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If it is about trade with CFDs and Forex, the English broker GKFX is mostly one of the first drop-in centres for customers and customers from Germany. A serious appearance as well as interesting Live-Trading-Sessions provide for the fact that feel with beginner GKFX as well as professionals for the broker in good hands. In our progress report we clear whether the broker scam or is serious, at the same time we have taken the supplier once exactly under the magnifying glass and have put his conditions and performances on the test bench.

Commercial options: Forex, indexes, commodities, stocks, CFD
Basis values: more than 350 in int. To commercial places
Software: MetaTrader 4, WebTrader, Multi Terminal
Regulation: BaFin

GKFX — our review

Behind the Forex of brokers GKFX stands the services GKFX Financial Limited, a service company which comes originally from Great Britain. Therefore, the company head office is in London. From here all important decisions are made. Meanwhile the company orders more than 19 subsidiaries which are distributed everywhere in the world. Of course it insists services GKFX Financial Limited on turning up also in the German financial metropolis Frankfurt am Main and on furnishing an office.

GKFX primarily is adjusted by the British financial supervisory authority of Financial Conduct Authority, briefly FCA. However, in addition, the company has also taken care successfully of a German licence and control, so that now even the BaFin have an other examining look about the shops of the services GKFX Financial Limited. We can only favour this double regulation for German customers and customers. Should there be here unserious shops, they would strike at least one of the authorities directly. We assume from the fact that GKFX is serious and it does not concern with Forex-and CFD broker duffing.

Company: GKFX Financial Services Ltd. Subsidiary Frankfurt
Address: Mainz country road 69-71, 60329 Frankfurt a. The Main Germany
Registration: AG Frankfurt, HRB 92797
Regulation / licence: BaFin register number 130602
Phone: +49 (0) 69 256 286 90
eMail: [email protected]
Live chat: available
Service times: Mon. – Th clock on 09.00 - 19.00, Fr clock on 09.00 - 18.00
Recall service: available

In addition, GKFX puts an insert protection at the rate of up to 50,000 English pounds for all customers and customers. In the case of an insolvency of the company all traders get back her money up to a height of 50,000 GBP guaranteed. The customer’s money is kept apart by the company property to guarantee this payback.

Clients say this

GKFX Customers say this

As with nearly all Forex to brokers there are on the Internet also negative voices about GKFX. We have taken care of this and could find out that most points of criticism are not directed at all against GKFX, but rather against the commercial principle Forex-or CFD trade. This is merely offered again by GKFX and is offered as it also hundreds of other Trading suppliers act. Therefore, the basic principles of trade in the financial market are put. On it GKFX has little influence.

However, many opinions about GKFX also go to a very positive direction. The general view is promised: Transparency and customer’s friendliness is paired with GKFX with an attractive offer which increases also beginner responds. Many investors see particularly the Live-Trading as a real highlight. However, with the new part of the Social Trading experienced experts are not particularly contented. It conveys too much the impression, also without having to bend foreknowledge and without a finger being able to earn money. This is not mostly the case.

The Support in the test

GKXF places a lot of value of customer satisfaction. The uppermost bid is about it to make available a consultation in her national language to his users which seems professional, in addition, concerning the contents. This was created with the Forex broker GKFX in the test. Our contacts were apparently native speakers who have taken care friendly and obliging of all our concerns and have indicated to us fast solutions. Other users and female users have also won this impression as we could read in different progress reports.

The helpful Support can be contacted immediately more than three ways. On the one hand a phone number stands ready about which directly an employee is ready. However, in the live chat we had to service few minutes till one to ourselves ours has accepted. Alternatively you can write from GKFX also simply an email. There comes the practical recall service which is available also free of charge and helps you particularly when just no contact is ready, a problem, however, best of all by phone can be discussed.

Our experiences

GKFX Our experiences

In our test we have taken the Forex from broker of course thoroughly under the magnifying glass. In the matter of seriousness the broker receives absolute Bestnoten from us particularly on account of the double regulation in England and Germany. Also in the direct contact with the account executives the supplier makes a superior impression. Whether scam GKFX or Duffing is? We can deny this of the best conscience. Moreover, negative voices from the Internet can be mostly justified with a whole criticism of the principle of currency trade. There were not bigger objections to the real service and to the performances of GKFX.

The offer of GKFX

According to the basic analysis whether a Forex broker also works really seriously a more exact look at the performances and conditions should be had. With the help of some quintessential points like the lever and spreads an easy broker’s comparison can be made. Interested traders can thereby find out fast whether they are with a broker like GKFX in the right address or should further look for a suitable candidate for her investment.

Social Trading on offer

Beside the usual commercial kinds in the area of currency trade and the Traden with CFDs GKFX also has a little bit quite special in the programme: the Social Trading. As already some other cocompetitors have customers and customers about that the chance to take over trading strategies and commercial signals from other traders practically automatically and to apply to her own commercial cash discount. This has the advantage that – a successful expert should have been found – practically without own closing money can be earned. So simply as it sounds, however, nevertheless, it is not in the reality then. To find the suitable signal giver charts, statistics and must be evaluated more. However, with Anlegeentscheidungen traders should count in general more on themselves than on other dealers.

