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Forex Patterns Recognition: 5 important formations

Chart formations provide important clues to the state of the market. Reversal patterns initiate a trend reversal, continuation patterns confirm the prevailing trend direction. Among the most important forex chart formations include head and shoulders, wedges, triangles and rectangles.Although many programs chart a forex pattern recognition is integrated well worth the classic visual analysis. It allows traders to develop a feel for the market and its signals and to distinguish important from unimportant movements. Forex patterns do not differ from chart patterns in other markets.

The most important facts about forex patterns recognition:

  • Forex patterns are divided into reverse and continuation patterns
  • Among the best known reversal patterns include the shoulder-head-shoulder formation
  • The continuation patterns include triangles and rectangles
  • Programs like the Autochartist help in forex pattern recognition
  • A demo account is inevitable for inexperienced traders

1. The reversal patterns in detail

By far the most famous chart pattern is the head-and-shoulders formation (SKS). This is a reversal pattern, the completion of which initiates a change in trend. A necessary condition for the occurrence of the formation is therefore a previous trend . The SKS owes its name its resemblance to a human face sketched with a head and (left and right) two shoulders. Charttechnisch considered combining the SKS to break through a trendline to the break of a support. Subsequently the formation is outlined in the upper return to an uptrend. Also wedge formations belong to the reversal patterns and can occur in the upper and lower trend reversal.In a wedge formation of the market between two converging guides running (which form a triangle) with decreasing volatility initially in trend direction. A bearish wedge is therefore based on both ascending guides. Breaks the market down from the wedge, the formation is completed and there is a short signal before.

The reversal patterns in detail

Among the best known reversal patterns undoubtedly belongs shoulder-head-shoulder formation. This forex pattern resembles the silhouette of a human upper body by forms of left «shoulder», a «head» and a right «shoulder». In addition to the head-and-shoulders formation, the wedge formation is one of the reversal patterns. It occurs mostly in an upper and lower trend reversal and let through two converging guides recognize.

2. Shoulder-head-shoulder formation

The left shoulder marks a new high in an uptrend. It is followed by a correction that varies above the trend line and opens into another new high: the head. In stock trading can be found in ideal typical course at this point already an indication of an incipient weakness in the market: Revenues go back in the formation of the head. In the analysis of forex chart formations no reliable sales data is available, so that evidence falls in currency trading under the table. On the formation of the top of the head followed by a correction that breaks the trend line downward, but at or slightly terminates above the level of previous lows. These two lows mark the beginning and end of the «head». The two lows, the so called «neck line» drawn. The market initially pushes upward from the neckline continues, forming the right shoulder of. The right shoulder is at or below the level of the left shoulder. It will be supplemented by a fall below the neckline. The breakthrough of the neckline represents the completion of the formation. The technical target is calculated from the distance between the tip of the head and the neckline: This is subtracted from the breakout point through the neckline.

How is the shoulder-head-shoulder formation?

Since in principle every trader should be familiar with the shoulder-head-shoulder formation, we want to enter into our forex pattern recognition counselor again close attention.First, the left shoulder marks another high in an uptrend, to which follows a correction that eventually ends up in the next high — head. From here to the next correction, the light usually ends above the previous Tiefstniveaus begins. Here, the neckline of the finally re going the right shoulder, which completes the head & shoulders pattern forming.

3. The most important continuation patterns

Not to be confused with wedges, initiating the trend reversal, are triangles, where it concerns Forex patterns that confirm the overarching trend. A symmetrical triangle can confirm the upward and downward trends. It appears as market history between two symmetrically tapering to a horizontal tip guides. Ascending triangles confirm uptrend and consist of a horizontal upper and a rising lower line. Descending triangles extend in mirror image. Among the simplest disciplines in the forex pattern recognition include rectangles, which are also referred to as «trading range». The market runs in a substantially horizontal corridor. A rectangle, a reversal takes place (if the outburst against the trend direction takes place) or a trend confirming (with the outbreak of the trend direction). Outbreaks in trend direction are unequal meaningful.

Conclusion:In the forex pattern recognition rather few continuation patterns are known to date.These continuation patterns include primarily the triangles that can confirm an uptrend or downtrend, but the rectangles that a range market or a sideways trend featuring among the most important continuation patterns.

4. Forex pattern recognition software

Considering the fact that the forex pattern recognition especially inexperienced beginners in forex trading is usually very difficult, because they are not yet familiar with the typical market formations, analysis tools have been developed over time, recognize the patterns independently and the trader subsequently an appropriate signal or act even completely change. Such programs can even help beginners analyzing the chart patterns and thus support them on the way to successful trader.Beginners should note, however, that an analysis software such as the Autochartist is not completely free of errors, which is why it is also true here, always even to keep an eye on the current exchange rate, and to check if the signals of the software because really the true. To prevent traders not only occasional missing wheel, but they sit there even with the forex pattern recognition apart and develop an eye for the different formations that make the foreign exchange market — they are attentive and diligent enough traders are after a while not even more dependent on such an analysis software, but recognize the forex pattern itself.

Forex pattern recognition software

Especially for inexperienced beginners who themselves are not yet familiar with the forex pattern recognition, were developed a while ago analysis programs such as the Autochartist, the automated pattern recognition in the foreign exchange business. Although this can be a useful feature for inexperienced traders, it is still to keep the software always in mind to avoid any errors and to make themselves familiar with the forex pattern recognition can.

5. A demo account for forex pattern recognition

Forex demo accounts are an excellent development: they enable inexperienced beginners to gain experience in the foreign exchange business and also help lower intermediates and even professionals here to meet new trading platforms and provide different trading strategies to the test. Of course you can, such a demo account but also be used for the teaching of forex pattern recognition: Without real capital Trader you will put their knowledge to the different Chartformationen to the test and take the best case even analysis programs such as the Autochartist closely examined.

Conclusion: it therefore wants to master the forex pattern recognition, should be without a free, no obligation demo account under any circumstances. With a demo account traders can not only gather some experience in Forex trading, but also form, furthermore trading strategies and trading platforms to the test — and not least also practice in the forex pattern recognition. If you want to really master this high school of trading a demo account should therefore not be missing.

6. The forex trading and its patterns in Conclusion

The forex pattern recognition based on two types of formations:. Reversal formations and continuation patterns to the reversal patterns include for example the shoulder-head-shoulder formation or wedge formation, initiate a turnaround, while the triangular or rectangular formations to continuation Patterns include. If one is unable to cope with all these exotic concepts anything else can help to master the forex pattern recognition and so to become a more successful trader analysis programs and free demo accounts.

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