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In our Forex of brokers test may not be absent one of course: FXFlat. The German supplier is already active since 2007 in the market and has won since that time many prizes of famous trade papers. More and more customers and customers open an account with FXFlat and express themselves on-line clearly for the professional supplier from Ratingen. We have checked in the test as serious FXFlat is and on which offer all around the Trading you can count there.

Income return: Forex, CFD
Assets: more than 150 currency pairs, stocks and indexes
Software: MetaTrader 4, WebTrader, FlatTrader, Mobile
Regulation: BaFin

FXFlat review

FXFlat Background: so seriously is FXFlat

As one of few suppliers in the area of trade by currencies FXFlat has announced his company seat in Germany. Behind the supplier for trade with foreign currency stands the bond mercantile bank FXFlat which hears innkeeper and colleague again to the administration of property Heyder. She was founded already in 1997 and is since that time an owner-controlled. There the experts on property consultation and administration of property socialise themselves. Then in 2007 the project FXFlat was brought to life. The being behind it experts can speak rightly of long experience in the business. About various Awards this was already confirmed., Among the rest, the title of the CFD broker of the year could be won in 2011 and 2012. Will award this of the magazine Euro on Sunday. In addition, with broker’s tests the euro on Sunday in 2013 FXFlat has booked the first rank, under it also after-sales service and the general web page of FXFlat in several categories.

Also for the seriousness of the Forex of broker the regulation speaks beside the German company seat in Ratingen (North Rhine-Westphalia) in the German financial supervisory authority of BaFin. Most brokers are checked by other European authorities, often of the CySEC with seat on Cyprus. Although all financial supervisory authorities within the EU have to keep to the regulations from Brussels is to be assumed from the fact that the employees of the BaFin work clearly efficient and more conscientiously which is it with the CySEC the case. Customers and customers as well as interested traders can be sure with FXFlat that the broker is serious.

Clients and customers say this

Also on the Internet positive voices are richly perceptible to the business policy of FXFlat., Among the rest, one says there from experienced professionals that they would like to act in future only about the German broker. Find liking above all Support, seriousness and transparency which are displayed by FXFlat. Of course there is also the negative criticism which must position itself the broker. However, this often concerns not the supplier in herself, but the general system of currency trade. Of course this is very risk-afflicted and offers richly material to complain at the end. Also complete losses are absolutely possible. Indeed, no assessment of FXFlat sattfinden had to go on this basis. More still, because FXFlat offers a heap of commercial tools which can be used with to the risk limitation.

Company: bond mercantile bank FXFlat Ltd
Address: Kokkolastr. 1, D-40882 council member's gene, Germany
Registration: AG Dusseldorf, HRB 44445
Regulation / licence: BaFin
Phone: 0800-0393528
eMail: ervice (@)
Live chat: 24/7, in German
Telefax: +49 (0) in 2102-100494-90

Another positive aspect which must be included by the customer’s assessment by FXFlat is a special Award, the FXFlat of 2013 has been lent by the trade paper Stock exchange on Sunday. In the area of the brokers CFD FXFlat received the Leseraward and was chosen therefore by all readers and female readers to the best supplier for trade by currencies. Moreover, in addition, FXFlat is socially engaged and promotes auxiliary equipment of different sections. I take my hat off!

The Support in the test

After FXFlat has already won an Award as regards after-sales service, we have expected from the test FCFlat of course something. And really: the Kundensupport is high-class. All employees and female employees with whom we during our short test contact had were exceedingly friendly and helpful. Transparency and customer’s friendliness are the foundation-stones on which the concept of FXFlat is based.

With questions and problems either the gigantic FAQ centre is to be visited, or to turn directly to the company. By Telefon-Support, email service and even in the live chat friendly employees are ready round-the-clock. From us there is in the progress report the highest assessment for the after-sales service.

Our experiences

FXFlat Our experiences

To the positive opinions we can only join. In our test we have gained extremely positive experience and can say with certainty that FXFlat is no Duffing or Scam. According to our opinion the broker is very trustworthy. Also we will continue there our test accounts and invest furthermore money. The supplier has German roots, however, is aimed in general very internationally. We prophesy FXFlat a golden future at the German and European market all around CFD-and foreign exchange.

The offer of FXFlat

After we have cleared that FXFlat is serious we have a look at the exact conditions and at performances. Since not all suppliers of trade by currencies, foreign currency and CFDs also have an offer in the programme with which the registration is really worthwhile.

Extensive trading kinds

FXFlat has specialised in the Forex trade, as well as in CFD Trading. In addition, trade with binary options is also offered in the menu point FX Options. However, with our test we have specialised more in the area Forex-and CFD-Tradingmethoden. Besides, the huge number of different commercial kinds has pleased us very much: Market, secured orders, Direct deal, stop orders, Scale, limit orders and Trailing can be applied by every user. Clearer action and it arises thereby mostly originate more possibilities to secure own Trade and to protect themselves from losses.

In addition, FXFlat offers account to the so-called Managed. Besides, Einläge and inventories are supervised by a professional property administrator and are administered. As opposed to a customary public fund all indicated and acquired values and not only a certain interest belong to the trader in the Managed account.

