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In particular in quick trade by currencies and also other stock market products it depends more than ever on quickness and exact implementation. Since only so can be made sure that the trader acts with exact exchange rates and also profits from the smallest exchange rate movements. The Forex broker IFOREX offers for this with the access to more than 140 markets the best conditions. And also, in addition, the trader seems to be lifted with this supplier perfectly. If he offers, nevertheless, in addition an advanced technology for trade as well as additional commercial possibilities as for example the Hedging and a Hbel from up to 1:400. We have looked in a test what the supplier IFOREX has to offer, in addition, still and how trade is moved in practice. scam or not? Review

Besides, also the question was in the foreground whether for traders also in view of security and seriousness green light can be given. Finally, successful trade can take place only if Duffing or Scam can be excluded.

Advantages and disadvantages of the broker IFOREX


  • In working days (Mon. to Fr) 24 hours of live support available
  • Wide commercial offer
  • Free demo account available
  • Also binary options
  • Protection before negative balance

Our experiences with IFOREX in the review

The on-line broker IFOREX is a specialist for trade with products of the Forex of market and offers on-line trade according to own specifications already since 1996. With it might belong IFOREX to the ex-servicemen of the industry. The company is registered about the company iCFD Limited in Cyprus and offers his services meanwhile not only in Europe, but also in a row of other region., Among the rest, in the Asian and Arabian space.

However, decisively for the traders is rather the question as the experience of the company affects in everyday trade. However, also here the supplier IFOREX on whole line can be convincing. Beside the choice between three different commercial platforms a gigantic choice is also ready in basis values for trade. Beside CFDs and currencies binary options on a big number of different basis values can be also traded.

And also for trade itself the trader with IFOREX all possibilities has. Thus a large part of the values is offered round-the-clock which is put out only on Saturday. On the basis of a big and according to IFOREX also further growing customer’s basis every single customer can access a commercial platform with high liquidity and favorable conditions, an important plus for everyday trade. Our experiences have shown that the trader can count on exchange rates extremely close to market.

Basically it concerns with CFDs a highly speculative sector of the market. The quality of a supplier can be calculated before this background also at how with this risk becomes handled. The on-line broker IFOREX offers to his customers, besides, a so-called capital protection which provides for the fact that for single transactions no negative balance originates. A loss which exceeds the eigesetzte capital, a danger which is absolutely realistic in trade CFD can be excluded here.

At a company which is already a such long time in Mark and has gained, besides, always new customers it is obvious that such a development can take place only on basis of seriousness and trust. The investor is able to do to himself abandonment with IFOREX, however, also the EU regulation. We have found clues for scam or Duffing with our test none. We have summarised all details of our test into the following segments.

Wide offer which the Forex and trade CFD exceeds

IFOREX Wide offer which the Forex and trade CFD exceeds

Starting point of our test was first the commercial offer and this has it absolutely in itself. It encloses how not to expect broker with a Forex differently, first a big choice in currency pairs. Besides a huge number of raw material CFDs is also available for trade. However, furthermore some stocks as well as indexes can be also traded by CFD. Rather rare is to be found, in addition, with a broker CFD the possibility that, in addition, can be traded with binary options.

The offer encloses such a big number of values in all categories that it would lead too widely to come here in detail. However, only the choice in the area of currency trade encloses more than 200 combinations. Beside major and Minors can be possibly also put on the exchange rate of the Internet currency Bitcoin. The applicable lever reaches in this segment up to 1:400. Beside the real Margin agreed by the broker the traders must also appear to a so-called raised Margin who come beyond the regular commercial times and with Übernachtpositionen to the application.

Also the choice of commodities is worth a mention, because this also contrasts with the offer of many competitors and offers an astonishing variety. Thus possibly gold and silver can be traded in six different currencies, also with a lever from 1:400. And also in the area of Stocks and indexes all big international markets are ready for the CFD Trading. Besides, the offered levers reach from 1:20 to 1:200. With the stocks CFDs the uniform lever is enclosed 1:20.

With the spreads the traders can appear to variable values which orientate themselves very closely by the market spreads. For all tradable values are stated by IFOREX specific spreads which return the average expectation, however, can be guaranteed not trade. The traders must calculate guard in market phases with low liquidity and high volatility on higher spreads.

A choice of binary options also belongs to the offer. Also here has put together IFOREX an extensive choice for trade. In total approx. 100 Assets from the markets of Europe, America and Asia stand in the portfolio. Beside Turbo options with run times between five minutes and 60 seconds, options are also offered with expiry periods in the hourly area. The income returns which can be achieved by IFOREX in trade with binary options reach up to a value of 86 percent. However, income returns about 70 percent are usual. The possible investment sums lie between 10 and 1,000 US dollar.

IFOREX offers bonuses

New customers as well as inventory customers can count with IFOREX on different bonus offers which are offered every now and then. Besides, Cash Back Programm as well as own Trading bonus belongs to the offer. However, these offers are not directed especially at new customer, however, of course these can profit also from it.

