained in our test, in addition, with look at the single categories, now follows in our review. We would like to begin with the offer.

Well structured offer with 79 assets

Besides, the investor has first the choice between 79 values of the categories Commodities, Foreign currency, Indexes and Stocks. While under the category Commodities currently only one single value is to be found and also only six different indexes are offered, the choice is clearly bigger with both remaining categories.

With the indexes these are merely some values from London (FTSE 100), Frankfurt (DAX30), Paris (CAC40) as well as New York (S&P500 / Nasdaq / Dow Jones), while can be chosen in the area of the binary options on stocks between a total of 50 values. Then under it are beside many European and American values also some values from Asia, as for example to the automaker Toyota or the bank of China. In total there lies the main focus on values of the industries banks and financial service providers, energy, Internet as well as telecommunications.

Still a short look at the foreign currency offer: Here all combinations of the major as well as some other currencies as for example to New Zealand dollar, to the Russian rouble or the Swiss franc can be traded. In total 22 pairs are available. Moreover, as the raw material only currently the precious metal gold can be traded as a binary option.

Even if one or other this choice than may appear too small, nevertheless, our experiences have shown that the values of trade were selected apparently carefully. Up to the area of Indexes trade is possible in all categories round-the-clock and in the category Stocks also always at least one Asset of a certain industry is available. With it the strategies which concentrate upon a certain economic segment also are very well possibly.
Concerning the possible income returns a specific value will be economical for every option. At most are possible with IQ for option Income returns from up to 92 percent of the used capital what shows an absolutely high level in comparison to many other brokers. On average the income returns lie in trade, however, rather under this value how our experiences point. In addition, IQ also promises a payback at the rate of up to 45 percent of the application to option his customer if the development was wrong forecast.

Bonuses for new customers also available

Bonus for new customers also available

Who opens an account with IQ for option, the choice has between three different account types. Beside the free demo account account and the VIP account can be also chosen between Real. With both account types bonuses on the payments which can amount to account 80 percent and in case of the VIP accounts even up to 100 percent with Real are offered. Even if it concerns, besides, no classical new customer’s bonus, because he comes to all customers to good, one should consider with the first registration absolutely with which payment amount one starts and which bonus height one protects himself with it on the following payment amounts. Indeed, one should notice as a customer that these additional payment actions are carried out for a limited period, so that one cannot count permanently on the called additional payment heights.

However no matter, how high the possible bonus may also be, the decisive factor for the decision, how much one deposits, own available budget should always be. Only so the trader can exclude in the long term that he ruins himself with his commercial activity not financially. Since a layout form afflicted with risks remains trade with binary options also with stately bonus payments, in any case.

Payments and payouts: Several possibilities are offered

The liquidation of payments and payment should raise few problems. Beside both credit card variations VISAS and Mastercard the investor has with IQ option also the possibility to use a row of Internetbezahldiensten for payments and payment. On the list of the available suppliers stand under other Skrill, Neteller, Webmoney, POLIPayments and WireTransfer. These services deal with the payments very reliably. Nevertheless, about the attacking fees which are required with the use of a service by sides IQ option for the payments one finds no detailed information. It is to be advised absolutely to turn in this question to the customer service to get clarity concerning this. Also the general terms and conditions help in this thing only partly, because these are given currently, like, by the way, many other contents also, only into English. Here one can recognise from customer’s view still absolutely improvement demand. The least payment which is required by IQ option, besides, from the customers is relatively moderate with only 10 euros, by the way.

Security and regulation: The EU regulation, registered in Cyprus

The On-line broker IQ option has chosen, like so many other suppliers in this area also, his head office in Cyprus. Responsibly for the regulation of financial service providers are there the Cyprus Securities & Exchange Commission, briefly CySec and IQ option is led with this properly at own licence number. Because it concerns with Cyprus a long-standing member of the EU, his authorities are also bound to suitable European least standards. With it obliging rules and default are guaranteed in the EU already once., Among the rest, a membership belongs to the standards in the investor Compensation finding, so of a union for the insert protection which is valid for the credit located on the commercial cash discount. About the height up to which this protection reaches no usable tips are found in the general terms and conditions. Hence, the investors which information loadable here wishes should not avoid to step with the customer service in contact.