Maximum 400:1

A current value of the sedate lever which at the end a trader decides with how much money really to the market goes, is 400:1. Here GKFX of the competition takes second place in nothing and has also agreed on such a high lever. Still some years ago it was not usual to offer up to 400:1 lever. With them a higher risk also walks along. It must be noticed that the lever is not same with every currency pair and every CFD. There can be differences and the slightest levers lie possibly with 75:1.

With the MetaTrader 4 perfectly equipped

GKFX With the MetaTrader 4 perfectly equipped

How most other Forex broker meanwhile also allowed GKFX the connection of the external Tradingsoftware MetaTrader 4. Traders thereby have the possibility to use a structured and intuitive system as a platform which she supplies constantly with real-time exchange rates. In addition, a big choice exists in different commercial tools and analysis tools which can help the dealer in the long term. The so-called expert Advisor is also installed which trading strategies automatically applies. You can or be imported yourselves einprogrammiert. With MyFX other additional functions come.

In addition, GKFX also offers own web trader who decorates also very clear is. About the in-house ext. investors can also access from on the way her account.

Payments and payouts

A deposit can be effected with GKFX above different ways. Beside the classical bank transfer and the payment by credit card on-line methods are also offered like Skrill and Neteller. The deposited amount is thereby within less seconds on the on-line account and can be used. Depositors must pay attention by credit card: Here a fee is raised at the rate of 1.5% of the transferred amount.

Payment possibilities: Visa, Mastercard, Skrill, Discover, Visa Electron, Visa Delta, Skrill, immediate transfer, bank transfer
Least payment: 50€
Fees: 1.5% for credit cards and debit maps
Account processing possibly in: Euro, US dollar, British pound, Swiss franc
Payment options: Visa, Mastercard, Visa Electron, Skrill, transfer

The payment was very reliable in our test. The money has come within less days with us. On payment by bank transfer or credit card the amounts can be removed toll-free with the on-line account.

Bonuses and special actions

To our lack of understanding new customers are enlisted with GKFX at the moment not with a payment bonus or certain special actions. Prospective customers should still keep an eye on them Internet site of the supplier. Maybe this politics and it changes will give in future maybe one or other bonus.

With 10 euros take part actively in trade

Especially friendly to beginner presents itself GKFX concerning the entrance hurdles. Enthusiasts can already get cracking from low 10 euros. With other Forex to brokers become for usual payments from 50 euros necessary. Traders can mostly take part even only from 200 euros in trade. Here, however, also the tip that to successful trade with Forex products a well-balanced portfolio should exist. This is not to be reached with payments and applications from 10 euros. Who should liked to concern really lucratively, therefore, thought about higher payments make. The least transaction size amounts to very fair 0.1 plumb lines with GKFX. The spreads with the major are rather mediocre in comparison to direct competition suppliers. You lie between 1.5 and 1.8 Pips. Spreads call practically the commercial commission which receives a Forex broker.

Above-average fullness in assets

With GKFX all customers and customers come at her expense. Concerning the currency pairs more than 100 different tradable basis exchange rates with which getradet can become are offered. GKFX goes to trouble to extend this offer steadily. beside major some exotic currencies are also present. We recommend to beginners and beginners urgently to let the fingers of these. Nevertheless, here it concerns rather speculation if financial markets and connections are widely unclear. In addition, news and information about exotic currencies do not become mostly quick enough in the German-speaking space transported, so that the usual dealer has no chance to be able here actively and successfully mittraden.

With more than 600 different CFDs from the areas of Stocks, indexes and commodities GKFX is installed very many-sided. The competition offers here partially though even more different basis values, indeed, nearly all wishes of beginners and professional traders also fulfil 600 CFDs.

Educational offers: interesting for beginners

GKFX Educational offers: also for beginners interesting

Beginners have often hard to find the way about the complicated financial community. However, in our test has appeared that the broker risks everything to reach also to novices under the arms. A big area with videos, Tutorials, instructions, trainings, Webinaren and to some is made available to you more. An economic data calendar is of course including. In addition, with Autochartist there are automatic chart analyses and. The Trading Central is also ready with a lot of useful information.

Particularly we were done in the test by the Live-Trading which takes place at least once the week and introduces enthusiasts perfectly in the world of the Tradens. A real tip for everybody which would like to look to the professionals over the shoulder.

And still an other positive quality: the demo account GKFX is also available to you longer than announced 30 days if they open a live account. Strategies can be thereby tested as a demo indefinitely free of charge in the real market. This is according to our opinion and experience a very interesting possibility.

Result: GKFX is OK

GKFX is undoubtedly one of the best brokers for trade with Forex and CFDs which the German market has to offer. On account of the double regulation and the German Supports customers and customers of the seriousness of the internationally straightened company can be sure. Our experiences could also confirm this over again. The offer of GKFX is also many-sided. Social Trading, lever with up to 400:1 and the binding possibility of the MetaTraders 4 lay the foundation-stone, low entrance hurdles, fair spreads and extensive continuing education offers provide for an assessment high in total of GKFX. A registration can be urgently recommended.
If it is about trade with CFDs and Forex, the English broker GKFX is mostly one of the first drop-in centres for customers and customers from Germany. A serious appearance as well as interesting Live-Trading-Sessions provide for the fact that feel with beginner GKFX as well as professionals for the…



Not a scam

GKFX is another German broker whose security and seriousness is guaranteed by the BaFin regulation.

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