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Many singles are looking for a soul mate. Not only in real life, they keep their eyes open, but also on the net. On the brokerage Friendscout24 more than one million active members cavort. And every day will be added around 10,000 new members. Safety is the online portal high on the list. Therefore, all profiles are checked for authenticity: not only the profile texts, but also photos. Local search facilities can be found in the near future the perfect partner — very close from home! But all these are only loosely promises? Is it at FriendScout24 fraud or the portal is a stroke of luck for all singles in the world. We tested the provider and show you in this test, if the Single Market can score at Dating with seriousness.

Mediation: Dating
MEMBERS: over 1 million members
Features: known from the TV advertising

Our review with FriendScout24

Our experience with FriendScout24

Is FriendScout24 rip off? Are the fees too expensive? Is it really a scam? We are the matter gone to the bottom and have the online dating once taken a closer look. The Friend Scout GmbH, headquartered in Munich offers in different European countries to a Partner on the World Wide Web. Belonging to Meetic group emerging business triggers classic ads from newspapers. Use an online profile to publish singles and share their preferences with.On FriendScout24 can be found in this way not only friends with the same interests, but also hot affairs — and perhaps even the great love.

Who is using the dating service Friendster Scout, gets exactly suggested those singles that are suitable for the own profile thanks to a fixed relationship quotient. Creating a profile is easy and done quickly, even for inexperienced Internet users. First of all, set a username. This may be a pseudonym, for example Hase1982 or Fußballer123. With the right name only a few people are in a brokerage go. The basic settings are simple: marital status, children, character traits, optical characteristics and professional backgrounds. If the person is presented, it comes with the lifestyle on. This is followed by interests and hobbies. Then it goes to the actual search. Singles enter what you would like their future partner — and of course, how it should look. Finally, it should still photo of yourself to be added, which the profile — the business card — completed. The vast majority of profiles on FriendScout24 are real. Unfortunately, it is in spite of modern testing software from time to time before that fake profiles are overlooked. Some members are to be regarded as untrustworthy. Become molested as a member, you can lock the contact. You can also report other people, so that their account is verified.

Company: FriendScout24 GmbH
Address: Dingolfinger Str. 1-15, 81673 München
Commercial register: AG München, HRB 147483, USt.-ID: DE184617472
eMail: [email protected]
Contact form: available
Fax: 089-444 5619 2703

The brokerage FriendScout24 but certainly regarded broadly as serious as in the foreground undoubtedly are safety and successful dating service. Also, the company has been awarded several times in the past, for example, the Online Star for Germany Partner Portal Nos. 1 and as the winner of the magazine Computer Bild.

The offer of FriendScout24 Overview

The offer of FriendScout24 Overview

Since the ratio is balanced to men and women in Friend Scout, are many potential partners. The members are very mixed in terms of age, hobbies and preferences. From all walks of life are men and women on active FriendScout24. The following, reported by the company figures speak for themselves: every minute up to 17,500 chances of online flirting, up to 2,000 chats per hour, about 400,000 messages per day and 17,000 Desired Dates in just one day. 7,000 people sign up on average monthly from — the grounds on FriendScout24 to have found a partner.

Registration is quick and easy, a standard membership does not pose any risk and is free. The basic services include the creation of profiles with up to 25 photos. Also, a relationship test, which determines the type of their own, free of charge. As a premium member you can actively work on the dating. You can chat and send messages. You can ad-free flirting and also benefit from more storage capacity in the mailbox. The cost of a premium membership starts at 19.99 euros a month. Even more convenient is a Premium Plus membership, which can be booked from € 39.99 per month. Your profile will appear in the top search results and is also offered as a «Flirt week».

Regardless of which type of membership you choose: The focus is on your profile, which you should devote sufficient time. Ask in advance the question of how you want to be seen by users. What do you wish to disclose to the public? Put yourself in the right light, but do not overdo it. Be with selecting photos more reserved and do not put your entire private life into the net. Nevertheless, you should fill out your profile to the best of my knowledge and belief. The more honest you are in completing the questionnaires, the more likely to find a service tailored to your needs partner. Are profiles considered a closer, it quickly becomes apparent that they reveal something about the single. Different areas of life and character are covered. A first impression can give playfully. And this first impression and usually remains the most important.

FriendScout24: Activities for registrations

FriendScout24: Activities for registrations

In the past, sample memberships have been several times offered: for example, six months premium membership for the price of one or two weeks Premium Membership completely free. Unfortunately, there are no test subscription, which is why you should consider a regular subscription into consideration. Are you then once logged in, you can decide between a Premium, a Premium Plus and Premium Plus and VIP profile subscription. The latter, there are at the offer price of 39.99 euros per month — instead of 57,99 Euro. For the coming Christmas wish though most a partner at their side, but the company does not advertise currently with special activities for Christmas. Also due to other events is no action on the portal. Coupon Codes are circulating hand repeatedly on the net. With open eyes, to go through life worthwhile.

And payment

Having already presented the individual memberships nutshell, here again a complete overview:

Premium Memberships from EUR 19.99 per month

Book the Premium Membership for 12 months, falling to 19.99 euros monthly charges. Shorter maturities are possible. To pay 39.99 euros, with a half-year subscription 24,99 euros per month, with a 3-month subscription 29,99 per month and for a single month subscription.

