Best online casino 2017 / scam or not? Review scam or not? Review is international a little less famous, but still looks back on a nine-year career, because that Glücksspieletablissement was founded in the year of 2005. Since then, all friends of fast and entertaining games on an appealing and responsive vigorous Casino can look forward to that fact but not called Casino. Nevertheless already proves the gaming license from Malta that is reputable and not fraud plans.

The modified presentation at unlike regular and more classically oriented online casinos, is directly related to the games selection that is offered at Primarily, there are there entertaining games of all kinds, which do not expect much ability to concentrate or combinatorial performance of the players. This primarily includes Scratch cards and slot machines.

At everything is a bit smaller, which is not limited to the lobby, but also to the presentation. For the team convinced with a varied selection of games, a software from NetEnt and acceptable privacy and security policies. Furthermore, our test, however, also worked out that at still some gap in relation to the additional services and the provision of information exist. This should not be seen as an indication, however, whether or fraud is serious. What shortcomings there may exactly are and how hard they actually carry weight to general experience with, we betray in the test report. convincing

  • varied games selection
  • small but nice bonus promotions
  • Maltese gaming license
  • good security concept
  • Negative: little varied Bonus Promotions

Range of casino games: fun every second

Hopa Range of casino games: fun every second

In the game section gamers can indeed enjoy a long time, but this does not spread presumably only one game, because these are rather very short in duration.Scratchcards and slots games usually take less time than an extended round of Poker and the use at roulette usually lasts longer than an entire game at For all those who come in the evening stressed from work to home and basically just want to relax yet, which can be a real boon. Within a few seconds, the scratch cards can free scratch and win will be automatically credited.

However experiences praise the variety offered by the Games offer at even if cool games offered, which does not mean that they always have to run the same. The relatively large selection at pretends this respect enough variation. The software from NetEnt, which is used for example at the slot machines, also provides the necessary security and stability. But some classic casino games such as roulette, blackjack or baccarat could be perhaps rewarded with more choice. 9/10 points.

  • Games from NetEnt and NeoGames
  • entertaining gameplay

Safety and Licensing: On the peak

Hopa Safety and Licensing: On the peak

It is often so that just put the smaller casinos or gambling establishments on the Internet not too much importance to a stable and secure gaming environment to their clients. It does not depend mainly but with negligence or ignorance together, but is mostly linked to the limited financial resources. Some casinos can the large certificates not afford with which they could obtain for their customers that everything is above board. sets its priorities clearly contrary to a secure gaming environment for all registered players. The Maltese gaming license with their strict guidelines already in leveraging the basic requirements.

Additionally, there is the guarantee that all customer information is encrypted. The certificate from GoDaddy confirmed the safety of the side of again in addition. Furthermore, the team can additionally check the random regular basis to ensure that customers can also expect a truly fair game, which is always given by experiences. 10/10 points.

  • Certificate from GoDaddy
  • Maltese gaming license

Bonus and conditions: € 100 for new customers

Hopa Bonus and conditions: € 100 for new customers donated its new customers a bonus amount which nowadays normally elicits no dog behind the stove. Nevertheless, players should not be too sloppy deal and not lose sight of this with such actions. Finally, also applies in the casino and gambling the motto that mickle makes a crap.

The Bonus offers a maximum sum of € 100.00, which is not the world, but it need not necessarily be compared with Peanuts. For many players, such bonus heights are generally much better tolerated than the real huge sums. For the maximum bonus amount at a deposit of 100,00 Euro is necessary because the bonus doubled this. Profits can play freely if within three months the entire bonus is 35 times played through. These are perfectly acceptable conditions, which is also primarily to the generous time which is granted on the part of the team.Despite the lack of big bonus sums our test therefore comes to a result of 9/10 points.

  • up to 100 € Real Money Bonus
  • Bonus period of 3 months

Although we believe that this is how it is difficult to complain of a bonus offer, we are well aware that it is the High Roller see among gamblers differently. For this type of players a bonus can in principle not be high enough. Therefore we recommend at this point the Bonus Promotions at Euro Grand and Casino Club . These each have 1.000,00 Euro Bonus in luggage waiting to be triggered it.

Although the bonus offer in NetBet Casino is quite regarded as creative and sexy, but it certainly is not enough to provide for the real bonus hunters as well as for the very young players without much experience. These are usually made of either improved conditions or high profit sums.Accordingly, we can recommend both the 888 Casino as well as Euro Grand: The former has a free bonus without initial deposit and the latter provides a bonus amount of up to 1,000.00 euros in good conditions.

Deposits and withdrawals: durations sometimes a little longer

Hopa Deposits and withdrawals: durations sometimes a little longer

Basically, it is always so that different payment methods are provided in individual casinos with different conditions. Some take a little longer, others have higher limits or charge a fee for the execution of the transaction. At the whole deposit problem starts by listing the different options, which is not to be understood properly in some parts. The clarity in the given table is not necessarily granted to one hundred percent, although the deposit methods per se are reputable. The same also applies to the conditions for the deposits and withdrawals.