Variable levers up to 400:1

With a lever of 400:1 FXFlat stands clearly about the offers of most competitors. However, a Margin of 1% becomes due in addition. If customers and customers liked to pay a lower commercial fee, they must put merely the lever more slightly. Minimally this can be laid on 100:1 what leads then again to a Margin of only 0.25%. A successful alternative to customary systems, as we find.

Immediately 4 tradingsoftwares for the choice

With the commercial platform Metatrader 4 which is used by most professional dealers, and FXFlat an impressive portfolio offers immediately three alternatives in different Handelssoftwares. Thanks to the usual web trader customers and customers of every browser can access directly the commercial centre and effect her Trades. In addition, the mobile trader also offers the chance to act quite simply about the mobile terminal like Smartphone or Tablet PC. Finally offers of the Flattrader a direct market access and is convincing thanks to a comprehensive palette in different financial instruments., Among the rest, there real-time exchange rates are indicated. In addition, different news and charts as well as all relevant information stands at the possession which of dealers and female dealers can be used. Because of this wide fullness FXFlat was not least chosen in the category Web page the best broker of 2013. How we find: too surely.

Payments and payouts

FXFlat Payment

Payment possibilities: Visa, Mastercard, bank transfer
Minimal deposit: 200€, maximum payment per week in 1000€
Trade from: Microlot (1000)
Account processing possibly in: Euro, Swiss franc
Payment options: Visa, Mastercard, bank transfer

A little disappointing against it the thin payment possibilities are with FXFlat. There it is not trusted in private on-line payment methods. Therefore, to offers are merely the customary bank transfer with which between the transfer and the credit on the on-line account a few days can pass, and the transfer by visas and Mastercard. The security is not necessarily thereby clearly raised of course, the customer’s friendliness, however.

To the payment no negative aspects can be found. Within less working days the credit is on own bank account. Indeed, a payment must be smaller or immediately the necessary Marginforderung, so that it can be applied. Neither for one nor for payment are raised by fees FXFlat – very fairly and rather unusual in the market. Point profit for FXFlat.

Bonuses and special actions

Payment bonus: 7% with a first insert between 777€ and in 7777€
Bonus conditions: 1 contract or 1 miniplumb line per credited euro of bonus
Validity: no restriction
Other bonuses: none

There are not the uniform bonuses which are valid nearly always with FXFlat. The special actions change constantly. Topically there is only one bonus if 5,000€ or more are deposited. For beginners such sums are very high of course and, therefore, are less interesting. Then the account becomes directly a bronze account and the customer receives a payment bonus from 2%. From 10,000€ the status Silver is reached what is compensated again with 3%. The golden status with 4% of payment bonus is valid for deposited amounts from 25,000€. The requirements for moving of the money lie exceedingly slightly. However, here in the direct comparison with competition suppliers FXFlat takes a short-cut in total worse.

With 200 euros directly trade

As a minimum payment FXFlat 200 calls €. Still some months ago 500€ were demanded as a start capital. The company has gone away from this politics, however, in the meantime. The commercial volume is completely freely eligible. No commercial expenses originate by the buying and sales of indexes, commodities, currencies, Zins-CFDs as well as CFDs on loans and inflation rates. The buying and sales of Aktien-CFDs is at the owner’s expense against it.

The spreads are regulated with FXFlat very fairly. On currencies merely spreads from 0.8 points are offered in the Forexhandel. With CFDs the values begin with a point. Plumb line dimensions lie between 1,000 and more than 100,000 with standard plumb line. The cost structure is very clear what makes the action also for beginners and beginners clear and easier.

More than 125 currency pairs and 8,500 CFDs

The wide fullness in different tradable basis values is another point which clearly speaks for FXFlat. Meanwhile are offered in 25 hourly trades more than 8,500 CFDs itself from all areas stocks, indexes, commodities and other ones compose. Concerning the different currency pairs in the Forex area the number rises continually. Meanwhile more than 125 foreign currency pairs are already offered to the action. Under it are natural also the most popular and biggest pairs.

Webinars, seminars and a lot more

FXFlat Webinare, seminars and a lot more

As already in the matter of after-sales service FXFlat is also installed in the area of the continuing education possibilities for dealers very broadly., Among the rest, thus there is a demo account which can be used up to 30 days free of charge. just for beginners demo accounts are the perfect possibility to collect without risk the first experiences in the market. In addition, exists a wide offer of Webinaren and seminars on which to himself trader interests any time can educate further and learn important skills. In total customers and customers are supported sensibly by the optimisation of her risk management. Also here FXFlat can clearly collect points.

FXFlat is OK

Undoubtedly the offer of the German company behind FXFlat is one of the best in the comparison of the brokers for Forex Trading. Customers and customers can be sure absolutely that the BaFin-adjusted broker works completely seriously and without scam. And also the whole offer speaks a clear language: Customer satisfaction and transparency lie in the focus. Educational possibilities, very fair cost structures and a high number in tradable CFDs make the broker also for professional traders exceedingly attractive. We can recommend the registration to all investors of the best conscience!
In our Forex of brokers test may not be absent one of course: FXFlat. The German supplier is already active since 2007 in the market and has won since that time many prizes of famous trade papers. More and more customers and customers open an account with FXFlat and express…



Not a scam

Once again a German supplier proves that also with high-quality offers the fees can be very low

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