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Internationally the broker IGMarkets counts meanwhile to the absolute superclass. To offers becomes not only trade with CFDs and binary options, but also the Forex Trading. By the way: since some time the broker does not market himself any more under the name IGMarkets, but is simply called IG. In our progress report we have checked not only the seriousness and reliability of the company, but also have confronted performances and conditions.

Trade: Stocks, CFD, Forex, binary options & more
Basis values: from more than 10,000 markets
Software: WebTrader, Trading App, MetaTrader 4
Regulation: BaFin

Review of the IGMarkets

IG is definitively one of the oldest suppliers for the Traden with foreign currency, CFDs, stocks and other financial products. The main company IG Group holding company can look back meanwhile at an experience of more than 40 years. The successful company 1974 was founded in London. There also is still the head office with which extraction have been carried out like IGMarkets. The project IG is available into more than ten different languages, under it of course also German. A German subsidiary is in Dusseldorf. There work the friendly service employees who stand to you with words and deeds aside.

IGMarkets Background: so seriously is IGMarkets

The worldwide biggest broker is convincing by trustworthiness. IGMarkets is serious, this appears already alone by the regulations by official supervisory authorities in different countries., Among the rest, thus a registration exists with the British Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). In addition, a German regulation is also given by the BaFin. These regulation authorities look to the broker exactly over the shoulder and keep him in view. Thereby is nearly excluded that it comes to deceitful behaviour.

In total more than 1,000 employees work for the holding company IG Group worldwide. The holding companies IG plc, the British Ltd of the company, TFSE 250 with 250 biggest companies of England is listed in the share index. In addition, the German subsidiary IG has received various distinctions as for example of the best broker CFD in 2013 from the magazine Euro on Sunday.

Company: G Markets Ltd. Branch office Germany
Address: Berlin avenue 1040212 Dusseldorf, Germany
Registration: AG Dusseldorf, HRB 59471
Regulation / licence: BaFin (121333)
Phone prospective customers: 0800 664 8454
Phone customers: 0800 181 8831
Service times: Monday till Friday between 08:15 and 22:15
Recall service: available

With pride dresses up IG with the fact that the broker is the worldwide biggest operating service company for trade with Forex, CFDs and binary options. The offer of IGMarkets is adapted regularly and developed. Also thereby we have attained in the test an exceptionally professional impression from the supplier. Concerning seriousness and trustworthiness we can exhibit IG only Best noten.

Clients say this

Beforehand: to every broker for trade with foreign currency there are on the Internet critical voices. However, there it is excited itself mostly more about the general principle of trade by currencies, as that constructive criticism of the broker is performed. Also with IG this is the case. In comparison to other Forex to brokers also, however, appears with IGMarkets that a clearly higher number is to users and female users very contently with the offer of IG. Traders know that it concerns with IG a reliable broker whom they can trust any time. This becomes also clear in the steadily rising user’s figures.

Moreover, the customers say that IGMarkets had not probably been her first choice without previous Internet search. Other suppliers advertise with quick payments and excessively high payment bonuses. These veil again not seldom that the real offer of the broker is equipped not particularly attractively. With IG no value is placed of such an outside effect. Therefore, above all the experienced and professional traders who know with pleasure a reliable partner on her side are to be found among the customers.

The Support in the test

IGMarkets The Support in the test

The Support with IG are graded broadly. Thus it is distinguished with the establishment of contact between customer and non-customer. For both there are phone numbers and email addresses about which the traders can contact to step directly in contact and to get all questions answered. However, some phone numbers as for example those of the technical Supports lead to England, so that you should be mighty with a such concern of the English language.

In addition, IG disposes of a live chat about which you can chat simply and fast with the employees. Unfortunately, in our test this possibility was not available, although we have tried it between the available times (Monday till Friday, from 8:15 to 22:15 o’clock). Also of the phone support is not ready 24 hours on the day for questions. Of our market IG progress report comes to the end that the employees are very competent in general and friendly, stand, indeed, apparently under a certain pressure of time. Questions are answered concerning the contents correctly and quickly. Perhaps, IGMarkets should raise the employee’s number slightly in Germany here to relieve the current service staff.

Our experiences with IG

The gigantic experience of the mother’s group IG Group holding company is persuasive. Also meanwhile more than 17 subsidiaries worldwide and the general setting on international audience are an indicator for the fact that with IGMarkets is striven for higher. Completely seriously and reliably appears IG by the double regulation in Great Britain and Germany. Other countries will follow with certainty.

Concerning the seriousness we can give IG only one very best result. Here you need no fear have to be defeated Duffing or scam.