Also critically is to be marked that on the sides of IQ option no tips are found whether the inserts of the customers on separate accounts or are also administered at another institute. This important standard which is kept by most suppliers provides possibly in the case of an insolvency for the fact that the believers of the company have no access to the inserts of the customers. Basically is made sure by the fact that customer’s inserts cannot be used for the purposes of the company.

In any case, the customers of IQ option can trust in standards valid in Europe and assume with it from the fact that it concerns with the on-line broker a serious supplier with whom must not be calculated on scam or Duffing. The fact that with information about the applied standards in the company becomes so economically handled, however, an important point of criticism remains. There remains to hope that IQ still amends option here in the next time.

Support and customer service

If we have pointed out precedingly segment to the fact in that one should turn with questions after the bonus conditions or to the safety standards in the company quietly sometimes to the customer service, then one must state with look at the offer first that this is not so easy as one should maybe expect it. Under the column contact several addresses are stated on the web page by IQ option, under it those of the head office in Cypriot Nicosia, as well as a location in London. Besides, own phone number is stated only for the latter location. Quite profound knowledge of English must be assumed if one liked to clear his questions about this contact.

The only other possibility consists in turning by email to the Support of IQ option. For this own email address is available. However, it is better to use the form offered by the on-line broker. Besides, under the specification of a category questions to the Support can be also directed. With the waiting for the answer customers of IQ must practice to themselves option under circumstances in patience, there is not also a live chat.

Very fast web platform and access to mobile trading

Very well opened web page and access to mobile trade

Who moves the first time on the sides of IQ option, has immediately the impression of a very professional presentation. The visitor can marvel at at different animations and the suitable categories are shown basically also very clear and to find good. Indeed, hide behind it in particular for users who are mighty only the German, some deficits. Quite obviously the persons responsible have not succeeded to date yet in moving the appearance for the German market completely. Over and over again one bumps with the search according to the information of into the segments which are given merely into English. Every now and then the language changes even in the middle of the text. Just with look at the GTCT this makes no especially good impression.

The compact educational offer is to be emphasised positively against it. Here trade with binary options is brought home to the trader gradually on the basis of ten videosequences. Beside an image of the possibilities of trade about the platform and the process of the registration, one can get to know so also a lot about the single trading strategies. Under others the user finds well processed contributions which deal with the use of trend lines in dealing with binary options or explain possibly the meaning of the Japanese candles for trade. Nevertheless, in most cases these training offers are also available only into English.

While the compact however absolutely informative videos also are not available to announced visitors, there is a row of other offers to the explanation of strategies, among the rest, the «alligator» or „Bollinger of the tapes“ which are open, nevertheless, to exclusively registered users. Besides, some web-based interactive educational formats are also offered. Indeed, there are no live carried out Webinare with which one can trade himself with commercial experts.

Concrete trade is dealt with with IQ option about a browser-based platform which opens good possibilities for trade for the traders. By means of an ext. mobile trade is also possible of course any time. Own application is available for Android as well as iOS, so that also from on the way from by Smartphone or can be also traded with the Tablet.

Result – One of the best brokers

All in all, looked IQ offers to option an absolutely well-arranged whole offer whose variety discloses, however, only completely if one is also mighty the English language. Customers should consider this absolutely if they consider to decide on IQ option as a broker for binary options. Besides, the offer and the conditions are absolutely attractive, besides, the profit rate of 92 percent which only few other on-line brokers have to offer is to be emphasised. Also with look at the security the investor needs to give himself no troubles. The Cypriot CySec provides for the observance of all necessary standards. It is to be assumed from the fact that it concerns a serious supplier. The fact that things play like scam or Duffing a role, seems before this background excluded.
It concerns a rather young company with the on-line broker with the name IQ option. Only in 2013 this supplier has got into the market and has put to himself according to own specifications nothing less to the aim, than to become supplier of the best product at the market.…



Not a scam

IQoption has completely persuaded me in the test. I recommend this broker to everyone!

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