Somewhat confusingly, it is then also at the payment options, which in this respect is given no maximum limit. only clarifies that VIP players would not pay more than € 10,000.00 per month. Where the limit for normal players lies is indicated. But this is already a well-known phenomenon of the group NG International Limited, which also belongs Experience with fault in this area are many small details, but show no real problems or even signs of a lack of seriousness on. 8/10.

  • different payment service
  • different height limits

Customer Service: With Warranty

With regard to customer service makes actually not much wrong. The basic contact options offered — the staff can be contacted via live chat, phone and email.Between eight o’clock in the morning and a clock after someone has always listened to the problems of players. The only fact that a little bother in terms of customer service, is the international number that is given to all customers. This means that for the call at according to various experiences probably several fees are incurred. Accordingly, then the live chat can be recommended under circumstances perhaps more. 9/10 points.
  • with live chat and phone
  • good uptime

Design and Performance: In the mediocre range

The design at has had in our test discover some minor flaws. These are mainly concentrated in the area of information structure and clarity. Thus, various information on the website of are quite confusing and sometimes not arranged logically comprehensible. For the full bonus conditions for example, customers may have to read only by four different sites before they can actually see.

The performance on the other hand can not criticize, because all games quickly even in the demo version and then load one hundred percent are well playable. 8/10.

  • complicated page structure
  • fast loading times

Live Casino: Not available

Hopa Live Casino: Not available

Write to point proved when testing as extremely difficult. The reason for this is the orientation in offer of, the principle does not ermöglichst it to set up a live casino. After all, the games that are offered, mainly those games that do not even have disputed with specification of a human dealer. It now even does not need a croupier at a scratch card. Accordingly, a Live Casino will probably not be found at also in the near future, provided that the range of games is not suddenly expanded abruptly.

Since at actually each player would have to be clear about what he or she expected and that a live casino is not one necessarily mean we have decided not to let our deductions are too flagrantly in this area. Accordingly, there is, despite the lack of live casinos still 6/10 points.

  • no live casino available
  • Gameplay difficult Live Casino

Limits and Payout: Unknown

At there is no payout. At least when it comes to the results which are presented to the customer. These are equal to zero, that is not present. This must not necessarily indicate a lack of seriousness, but could in principle be seen as an indication. This applies mostly to casinos who are not so reputable licensors as the regulator of Malta behind. Since the license is still current and the other certificates have not expired, can be assumed despite the lack of payout that playing is safe at After all promise the operators that each third ticket wins in her establishment.

The table limits for the individual games are as variable as they can be. Finally, slot machine games do not offer many possibilities to vary individually. However, response is the fact that more and very small amounts are capitalized as an insert. In many games but also high stakes may be played. 8/10.

  • small bets possible
  • presented no payout

Loyalty program and VIP Club: The basic package

Hopa Loyalty program and VIP Club: The basic package

Also at there is a loyalty club and a program for frequent players. Such a listing should not have expected a lot of players from the supplier, because especially for small operators the money often is so scarce that such great promotions are not or only very rarely played. Regarding regular bonus actions this statement way, also applies to, because apart from the VIP area and the loyalty program, there are no further actions.

The VIP Club is based on the classical model and celebrates primarily the frequent player among customers, which distinguished themselves with loyalty and an increased deposit limit.For this they get access to exclusive games, contests, free gifts and many other extras. The conditions of the bonus program at, however, are relative rather average, because it is precisely the conversion key for the loyalty points is not very good. For an insert of 20.00 euros, the player receives a bonus point credited. These can then be exchanged at a rate of 1/25. This means that a new player first has to use 500.00 Euro to recover EUR 1.00 thanks to the loyalty program. This can be accomplished much better and easier in other casinos. 7/10 points.

  • VIP Club with exclusive games
  • Loyalty program with difficult conditions

Mobile App: None

The player community of is currently still somewhat limited, due, for example, the fact that many players are familiar with the new trend in the gaming segment, the scratch cards, not particularly well. Accordingly, the feed rates are not yet at the maximum possible, which in turn does not have the need for mobile solution on the plan can occur. Of course, it is already possible to play various fun games per mobile terminal in online casinos, but at this option has not yet been given. Until then, is for customers who want to play on the go, either accessible via the browser of your smartphone or tablet, or switch to another provider, we do not want necessarily recommend. 7/10 points.

  • mobile access via website
  • no own app

Our reviewed with room for improvement

Every now and then it does us as Mead seems to be quite a bit in the heart hurt when we have to give casinos that are actually determined and very ambitious, a rating that does not correspond to the fullest. Finally, we want self usually not be rewarded for our performance, but also for our trouble.Nevertheless, we must be fair in order to ensure the value of this test can. Accordingly, it must be noted that Although it has many positive areas, but has a few weaknesses. So no Live Casino is offered, there is no mobile app and the information structure on the site is sometimes quite be described as deficient. By contrast, the provider in relation to data protection, the safety regulations, the customer service and the licensing is quite well positioned and does not need to hide behind its major competitors. Therefore, there is from our side 8.1 out of 10 points. is international a little less famous, but still looks back on a nine-year career, because that Glücksspieletablissement was founded in the year of 2005. Since then, all friends of fast and entertaining games on an appealing and responsive vigorous Casino can look forward to that fact but not called…



Not a scam is another England broker whose security and seriousness is guaranteed by the BaFin regulation.

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