The offer of IGMarkets

IGMarkets The offer of IGMarkets

To be able to compare Forex broker better with each other there are the overviews which compare different conditions and performances as well as important indicators like the maximum lever and the spread with each other. In our progress report we have taken exactly these points particularly under the magnifying glass and have confronted in a short overview, jointed after thematic aspects.

How can I trade with IGMarkets?

The offer of IG is radically based on the Trading with different currency pairs. Therefore, the Forex trade stands in the focus and was the first scope of business in which the company has specialised. However, in the course of the years the range of articles has clearly increased in potential. Meanwhile traders can also trade other financial products with the expert in this area., Among the rest, under it is trade with CFDs which functions as of the Forex trade with a lever. Thereby you have the possibility to raise her real application and her payment per position and to generate quick profits. In addition, IG also offers positions in the area of the binary options. This financial sector wins on the Internet rapidly in popularity, because trade with binary options very simply and easy-understandably decorates is. By the binary options there are again different commercial kinds.

In total the offer of IG is very extensive and offers for all financial traders interesting possibilities to use her money. Here IGMarkets does justice to his call as a market leader completely.

Maximum — 200:1

The lever is one of the important indicators them are pulled up to compare different Forex broker with each other. With IGMarkets the lever is enclosed 200:1. This means that by a transaction application of 50 euros can be immediately traded with 10,000 euros in the Market. Thus changes also affect in the last post comma place of the exchange rates of the currency pairs profit and loss. However, with a maximum lever of 200:1 IG lies after our experiences rather in the lower area of the Forex broker. Other suppliers offer here clearly higher levers what raises though profit chances, but also the risk for the trader. The spread, so the expenses per transaction which are drawn off directly lies with IG with values from 0.8 Pips. In comparison to the competition this appoximate value is very low, however, is valid only for few currency pairs. Some other pairs are booked with a spread from up to 200.

Act with IGMarkets mobile

The offer of different Tradingsoftwares is fanned out with IG very broadly. In our test we could use not only external programmes like the popular MateTrader4 and proreal time. At the possession stood also L2Dealer for professional dealers and own commercial platform who was convincing by functionality and stability. In addition, mobile Trading Apps are available for Blackberry, Android, Windows and iOS. After our experiences a total of one extensive offer which has persuaded us definitively.

Payments and payouts

Payment possibilities: Visa, Mastercard,bank transfer
Least payment: no specification
Fees: 1.5% for credit card payments
Account processing possibly in: Euro, US dollar, Swiss franc, British pound, of Hungarian Forint, Polish Zloty
Payment options: Visa, Mastercard, bank transfer

Less positively IGMarkets takes a short-cut in the area of the payment and payment. Though the latter are carried out dutiful and the money is within less days on the account, indeed, payments and payment are available merely by transfer and credit card. On payments about the credit card still 1.5% of transaction costs are whipped in addition as fees. Though in general these both transaction possibilities are sure, but in the today’s time simply not enough.

Bonuses and special actions

 IGMarkets Bonus and special actions

Unfortunately, IG totally renounces payment bonuses and other special actions which promise more money to the Traden to you. Merely the „customer wins over customer“ area can lead to a slight heightening of the account in the form of a bonus.

No minimal payment – directly trade

A full account can be already opened from a euro. While the competition least payments by heights of at least 50 euros is required very customer-oriented IGMarkets here. In addition, there is also no least transaction size, so that prospective customers can already get with 5 euros and begin with trade.

77 currency pairs, more than 7,000 CFDs

The number of the tradable basis values is impressive: Under a total of 77 currency pairs which are available for the Forexhandel virtual and exotic pairs are also found. More than 7,000 CFDs extend the offer of IGMarkets by an important component which exists with other brokers also only in shed form.

Extensive Educational centre

In the commercial platform additional functions are installed like a live news field. Moreover, the Education centre offers interesting video exchange rates, Webinare, seminars into German and, actually, everything with which to themselves beginners and professional traders can equally educate further. Market dates are given, analyses and news are called and an economic calendar is also a share of the offer.

As a special addition a 14-day and free demo account is made available to all customers. With the demo account IG you can get to know the market with 10,000 virtual euros and try out strategies in a demo.

Result: IGMarkets is OK

The huge seriousness and reliability of IG is in connection with the stable commercial system and an extensive educational offer as well as the low spread one of the main arguments, why you should register yourselves with IGMarkets. We can see here over the low lever of 200:1 and would like to recommend the supplier to all which would like to act really seriously and professionally with foreign currency.
Internationally the broker IGMarkets counts meanwhile to the absolute superclass. To offers becomes not only trade with CFDs and binary options, but also the Forex Trading. By the way: since some time the broker does not market himself any more under the name IGMarkets, but is simply called IG. In…



Not a scam

IG is a serious broker and disposes worldwide of all licences around the biggest commercial offer to be able to offer on-line.

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