With Cash Back Bonus a premium is credited to the commercial cash discount of the trader weekly which orientates itself by the achieved turnover in trade. Also by binary options the supplier with a special commercial bonus which is not always offered, however, apparently lures.

Besides, the information which is made available by sides of the supplier concerning this is opaque a little bit. On the one hand tips are included to bonuses and their payment conditions in the GTCT. Nevertheless, on the homepages no other and concrete tips are found. In any case, the payment is bound by bonus amounts like with other suppliers also to different conditions. In the case of doubt the investor should question moreover the Support.

Wide choice of methods for payments and payouts

IFOREX Wide choice with the method for payment

Concerning the possibilities on payments and payment are open to the trader with IFOREX several possibilities. Of course can like be deposited with almost all suppliers, by credit card. Possibly maps of the companies are a Mastercard and VISAS. In addition, also different Internet-based payment service companies stand for the choice. Beside Skrill Moneybookers and giropay the customers can also use the services of western to union, Neteller or Immediately banking. With all possibilities the supplier takes care around a quick liquidation. On the credit card payment as well as with the use of on-line Bezahldienstleistern the money is ordinarily available within 24 hours for trade. On the payment the customers must be patient against it under circumstances some days. Unfortunately, specifics are not found here on the sides from IFOREX.

Regulation by Cypriot authorities

Because the supplier IFOREX his head office has in Cyprus, the authorities there are also responsible for putting through the EU-wide valid guidelines and for adjusting the company. To the least standards belong afterwards a state insert protection as well as a segregated management of customer’s money. Besides, the Cypriot insert protection ground is responsible for the protection of the inserts and for the regulation the CySec. The on-line broker is led at the licence number 143/11. The customer has so the security that all important Regularien must be kept and neither be feared scam nor Duffing.

Helpful offers by Support and training

IFOREX Helpful offers by Support and training

The offer which makes service and continuing education IFOREX his customer in the area is extensive in any case. To the extent belongs beside different offers of information on the sides from IFOREX also the possibility to take part in own educational programmes which are offered to the single customer’s teams. By email the customers from IFOREX can announce themselves for the exchange rates which are offered especially for advancers, however, also to beginner.

In addition, a support is also held ready in day-everyday trade. Besides, the traders have to ask the possibility, either by phone, by mail or also by live chat around council. Besides, own phone number is available for the Kundensupport as well as for the technical Support for German-speaking customers.

With the commercial technology the customer can choose

With look at the available commercial technology the trader has with IFOREX the choice. With his offer the on-line broker creates the best conditions that every dealer’s type finds a suitable tool. Basically three platforms are offered. Besides, always it concerns the independent solutions which offer a high level and a wide spectrum concerning technology and instruments to the trader.

Besides, as a basis solution the platform FXnet can be looked. This programme was conceived especially from IFOREX for the Trading in the Forex and is directed above all at professional traders. Besides, the opening of positions is possible with only one click. The view can be extended on the full image screen and can be adapted individually. The platform FXnet can be downloaded free of charge by the sides from IFOREX.

Even easier is against it the use of the web-based platform for which to themselves the trader only announce needs and immediately with trade can start. Indeed, besides, some restrictions are to be noticed. Thus only 30 currencies can be traded and also the choice with the commercial tools and analysis tools is not so wide long ago as with the platform FXnet.

IFOREX With the commercial technology the customer can choose

The offer is rounded by the possibility of the mobile access. In the form of an ext. which is offered for iOS and Android the mobile commercial platform can be installed fast on the Smartphone. The access to about 200 currency pairs and other values is possible here. Besides, the Apps are optimised on a quick and uncomplicated commercial implementation. Also the layout can be adapted any time individually.

The web site also earns a special mention. With it the on-line broker IFOREX a good offer has created with which the trader can get fast an overview and also a quick access to the educational contents finds. Besides, the extensive FAQ which explains all essentials to trade and to the supplier is to be emphasised.

Result – Many possibilities with IFOREX

As a customer from IFOREX one can profit above all from a very wide choice of commercial possibilities which reaches from Forex to products, about stocks CFDs up to binary options and thus a very varied trading strategy allow. Also the educational offer can be convincing which holds ready a suitable offer for every experience team. In addition, a good standard can be also expected in the area of Service and Support. With the commercial technology a persuasive offer with which the trader can choose between several versions is also held ready. A little bit bewilderingly the information is against it in the area of Bonus. Because the company sits in Cyprus and is also licensed there, the investors need to give no troubles with regard to scam or Duffing themselves concerning the security of her inserts, because the observance of EU right is checked by the Cypriot CySec.
In particular in quick trade by currencies and also other stock market products it depends more than ever on quickness and exact implementation. Since only so can be made sure that the trader acts with exact exchange rates and also profits from the smallest exchange rate movements. The Forex broker…



Not a scam

IFOREX is has CySec licence seriously and, at the same time the huge trade offer

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