The premium membership includes the following services: send and receive messages, chat flirt ad-free, mobile apps and enough space in the mailbox.

Premium Plus membership from 39,99 Euro per month

Those who opt for a Premium Plus membership, paid when signing a 12-month contract 39.99 a month. Also on this level shorter durations are possible. To pay 59.99 euros for a half-year subscription 44,99 euros per month, with a 3-month subscription 49,99 per month and for a single month subscription.

The Premium Plus membership includes the following services: recommendation as «Flirt week» profile as a top search result, profile and message as an eye catcher, personal partner suggestions and of course all premium services.

Premium Plus and VIP profile from 39,99 Euro per month

The combination of Premium Plus membership and VIP profile is currently on offer. In an annual subscription monthly fall of 39.99 Euro costs — instead of regularly 57,99 Euro. For a month this special subscription costs 59.99 euros. In a three-month subscription 49,99 Euro falls on a monthly basis, on a semi-annual subscription 44.99 euros.

In addition to the benefits of the Premium Plus membership is the profile as a top proposal in Date Roulette.

Connect a premium membership from new, you can withdraw from this contract within two weeks without giving reasons. The payment is easy and secure. Offered are the following payment options: debit card, credit card or PayPal. Payment will be made in monthly installments. Prices are gross prices including VAT.

Termination specified in FriendScout24

It is important to know that a subscription be automatically extended by the previously applicable conditions, if it is not canceled in time. If the subscription paid in full for the first time, you have until two days before the end of the current term time to cancel the subscription deadline. Announce you can either phone, fax, via the Dismissal button on a personal level, by email or by post.

Even the free standard membership can be terminated at any time informally.

Privacy and data protection

FriendScout24 Privacy and data protection

As reported accept Privacy Notice of major importance in FriendScout24. The data of registered members is strictly confidential. Moreover, anonymity is very important. Under a pseudonym, the singles get in touch with other singles. Neither email addresses, other data will be passed on to third parties FriendScout24. Messages are exchanged only in the protected member. Innovative testing software exposes fake profiles and detects inconsistencies. In addition, profiles, texts and pictures are checked manually. In exceptional cases, an identity check is possible. Of course, the online brokerage is protected by a firewall against attacks. All data is SSL encrypted transfer — of course, the cash flows through various payment providers.

Also, different in their profile privacy settings can be made. You can decide who can see the photos on the profile. Also, you can set if you want to be contacted about new messages via email.

Pause or delete account

Opt to delete your profile, this is anything but a breeze. First of all offers on FriendScout24 to pause with your profile. Your profile is no longer displayed, you will not receive any more messages. This pause has the advantage that the data are stored and you can activate your profile in seconds again at a later date. Do you want to delete your account permanently, this is only possible with the obstacles. The deregistration is complicated significantly, customers are bound along Friendscout24.

FriendScout24 Customer

The Friend Scout customer service is open Monday from Friday between 10 and 13 pm and 15 and 18 o’clock by telephone. Alternatively, you can send an email to the customer: [email protected] In most cases, this mail will be handled professionally within 24 hours. The customer service of FriendScout24 is great.The service staff is friendly and professional. Questions are answered quickly. And assistance in setting up the profile are given. That’s how it should be.

User friendliness

In brief registration in Friend Scout Portal is finished. Through a sent email link profile will be permanently activated. The questionnaires are filled quickly and also the upload of photos smoothly. The search function helps to find singles near. Who lives in the countryside, in finding a partner on FriendScout24 gets far more diffcult than singles in the city. The events offered in 16 cities across Germany come to super. Many nice contacts can be found in a pleasant atmosphere. It is no wonder that almost half of all participants once more with another member who was met at Dating Event, applies. The partner proposals are mostly very good, so I was impressed by the variety of proposed Singles. The message function works smoothly. After a few minutes I got the first message. And there were more hour.

Mobile App

FriendScout24 Mobile App

Also FriendScout24 has long since arrived in the mobile age. Therefore, there is an app that can be enhanced by complimentary premium features. The app is suitable for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android-based systems.About the app messages can be sent and received. In addition, visitors of the own profile are displayed. Of course, other profiles can be crawled under the Partner. The handling of the app is simple. For this reason, I recommend further the app all singles who want the go to keep up.

Conclusion: FriendScout24 excited

The positive aspects of FriendScout24 outweigh undoubtedly. Thus, for the portal not only establish partnerships, but also friendships. Numerous partners are proposed. And all by itself, users log on the chat or messaging that want to get in contact with one. It is easy to arrange meetings. However, I recommend to make the meeting in a public place. I had no bad experiences with FriendScout24. The membership fee for premium access are dating services compared settled in the lower third. To rip or even fraud is not measured in this case. The costs are shown transparently, a notice will be trouble. FriendScout24 is reputable. And that’s just as well.
Many singles are looking for a soul mate. Not only in real life, they keep their eyes open, but also on the net. On the brokerage Friendscout24 more than one million active members cavort. And every day will be added around 10,000 new members. Safety is the online portal high…



Not a scam

More than 1 million active singles make FriendScout24 very attractive for successful dating.

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